The Best Yorick Skin (all ranked!)

With over 500,000 mastery points in Yorick, The Shepard of Souls, my best friend I played 4,000 league of legends games with, David, is more than qualified to give his expert opinion on the best yorick skin.

Yorick is a champion you’ve probably come to know and love. From his many reworks, to Riot even trying to just pretend he didn’t exist…Yorick just holds a special place in the Rift.

David's mastery points on just his main. He is telling you the best yorick skin hands down from experience.
David’s mastery points on just his main. He is telling you the best yorick skin hands down from experience.

In terms of skins, David and I just tell it how it is- we aren’t going to sell you any stupid skins or lie. We know some skins are straight-up stupid, and we both have jobs we have to go to. We don’t want to waste our hard-earned money on something useless.

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And I don’t want you to waste your money on a bad skin either. So with careful consideration, here are the best yorick skins. And like I said, we tell you how it is if there’s a skin to avoid, trust us.

#5, Meowrick, Not The Best Yorick Skin

Meowrick is the lowest ranked on the list for two main reasons.

Firstly, it just doesn’t fit with Yorick’s theme at all. Yorick is this dark Shepard of souls, a scary menace on the rift ready to put you in a casket and read your death rites as he puts you to sleep.

Now him being in this ‘cute’ cat skin really doesn’t fit his entire character.

Many rengar mains are torn due to the sister skin released with Meowrick- which is pretty kitty rengar. While it is a controversial skin for many rengar mains, it fits better because well, he is a cat already.

Well…yorick isn’t really the same. And him getting meowrick didn’t really make sense at all for his kit.

What David says is, “well, it’s a skin”. If you absolutely despise Yorick’s base skin (which isn’t that bad), this may be the skin for you!

Playing devil’s advocate here, the meowrick skin has a lot of work put into it. Plus, there are tons of chromas for it if you don’t like it.

The biggest thing about Meowrick is really that is like completely overhauls his entire kit.

If I had to choose my favorite thing- it’s how his ghouls turn into cats, and the Maiden of the Mist turns into a big flying cat! And oh my gosh his wall turns into a whole bunch of cats which is super cute!

While many yorick mains choose to avoid the skin, if you’re the type that really liked the pretty kitty rengar or like the cat skins in general, this may be the move for you.

But otherwise in terms of best yorick skins- I’d skip it.

Pros of Meowrick

  • Everything is redone in this skin.
  • Cats everywhere.
  • Maiden turns into a big cat lord.
  • All of Yoricks’ ghouls turn into smaller cats.
  • His W turns into a whole bunch of cats trapping you.
  • Tons of chromas if you don’t like the ‘pink’ theme.

Cons of Meowrick

  • Some of the sound effects can get really annoying.
  • Does not fit in with the ‘shepherd of souls’.

Should You Buy?

I mean ultimately, it’s not a horrible skin.

Riot worked really hard on it. But it just doesn’t feel like Yorick when you play him. Like I said, if you’re on the hunt for the best yorick skin, this is not it.

I would seriously avoid this unless you really like cats.

How To Get Meowrick: Purchase it in the shop for 1350 RP.

#4 – Original Yorick Skin

The shepard of souls, Yorick. His base skin isn’t actually that bad to be honest. He looks scary, his VGU was fairly recent (2016), and there’s nothing really ‘bad’ about his main champion.

Pros of Original Yorick

  • Relatively fine and stable normal skin.
  • Free with the champion.
  • Fits with his lore.

Cons of Original Yorick

  • No crazy special effects.
  • If you don’t like blue you may have to choose something else.

#3 – Undertaker Yorick

Undertaker yorick takes in a sweep at #3 competing for the best yorick skin. Firstly, undertaker yorick is here because truth be told, this skin is more like a ‘chroma’ to Yorick.

Yorick is an older champion, and because of this, many of his skins aren’t necessarily crazy. In fact, he was one of the champions that went nearly 6 years without getting a skin! So- needless to say, there’s not really anything crazy on him.

Undertaker Yorick looks like a slightly upgraded base Yorick skin. If base yorick had a purple chroma, this would ultimately be it.

There are some slight variations to this skin that do make it more appealing than just a base Chroma however. If you’ve read my best riven skins guide, this is just like the Crimson Elite riven. Basically a tiny visual upgrade.

Undertaker yorick fits in with his kit well. Yorick is the shepard of souls, leading them across worlds- if you will.

The term ‘undertaker’ means someone who prepares dead bodies. Undertaker yorick fits in really well as Yorick prepares people for the dead.

In the skin he is dressed as a ‘undertaker’ and wears a mask.

Pros of Undertaker Yorick

  • Fits well with his identity
  • Relatively cheap skin
  • Simple skin, nothing too flashy

Cons of Undertaker Yorick

  • Nothing really in this skin other than a small skin redesign

How To Get Undertaker Yorick: Purchase it in the shop for 520 RP.

Should You Buy?

The answer is ‘eh’. At 520 RP, the skin definitely isn’t going to be a bank breaker. But at the same time- why bother? The skin redesign is so neligible it’s really not worth it.

If you get it from a chest or something, go right ahead. But if you’re intent on buying the best yorick skin, keep reading.

#2 – Arclight Yorick – Almost Best Yorick Skin

Arclight Yorick was one of the first skins released for this champion in nearly 6 years straight. So how did it hold up?

To be honest- strange. Firstly, Riot really has a thing of making skins that don’t really fit in with this guy. Arclight as the name says- is like the opposite of Yorick, the dark Shepard of souls we think of.

However, this skin still wows many Yorick mains. With incredible music, new animations, new visual effects and more, this skin took the yorick main community by shock.

The biggest thing about this skin is the incredible music it plays when you summon the Maiden of the Mist.

Ever ult as Jhin and hear his theme song playing? It’s like that. Just beautiful. Listen for yourself at 3:47 in the video below.

Like this music- IS PERFECT. This is the perfect music. It’s so haunting, dark, and mystical at the same time. It is beautifully crafted for the champion you are taking around and moving souls across the afterlife with.

Furthermore, just about every effect on this skin is different. With a beautiful yellow hue, this skin will remind you of Shurima as you slay your opponent’s towers down.

Pros of Arclight Yorick

  • Incredible, and I mean INCREDIBLE animations and overall design.
  • The music when you ult is stunningly beautiful.
  • Yellow hues really look good.
  • Every animation/effect is redone.
  • Riot took a lot of time working on this skin!

Cons of Arclight Yorick

  • Doesn’t *entirely* fit his champion. But it’s better than Meowrick for sure.
  • Some find the sound effects annoying.

Should You Buy?

Yes, if you’re looking for a Yorick skin this is definitely one you should buy. This one is completely worth it in every way!

How To Get Arclight Yorick: Purchase it in the shop for 1350 RP.

#1 – Pentakill Yorick – The Best Yorick Skin

Pentakill Yorick is hands down the best yorick skin. To many, this seems controversial, but the truth is, pentakill yorick is the go to skin for this guy.

Why you may ask? This skin has got it all, and is completely BA.

First of all, the pentakill skin line itself has a great story. Basically, it’s a joke saying that one day the Summoner’s Rift reached the iron of metal, and their music is so good it killed the dragon and baron nashor at once.

Now, Olaf is a pretty popular champion year-round due to his ultimate. He also has a pentakill skin. Pairing these skins up not only looks awesome, but I’m pretty sure it gives you a +50 AD buff.

Pentakill Yorick has incredible rock music and an incredible model! I mean look at this guy, his ‘shovel’ is a sick looking guitar.

He has dark red and black covering up showing the rift that Yorick is the Shepard of rock, ready to teach these youngins’ what real music actually is.

Aside from that all of his effects on the skin have an INCREDIBLE fire effect. It looks absolutely lovely flaming down your enemies as you destroy the summoner’s rift and the lane they step on.

Pentakill Yorick really has some jams. While it’s not the beautifully haunting song Arclight Yorick has- it’s some seriously hard rock tunes.

Pros of Pentakill Yorick

  • Awesome rock music
  • Great and funny storyline
  • Fire and orange hues fire down your enemy as you push their turrets
  • Cool redesign of a rock band

Cons of Pentakill Yorick

  • It’s more of a joke ‘rock band’ and doesn’t nessecarily fit in with Yorick’s kit.

Should You Buy?

Definitely. If you needed to buy a Yorick skin- this is the one. This has everything you need, represents Yorick, has great music, great animations, and looks dark and scary!

How To Get Pentakill Yorick: Purchase it in the shop for 975 RP.


Ultimately, the best yorick skin is Pentakill Yorick. If you don’t like that one, Arclight Yorick is next down the line. Undertaker is underwhelming, and Meowrick just doesn’t fit in well with Yorick at all. If you’re looking for the best yorick skin, pentakill Yorick will not disappoint you!

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