Fairlife Chocolate Milk Review

Most of us love milk, it is used in many of our foods we eat daily, is the main ingredient in our delicious ice-cream, and some of us even use it as a refreshment after a long day. If you’ve read my post, Is Milk Even Good For You and the Benefits of Drinking It, you may be now wondering which milk you should buy. Today, I will cover my all-time favorite brand of milk, which doesn’t break the bank, and is ultra-filtered for nearly double the protein and half the sugar, Fairlife Chocolate Milk. (And it’s lactose free!)

Fairlife Chocolate Milk by https://vekhayn.com
Fairlife Chocolate Milk by https://vekhayn.com

Fairlife Chocolate Milk by https://www.vekhayn.com

Fairlife is a new brand, but by no means falls short.

Fairlife is a fairly new product on the market, infact it was only started in 2012 by Mike and Sue McCloskey, and boy am I glad they started it. Their milk is incredibly high quality, with the owners stating, “They believed that high quality, great tasting nutrition starts with high quality milk that comes from sustainable farming and extraordinary animal care.” –and they must be doing something right! I was talking to a classmate nearly about a year ago at a baseball game and she mentioned about how good this chocolate milk was, personally, I was never a milk fan at all. Infact, I largely stayed away from milk aside from really sugary ice-cream. However, she convinced me to give it a try and said it was hard to come by, but definitely worth it. I drove out that night to the local grocery market and gave it a buy, and needless to say, my view on milk would change forever.

For someone who previously hated drinking milk (infact- I never drunk it at school lunch either) my world was completely changed, because I discovered a milk that not only tasted incredibly good, but had really good nutrition, which was really helpful for me when I first started bodybuilding. Infact me and other bodybuilders such as Peter Van Mol attribute much of their muscle gains to milk. If this product convinced someone like me to have a permanent change of view on milk forever, what’s so good about it?

This Milk is Incredible, High-Quality, and Great For You

Fairlife milk for starters has 13 grams of protein (nearly double of normal milk), 365mg of calcium (1.5x than normal milk), has 12g of sugar (nearly half of double milk), all at a standard one cup serving at 140 calories. This means each cup of milk is already fortified with great nutrients and resources to help your body grow, it is no secret protein helps you grow and sugar is bad for you without fiber (as stated in our Are Fruits Good For You article) but how exactly does fairlife do this?

Fairlife claims on their website they use an ultra-filtering process, similar to how you filter water. When you filter water, you want all the good stuff and none of the bad, so the filter will remove the bad things like lots of iron and keep the good stuff in, fairlife says this is exactly how they do it. They filter out the stuff you don’t want, such as sugar, and keep more of the good stuff, like protein and calcium.


The company spends a lot of time making sure their product is good for you, but none of this would matter if it tasted like trash. Luckily for you, this chocolate milk tastes incredible. I cannot say I have ever had better tasting chocolate milk in my life (And I’m very picky, I don’t like TruMoo chocolate milk). It tastes similar to a chocolate milkshake, but not all the way there. For a lack of words, it is like “chocolatey goodness”, and definitely way better than any chocolate milk you’ll ever have, but it still won’t be better than a chocolate milkshake (but this milk is wayyy healthier for you, so I don’t think you’ll be complaining!). Additionally, with the reduced sugar it will help calm your appetite and the protein will help keep you satiated to reduce cravings and help any weight loss goals you may have. The milk goes down nicely, and is super smooth and silky. Honestly, I was surprised this milk had the great nutrition it did when I first drank it, I just assumed it was melted milk chocolate in a bottle. There’s no horrible aftertaste, no indigestion/nausea from it (and it’s lactose free, which helps greatly with that!) Additionally, this milk was so good when I first bought it I drunk the entire package (roughly half of a gallon) because I couldn’t put it down. The nutrition is really good, so I didn’t have much to worry about, but as a bodybuilder and someone who cares so much about their own diet, this really is an incredible tasting milk that will leave you healthy and fit.


Fairlife is a new company that is spreading waves across the country as their incredibly high quality, great tasting, and great for you milk is hitting grocery stores everywhere. I have never tasted better milk in my life, and still continue to buy their chocolate milk all the time as a snack and to help me with my bodybuilding goals. It’s cheap, and you have nothing to lose by trying such a great product. Fairlife has a part on their website right here if you want to learn where you can buy the product, but usually bigger grocery stores will have them around you. Thank you for reading, and let me know if you’ve tried this product and what you thought about it, and what your favorite milk flavor is!

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