KleenWraps Review (A Great Tool To Avoid Germs!)

Many people that want to start bodybuilding are held back because they don’t want to get sick all the time.

(Reminder: Always consult with a physician about health related matters and before starting any workout program.)

And I get it- the gym can be a very nasty place. People don’t wipe down anything, the treadmill is filled with people’s sweat-filled bacteria (which the bacteria grow eating the sweat- making it even worse) and the people there aren’t being the cleanest either.

KleenWraps are one of the best things you can get if you’re worried of getting sick and want to work out, as it can severely reduce the germs your body gets- especially if you’re wearing a mask too.

And you don’t even have to have a ‘weak immune system’ to benefit from them. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, these wraps can go a long way in preventing you from getting sick.

Furthermore, there might be another pandemic soon- nobody can really predict it. Or- if you just don’t like getting sick, the KleenWraps might be one of the tools you need to add to your arsenal.

KleenWraps Review
KleenWraps Review

What Do KleenWraps Do?

KleenWraps are wraps that you can put around dumbbells, handles, etcetera that seperate you from getting all those germs.

The KleenWraps are made of a waterproof and antimicrobial surface on the inside that helps prevent germ growth and keeps you safe.

This is great for the gym, as you can seriously reduce the amount of germs you come into contact with.

They come in a super convenient bag that you can just toss your KleenWraps into after you’ve used them. The best part? You can wash this bag. So, when you finally get back home- you can just toss everything in the washer and get rid of all the germs for the day.

These Are Great For Avoiding Germs

Because of my severe allergy problems (read: Do Allergy Shots Work?) I completely understand how difficult it can be to stop pathogens from getting into your body.

When I went into a room with a big hairy cat, (I would sneeze 100+ times per hour), my whole body used to shut down for the whole day (the allergy shots have helped!).

When I get home, I shower again and change clothes completely to limit anything else getting into my body. I’ve played the game of ‘invisible attacker’- and I know it’s not fun.

While I don’t have the same risks as some people, I sympathize that it’s virtually impossible to keep all the germs out. It’s literally something you can’t see.

So, while I can’t say I completely understand germs. I can say that I don’t have that typical belief of “oh, just suck it up”- I understand that this is something very serious.

Lots of Germs Are From Your Hands

There’s a good reason all the Public Health facilities say to not touch your face with your hands.

Your hands touch, well, everything disgusting all day. Every door handle, weight, etcetera is riddled with millions of small bacteria/viruses.

When you touch your face, you are introducing these bacteria and viruses right into tons of openings on your face- this, obviously isn’t good.

Now, the main solution to this problem is to wash your hands constantly, but that’s not always feasible.

What if you just had something that you could grab handles or surfaces with, and it would stop most of the germs from getting onto your hands, and then later to your face?

Well- that’s what KleenWraps do.

They help stop one of the fastest ways to get sick- touching your face with germs all over your hands.

Combine It With Their Mask (or any mask)

While many people debate the effectiveness of masks with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that in some way that masks are at minimum somewhat effective.

If you’re able to combine the KleenWraps with either their workout mask or any mask, you can seriously reduce the number of germs entering your body.

This was what most gyms were actually required to do during the first stages of quarantine. For the gyms to reopen, all people had to wear masks and sanitize the equipment inbetween use.

This meant that there was little germ transmission- and this helped seriously reduce the spread of COVID-19. And which, if you somehow forgot, we learned that COVID-19 is basically a ‘superspreader’ virus and can really transmit rapidly comparatively to other flu viruses.

Now, instead of having to worry about always sanitizing in-between sets every time you use a machine, you can just have your KleenWraps protect you.

KleenWraps Review

KleenWraps Are A High Quality Product (I Use Them!)

So I actually have the KleenWraps ultimate set, and I was actually very interested in how this product would hold up.

I’ve seen other versions of a product that’s similar to this that were just super low quality and ripped easily.

Thankfully, KleenWraps actually has a great, durable, and high quality product.

I’m telling you, this isn’t a napkin. It’s like stronger than a towel wrapped around the dumbbell. The velcro, the grips, and the material all feel really good and strong.

There wasn’t any instance where I thought the dumbbell or machine would slip out of my hands.

This product genuinely feels like it’s ‘tough’. It can handle a beating and feels really strong!

Who Is This Product For?

This product is for anybody that is worried about germs in the gym and wants to avoid them, people that want to reduce their chance of getting sick, or people that hate germs in general and want to use them in public.

Many senior homes have purchased these and have their senior citizens use them in order to reduce the risk of their residents getting sick. Keep in mind, senior citizens are the people at the highest risk of getting very ill/dying from a cold- they want to minimize that chance at all costs.

Now, while they aren’t perfect and can’t always stop everything, they do a fantastic job at reducing most of the germs you’ll experience.


If you’re looking for a solid way to reduce germ contact in the gym, KleenWraps are for you.

Even if you’re just looking for a simple way to reduce the germs you come into contact with on your daily commute, KleenWraps are a great way to do it.

They make a high quality, solid, and sturdy product that’s fairly inexpensive. I recommend you try them out.

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