Is EMT School Hard?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering taking the big step toward becoming an EMT or Emergency Medical Technician. I am currently a licensed EMT-B, and completed the hard course with no prior experience in healthcare or really any knowledge. Plus, I’m not that smart. What I’m trying to get at- I’m not some Harvard … Read more

PSEO Pros and Cons (From an Average Student)

As you come close to finishing high school, you’re going to be literally bombarded with everybody telling you to do PSEO. So here’s my PSEO pros and cons list, from an average student. I’m an average student. I don’t get straight As, and I’m not in all ‘honors’ classes or anything like that. But, I … Read more

Does PSEO Look Good To Colleges? (YES!)

When finishing high school, PSEO is a fantastic way to get a head start in a college career. Which leads many asking, does PSEO look good to colleges? The answer is YES! Read: Is PSEO Worth It? (YES! Here’s Why) PSEO looks INCREDIBLE to colleges. When you do PSEO, you are literally taking college courses. … Read more

Is PSEO Worth It (YES!!) (From a PSEO student!)

I think schools don’t do a great job of explaining how worth it PSEO really is. The only quote that stuck with me was “it’s literally free college!”. They don’t tell you that PSEO isn’t ‘like college’, but it is college. Like- you do college instead of high school. For free. Did you know Amazon … Read more