How To Tell If A Girl At The Gym Likes You

Have you spotted a girl at the gym who you think might be checking you out? If you want to impress a girl at the gym, here are some ways to do so without coming on too strong. Find out if she’s interested today!

You’re looking good, feeling great, working on your arms, maybe lifting heavy, or hitting up some ab action. There’s a really attractive girl working out not far away, and you’re sure she’s giving you the eye. But how can you really tell? What are the signs that a girl at the gym is attracted to you?-And we’ll cover how to impress a girl if the answer is, ‘yes.’

If you’re single, you’re probably looking for love in lots of places. You’re probably on dating sites or you like to go out to bars to meet girls. You may think the gym is purely for workouts. Don’t be put off.

The gym is actually a brilliant place to meet girls, especially if you’re really into fitness. If she’s at the gym, it’s likely she loves working out too. Already, you’re a match made in Heaven!

So, how to tell if a girl in the gym is into you?

Well, if she always workouts by you, makes obvious eye contact, asks for advice, and always wants to chat without cutting it off early- she is definitely into you!

Read on to learn the exact signs she is into you- or, if it’s better you just move on.

How To Figure Out If She’s Into You

Want to know when and how to make your move? Here’s how to impress a girl without flirting obviously at the gym. Take notes, guys!

How to tell if a girl at the gym likes you- obvious eye contact.

#1 – Look Out for Obvious Eye Contact

When a girl at the gym is interested, she wants you to know she’s interested. However, many girls are reticent about coming over and approaching a guy themselves. They don’t want to seem forward, get rejected, or interrupt your workout.

But they still want to let you know they’re keen. So, how does she do that? By making eye contact.

Eye contact is a signal. Of course, one incidental glance isn’t, but if a girl makes consistent eye contact, or if she smiles at you, you can make a cheeky approach. Wondering what to impress a girl with on a first meeting at the gym? Your biceps, of course – or whatever part of your body you’re working out that day.

Return her eye contact, maybe nip over and say hi, then get back to your workout. Now that you’ve got her attention feel free to pull out those killer moves to impress a girl. Even if nothing comes of it, you’ll have got a great workout in.

#2 – She Always Works Out Near to You

Gyms are big places, and there are usually lots of empty spots. Yet, somehow, this girl always winds up working out on the machine or the mat next to you. This is often a sign that she is interested.

If you’ve noticed this happening a few times, why not strike up a conversation? The gym is the perfect environment to be in when you’re wondering how to impress a girl with words. For one, you’ve got a ready-made conversation topic.

How’s your workout going? Do you go to the classes? Are you training for something? There are lots of ways to strike up a chat because you’re clearly both working out for a reason.

The gym is also a great place for asking girls to hang out. It gives you the context to do this without necessarily making it a date. For example, you could suggest hitting a class together or meeting up in the pool after your session.

#3 – She Asks for Advice

If you’re wondering how to impress a girl without good looks, being great at something is an excellent start. Women are often attracted to men who are smart, gifted, or skilled. If you can deadlift a staggering amount or break records with your sprints on the treadmill, the gym is the ideal place to strut your stuff.

So, say you’ve been grinding hard, and a girl approaches you and asks for some advice. Maybe she wants to know how to progress up to lifting heavy or asks how to use one of the machines. This is generally a sign that she is interested, as it is a way to approach you while also subtly putting you in control.

Don’t bypass this opportunity. Share your knowledge. Workout tips are a great conversation starter at the gym. If you want to take things further and are wondering how to impress a girl by asking questions, ask her about her life outside the gym.

This shows her that you’re interested in more than just a workout buddy. It also gives you a chance to get to know her and decide if you are interested. Even if she really does just want some advice, she may make a great gym pal and could introduce you to any female friends she likes to work out with.

#4 – She Wants to Chat

How to tell if a girl at the gym likes you- she's always chatting with you and not cutting off the conversation early.
How to tell if a girl at the gym likes you- she’s always chatting with you and not cutting off the conversation early.

Some women are more forward than others, and she may strike up a full-on conversation. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean she’s into you (she may just be friendly), but it can be a positive sign. Rather than jumping to conclusions, feel out the conversation and see if you’re having fun. Does she keep the chat coming, or does she cool off after a brief chat?

If it’s the former, you may be on to something. If the latter, she might just be being polite or making small talk. If things are progressing, why not ask her to follow you or ask if you can follow her on social media.

This allows you to keep the chat going outside the boundaries of the gym. What to impress a girl on chat? Keep things light and casual and only get flirty if she seems willing to do so.

The great thing is, if you meet at the gym, then you can chat about your workouts. If this leads on to anything else, then great. If not, hey, you might learn something from her.

#5 – She Asks You on a Date

Of course, this one is a no-brainer, but some guys still might miss it. So, just to clarify, if a girl asks you to hang out or grab a coffee after the gym, this is probably a date. This doesn’t mean you should assume it is, but you should make an effort if you’re potentially interested in taking things further in the future.

How to impress a girl on a first date? The age-old question. Well, for one, shower first. You may look great working out, but you want to go into your date smelling clean and fresh.

Two, think of things to ask her beforehand. It’s impossible to know which question to ask to impress a girl, but some good starting topics are what she does for work or for fun. You can also ask about her training style and any specific sports she’s into.

One of the best ways to impress a girl without spending money is to just be open and be yourself. Remember to listen when she talks, and don’t always center the conversation on yourself. Some flirty banter goes a long way, too, and is a great way to tell if your sense of humor is compatible with hers.

If you get along, then nice one. If not, don’t sweat it. You’ll have plenty more chances to date.

How to tell if a girl at the gym likes you- she asks you on a date, duh!
How to tell if a girl at the gym likes you- she asks you on a date, duh!


The gym is an ideal place to work out in a social way. It’s also an environment where women often find men approachable. You’re all there to focus on your workouts, so there isn’t a lot of pressure. Just remember to take things easy and go with the flow. You never know when the magic might happen.

Final Call: Have you ever dated someone you met at the gym? How did that work out? Share your stories with us!

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