Liberty Brew Mountain Dew Review (AWESOME FLAVOR!)

My friends and I had all left the gym at the ripe ol’ time of 2 AM. We went to the local Kwik Trip (best gas station ever) aiming to get some food after our workout. Ian proudly exclaimed so loud the cashier started laughing ‘IT’S LIBERTY BREW!!!!’. And now, here we are writing the liberty brew mountain dew review.

After Ian did some ‘intense’ math because he had a ripe $8 in his bank account, we managed to get ahold of a 12 pack of these things.

And let me tell you. I hate Mountain Dew.

I’ve only ever loved Baja Blast. But now I can say I LOVE LIBERTY BREW. I could NOT stop drinking it. Keep in mind, I hate drinking soda with sugar in it, but I could not resist!

This is hands down my new favorite soda flavor, ever. And I’m not alone.

Liberty Brew Mountain Dew Review, one of the best flavors ever. Pictured is the liberty brew mountain dew in a can!
Liberty Brew Mountain Dew Review, one of the best flavors ever. Pictured is the liberty brew mountain dew in a can!

The Taste is INCREDIBLE.

What kind of liberty brew mountain dew review would this be if I didn’t cover how the drink tastes?

Here’s the fact: the taste is incredible. I don’t know how to describe it other than like ‘ocean’. To me it kind of tastes like what you think the ocean would taste like. But, I’m also stupid- so ignore that explanation.

A brilliant person on Reddit described the drink as, ‘”It tastes like someone added Bomb Pop to Baja Blast”.

The drink does taste very similar to Baja Blast (which is an incredible drink by the way) but still retains it’s own unique flavor.

I never thought I would have to try to explain a flavor, but it’s like literally the definition of the color ‘blue’. As weird as it sounds, it’s like drinking from a fountain made by God.

While Baja Blast has kind of a lime kick to it, this doesn’t really have any kick at all. It’s super soothing and tastes incredible.

It’s an Awesome Party Drink

Look, summer nights, parties, whatever the occasion, this drink is awesome for it. This isn’t something you’ll read a lot about in any other mountain dew liberty brew review- but it’s super important.

Trust me. I go to parties a lot (wow, cool brag Tommy, you’re so cool) and the last thing I want to see is like Sunkist in a 2-liter bottle or something.

I mean like seriously, it’s not hard to mess up. Coke? Fine. Pepsi? Fine. But tangy kool-aid? NOOOOOOOOOOO. STOP.

Okay, it’s rare people mess up the drink choice at parties. But, liberty brew mountain dew is not something I would be opposed to at all. It looks cool, tastes awesome, and really feels like a ‘party’ drink.

Trust me, when you offer this drink, nobody is going to be declining.

Great For Working Out!

Look, this is a bodybuilding blog. And I do truthfully work out a lot. In fact, I just got done writing a whole post about how diet soda is great for bodybuilding.

But, I would never drink diet coke while working out. And I haven’t seen anybody do it either. Most of the time its water or a drink like C4 Sport Pre-Workout or Red Bull!

When the entire crew hit the gym last week, I brought in the case of liberty brew mountain dew and we all enjoyed it.

It works really well when working out. It’s not a ‘heavy’ drink like coke would be, it’s fairly easy on the stomach and you can drink it in between sets without feeling bad.

It’s truthfully refreshing, and tastes great as well.

The Drink Isn’t ‘Heavy’ or ‘Sickening’

I mentioned this a little bit above, but the liberty brew mountain dew isn’t a ‘heavy’ or ‘sickening’ drink. Like, you won’t feel gross after drinking this or feel sick.

Okay, imagine you drink a certain fermented fruit beverage that’s available for adults that are 21+, you usually will feel pretty sick after a few hours.

If you drink coke, it is usually kinda heavy and isn’t something you would want to go on a run while drinking.

Water isn’t a ‘heavy’ drink at all. And I know some drinks like kool-aid or super sugary stuff like SunKist will feel kind of sickening if you drink a lot of it.

Imagine drinking nothing but 25 oz of coffee and then going on an hour-long run, it’s just horrible.

Luckily, this drink isn’t like that.

I was able to workout with it, I never felt the need to eat it with it, nor did I ever feel really sick after drinking the liberty brew mountain dew.

Truthfully, I think if the drink was heavy, I would never have written this liberty brew mountain dew review. I just can’t stand drinks like that.

What Even Is Liberty Brew?

Libery brew mountain dew is a unique flavor of mountain dew that rarely gets released. To the date of writing this article (September 2020) it has only been released twice for a few months.

In fact, as I publish this post, today is it’s last day on the market until they rerelease it.

If you’re looking this up, it’s probably because it’s back out. Which is AWESOME!! But, what even is this drink?

So apparently, it’s a combination of 50 different fruit flavors. Which gives it this ‘berry’ taste.

It’s blue in color, tastes awesome, and some people compare it to gummy bears.


BUY THE LIBERTY BREW! It’s so so so so so good. I’m not really a big mountain dew fan, but this one got me hooked for sure.

So far, the baja blast flavor and liberty brew have changed my viewpoint on mountain dew products completely. It’s great stuff!

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