How To Fix SCT iTSX Wireless Tuner Problems

     If you’re reading this you’re likely facing SCT iTSX Wireless Tuner Problems and issues pairing it. You’re probably sitting there googling, “how to fix SCT iTSX tuner problems, won’t connect to phone”, “SCT iTSX tuner not on bluetooth list”, and not finding much out there.

I Had The Same iTSX Tuner Problems

Unfortunately, I was in the same boat last month. Luckily for you, I had the same problem and easily resolved it in minutes and now am giving the solution to all of my fellow car enthusiasts.

Usually the problem with the SCT iTSX tuner for most of us is that it will not connect to our phone via bluetooth easily.

For me it was especially frustrating because the tuner popped up on my bluetooth, I connected to it successfully, then it disappeared from the list for a long time until I discovered how to fix it in these simple steps. Now, your iTSX Tuner problems are solved.

iTSX Tuner Problems by
iTSX Tuner Problems by

SCT iTSX Wireless Tuner Problems on

What You’ll Need:

  • The SCT iTSX Wireless Tuner
  • A phone/tablet with bluetooth connectivity.
  • A hairpin or paperclip that is straightened out (used for reset button)

How To Fix iTSX Tuner Problems

  • Step 1: First, make sure the iTSX tuner is plugged in all the way into the OBD-II port firmly. when it is plugged in firmly the light should flash a couple times and then the light should turn off.
  • Step 2: Open up your personal device’s bluetooth scanner and turn it on.
  • Step 3: This is the important step! While the tuner is plugged into your OBD-II port, press the reset button with the paperclip/hairpin earlier. It is crucial you do it while the device is plugged in! I tried hitting reset without it plugged in assuming it would use a mechanical switch instead of electronic switch to reset the device.
  • Step 4: Wait for the “SCT iTSX Tuner” to pop up on your device and connect.
  • Step 5: You’re all done! Now just upload the tunes sent to you by BAMA, follow the instructions on the app, and enjoy your tune!

I loved the tune that this handheld tuner gave me. It added lots of horsepower and changed my car completely. Read my review about the tune itself here! 

If you’re curious about AmericanMuscle BAMA Tunes, read more on their website at!

P.S – If James Beier is reading this, thank you for helping me out with your review you left on Google Play, it helped me solve the problem I was having!

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  1. This seems to partially work. Ive followed your directions and the device shows up but after i try to pair it, it connects then disappears again. any more help you can give me?


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