Does PSEO Look Good To Colleges? (YES!)

When finishing high school, PSEO is a fantastic way to get a head start in a college career. Which leads many asking, does PSEO look good to colleges? The answer is YES!

PSEO looks INCREDIBLE to colleges. When you do PSEO, you are literally taking college courses. Showing the colleges that you are able and ready to do college-level work without dropping out is a huge part of the application process. And furthermore, it can prove to the admissions officer you are serious about your education.

But let’s cover this a little more in-depth!

Pexels, Lumn - The high level course work you will likely be doing here. To answer your question, 'does PSEO look good to colleges': YES. Doing this high intensity course-work will guarantee your entrance and prepare you to get an easy degree.
Pexels, Lumn – The high level course work you will likely be doing here. To answer your question, ‘does PSEO look good to colleges’: YES. Doing this high intensity course-work will guarantee your entrance and prepare you to get an easy degree.

Taking College Level Courses Shows You’re Prepared

A big problem college admissions officers have is students just not being prepared for college-level work.

Why is this a problem? Well, it’s simple. Students come into college, and get overloaded or stressed out by the increased workload. In this instance, they are likely to drop out or just plain out fail the course.

Colleges are looking for people that are actually interested in taking the course and completing it with a good grade.

Elementary-high school is required by law. This means, ultimately, they don’t really have any incentive to make you do good in class- nor get good grades. While obviously a lot of schools will take it more seriously, college just isn’t set up like that.

(Sure, you can make an argument about standardized testing for funding schools, which should make them want good grades, yadda yadda yadda, this simply just doesn’t work in our current state of the union)

Colleges require YOU to PAY THEM to take courses, and they often have limited spots. They want those spots to be given to students that are actually serious about furthering their education.

When they see that you are already prepared, they know that you know what you’re expecting coming into college.

So, does PSEO look good to colleges? Yes! They know you are ready to take on an increased work-load and are more likely to succeed and further your education.

Shows You Likely Have a Career Path Setup

So- this is another interesting thing many people don’t really touch on.

But, colleges really like people that know what their career path is. The truth is, over 80% of people switch their major once they get into college. Nope, I am NOT joking.

I’ll be honest, not a lot of people really know what they want to do once they get into college. Is part of the American education system to blame for this? Yes. But, that’s out of my scope for this post.

A big problem with many educational institutions is actually people that start a major, and then just drop out or never come back to it because they actually didn’t like it.

This happens very frequently with things like Nursing. Someone goes into the class expecting something very different than scrubbing dirty old men that hit on you all day. (Tough lesson, even for me).

But, then that means the college isn’t going to make any more money from that person. Do I need to go into more depth about how the college system is also set-up poorly so people that switch majors fall super behind? Unfortunately, yes- but it’s out of the scope of this post again.

But yeah, I’m serious. Try to switch your major in college, it’s a mess. Which means most won’t come back.

It Reduces Your Likelihood of Switching Majors

If you’re doing PSEO, you likely already have a big grasp on what you want to do in life. Sure, some people will do PSEO to get a head start on their ‘generals’, but most people doing PSEO are doing it because they already have a solid plan in mind.

Think of those going into engineering or any STEM degree really. PSEO is a piece of cake for them, the class list is very simple to follow and most of it is just tougher science and math.

If you tell the admissions officer, “Hey, I’m trying to be a chemical engineer. I did PSEO and knocked out Chemistry 1 and 2, plus Calculus”- they’re going to be THOROUGHLY impressed.

Not only because of your willingness to work on the class as aforementioned but because you know what you want to do.

The beautiful thing about PSEO is that it gives you a lot of time to really consider what you want to do. Furthermore, your guidance counselor at school likely can help you out way more as they’ve known you for the past few years.

Ultimately, If You’re Doing PSEO- You Likely Know What You’re Doing

Sure, not everybody goes into PSEO knowing what they’re doing. But if you’re at that point in high school where you have room in your class schedule to do PSEO- you likely know what you’re doing.

It doesn’t have to be incredibly specific, but a general sense of ‘engineering’ or ‘healthcare’ goes a long way. Especially in the long list of applicants that don’t have specific degrees listed anywhere in their application.

So, does PSEO look good to colleges here? Of course. You’re showing them that you have a bigger idea in mind than just finishing college classes for the fun of it. It shows a bigger idea of ‘having a career’ in mind, which reduces the chance you drop out. The less likely you are to drop out, the more likely a college will accept you.

Many Colleges Will Easily Accept You If You’ve Already Done PSEO

While the definition between a ‘real student’ and ‘PSEO student’ are blurred- many colleges are making transitions towards it all being as one.

For instance, many students enrolled in PSEO can apply for the sports team at the college they are at.

So, to a college admissions officer, a big part of the job is actually developing a right ‘culture’ and environment for the students. That’s why a lot of times colleges look at social media and other things. They want to know how you actually behave with your peers.

It makes no sense to accept somebody toxic or someone that will ruin the class experience for others.

If you’re a PSEO student that knows how things work around the campus and there aren’t really any complaints about you- many admissions officers will accept you.

It gives you a huge leg up on your peers because you already know how the school works, you know how to behave, and for many- you’re just like a normal student.

Yes, PSEO does look good to colleges because it allows you to be apart of their community, and furthermore allow them to develop a safer environment for their students.


To answer the grand old question, YES. PSEO looks good to colleges! Like- really really good!

It shows them you are ready for college level work, shows them you have a ‘bigger’ plan, and helps you get reaccepted into college later.

So take my advice and DO PSEO!!!!! Like, it’s free- and it will save you so much time. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity you have! I only wish I did it sooner.

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  1. I am doing PSEO classes while I am in high school. Today I came across this awesome article and read it. It made me so confident, Thank you so much for the information.

    • Hey Sultan!

      Hope you’re doing well. I am glad this article helped you! PSEO is one of the best ways in my opinion to get into a college. Simply put, you’re literally in college already- and colleges love knowing they are taking in a student that is serious about academics, can handle the workload, and won’t just leave.

      I wish you the best success! And hopefully, you get accepted into the college of your dreams!

      Please have a great rest of your day,


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