Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock Review

The heimvision sunrise alarm clock review wasn’t written for no reason, once you buy a sunrise alarm clock, you NEVER go back!

Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock
Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock

Sunrise alarm clocks are scientifically proven to make you wake up better in the morning. As humans evolved, we learned to be more awake during the light and tired at night.

These sunrise alarm clocks take advantage of that by making your body think the sun is hitting you when you wake up.

These alarm clocks change your life!

Let’s discuss the BEST budget choice, and get right into the heimvision sunrise alarm clock review.

You NEED A Sunrise Alarm Clock

Ever have sleepless nights? Feel like your sleep schedule is screwed up?

It’s not just you. In our modern day society, light is everywhere. Your computer, your phone screen, and even your room all have this light that keeps you awake.

When your body sees this light from your devices, it makes you stay awake, leading to restless nights.

So, many people eventually figure out a way to minimize this light, and then everything is perfect, right?

Well, now they have to figure out what to do in the morning when they wake up!

Who else has woken up and just fallen asleep again? I’m guilty. I’ve been late to school and work before just because of this. And it’s not just me, it’s millions of people around the world.

Alarm clock in bed
Alarm clock in bed

Luckily, that’s where sunrise alarm clocks come into play.

Sunrise alarm clocks HACK your body’s waking system. They make your body produce hormones that wake you up because your body thinks it is in sunlight.

This stops you from the never-ending struggle of waking up over and over and tossing and turning.

You will feel alert INSTANTLY! It is like you just slept 12 hours.

Why You Need The Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock

Now that you understand why a sunrise alarm clock is crucial, you may be wondering what’s so special about the heimvision sunrise alarm clock.

Truth be told, the heimvision sunrise alarm clock is the BEST sunrise alarm clock to buy.

1/3rd Of The Price Of Every Other Sunrise Alarm Clock

First, it is incredibly budget friendly.

Most sunrise alarm clocks will run you $120. The heimvision sunrise alarm clock is 1/3rd of that price at $40.

While the alarm clock is inexpensive, it has better features than every other alarm clock out there! All without breaking the bank.

Red -> Yellow Sunrise Effect Helps You Wake Up Better Than Normal Sunrise Alarm Clocks

There is a sunrise alarm clock that is $150, and yes, it is the best one to buy. But, there’s a key feature of it that makes it so famous.

That key feature is slowly turning into the yellow color, simulating a ‘true sunrise’. This is different from most alarm clocks just blasting yellow into your face.

So, why am I talking about that? Because the Heimvision sunrise alarm clock does that exact same thing! But, for 1/3rd of the price.

Multiple Color Display

The heimvision sunrise alarm clock has 7 different colors to choose from. And these colors are beautiful! If you don’t want the red -> yellow transition. If you want, it can be blue, green, whatever.

Personally, I’ve always woken up better with red light around my room, I’m not sure why, but I do.

You can wake up with blue light, purple light, pink light, etcetera. And if you want more flair, pair it up with some Nexlux LED Lights around your room!

Different Brightness Settings

I’ll tell you, while a bright light helps me wake up in the morning, it doesn’t help me do it pleasantly.

Anybody else feel the same way? When I reach over for my phone, the FIRST thing I do is turn down the brightness!

My eyes just hurt too much from that light after sleeping 8 hours.

Luckily, you can change the brightness settings! This means you won’t be blinded in the morning, and this also simulates a normal sunrise aswell, as the sun doesn’t just shine at 1000000% brightness the moment it peaks over the horizon.

The last thing you want is to be blinded by the power of a christ in the morning. The heimvision sunrise alarm clock luckily has the perfect feature for you.

Doubles As a Lamp/Night Light

So I just moved into an apartment and to be honest, I’ve never been much of a furniture guy.

That’s how I learned the hard way that a lamp is super important. I kept stubbing my toe on my bed, falling out of my bed, falling into my bed (?), and being scared of the dark.

Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock in blue
Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock in blue

This $40 heimvision sunrise alarm clock ALSO doubles as a lamp! You can leave it on all night and change it to on/off.

This means you can have a beautifully colored lamp (remember: you can change the color from red/yellow/green etc.) and have an alarm clock combined!

Setting It Up

Actually turning the alarm clock on itself is the easy part. The rest, not so much.

All you have to do is plug in one cable. It’s a USB/micro USB connector, so you can choose to plug it into like the side of a TV or something else. (Which I actually really like! I have very little electrical outlets in my room).

However, connecting it to your phone gets more complicated.

It’s something that many new smart devices are using-the app Smart Life.

The idea is they connect to your wifi network, as long as it is a special 2.4Ghz network.

If you have an older router (which I did for a long time), you may have to buy a new one. Usually, any router from 2016 forward will have this dual 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz ability.

Once it connects to the network, you will need to link to it via your smartphone.

Once that’s all said and done- you’re good from here. No more setting up is needed, you can control the alarm clock directly from your phone!

The only time you would really ever need to reset it is if your internet disconnects the alarm clock.

But really- that’s all there is to it. It will take you roughly 5 minutes to get this thing all set up.

You can change things like brightness, color, which noises are on, etc.

Easy To Use App

Using the Smart Life app on your phone is an easy way to set up your entire heimvision sunrise alarm clock fast and easy.

You simply download the “Smart Life” app from either the Play Store or Apple Store. It’s completely free and easy to use.

Once you’ve connected a device, it just brings up all the options you can change on the heimvision sunrise alarm clock.

From this app, you can change all the settings you need!

My Personal Opinion After Using It

I absolutely love it.

When I unboxed it, I was already in love. You could tell it is built with quality and thought. They care about the consumers. (And I read a lot of other reviews for this alarm clock before I got it, and they all bring up the high quality of this product!)

While this product is cheaper, it is definitely built to last. If you did a blind test, you would have no idea the product is so inexpensive.

Firstly, the product is pretty big! I was honestly surprised. Truthfully, the box is just about the same size as the product, they stuffed it in there.

I immediately plugged it into my wall. My girlfriend was helping me set it up and to be honest, I was in shock at how bright and vibrant the color was.

For reference, if you haven’t read my Nexlux LED Lights review, I really really really like the color red. Like, I like it A LOT. In fact, my entire room has nexlux LED lights all red, red candles, red light-up wolves, a magma cube from Minecraft (it was kinda red), the idea is- it’s all red.

I like the ability to have vibrant red throughout my room. I just do. And the heimvision sunrise alarm clock was NO different.

Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock in red
Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock in red

As aforementioned in this heimvision sunrise alarm clock review, you can change the bright colors on the sunrise alarm clock.

So, immediately (with my girlfriend trying to stop me) I scrambled to turn the sunrise alarm clock to red. And it was everything I wanted! It was a beautiful bright red.

The light is actually so fricken’ bright. Like, I was surprised. It was like one of those make-up lights that is super bright.

Honestly, it lit up my entire room and I had a little fun just shining it around at my girlfriend to annoy her (don’t worry she already filed for divorce)

Why Having a “Bright Light” is Important

Truthfully speaking, this is actually super important to me. This is because, I bought a flashlight on amazon a while ago, and I never wrote a review on it because of how bad it was. The flashlight barely illuminated a thing.

So- when you need a sunrise alarm clock that actually wakes you up, you probably want it to be bright, right?

Thank god that heimvision knew what they were doing. Trust me, when you buy one of these and they don’t light up anything, it’s so frustrating. Heimvision absolutely nailed the head on this one and made a fantastic product.

If you ever had an old iPod Touch or iPhone 4, you would know the flashlight was basically useless. Honestly, the flashlight on my phone was better than whatever I bought on amazon there.

While this sounds like something petty- trust me, you want a sunrise alarm clock that’s bright. You can trust in heimvision.

Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock Alexa Integration

Alexa has been on the rise lately. In fact, the house I just built (through a company) has full Alexa integration throughout the house. This means you can dim the lights, turn on the fireplace, etc all by using your voice.

What’s super cool is the heimvision sunrise alarm clock alexa integration. This means you can easily tell your alexa to set an alarm at say 6AM and it will set your heimvision sunrise alarm clock to do so.

No having to open the app, no having to walk across the house. Alexa will take care of all of it for you.

Integrating it with Alexa is incredibly easy aswell and takes mere seconds to get integrated.

Once that’s all done, you’re set until something really buggy happens like your Alexa exploding. But then, you probably have bigger problems to worry about.

Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock Google Home Integration

There is also heimvision sunrise alarm clock google home integration! It’s just as easy to setup with Alexa. And well- google home is basically Alexa’s competitor. So it’s basically the same as Alexa.

But if you’re a google home fan, heimvision has you covered!

Setting Up The Alarm

Luckily, setting up the alarm takes just a few seconds to a few minutes.

If you’re like me- you’re super busy all the time.

You may only have a few minutes before bed to get your alarm all ready for tomorrow. But, thankfully heimvision has us covered once more.

#1 – Set The Time

The heimvision sunrise alarm clock has the option to automatically set the time based on your wi-fi network. This will easily just set it up to your current timezone.

However, if something strange happens like you might be traveling or in a weird timezone spot, you can manually set it by opening the app and tapping the time on the circle.

You can also do this manually on the outside of the clock via the manual I have linked in the subheading below.

#2 – Set The Alarm!

The most important part about this clock is well- waking you up.

Setting the alarm is easy to do. First, open the app, and browse to the leftmost section on the screen. It will bring up a screen that looks like a normal smartphone alarm screen.

Heimvision sunrise alarm clock smart life app - setting the alarm section
Heimvision sunrise alarm clock smart life app – setting the alarm section

From here, you just set what time you want the alarm to go off. But, this is where the important part of sunrise alarm clocks come in.

#2.1 – Adjusting The Sunlight on the Alarm

Adjusting the sunlight is incredibly important. You don’t want to get blinded right away in the morning- so here’s my advice:

Go to the simulated sunrise time, and increase it a little bit. While you aren’t going to get blinded right away even at the default setting, you might want a little more time in the morning.

Personally, it can take me 20 minutes to get out of bed, even 40 minutes sometimes. I’ve never been one that jumps out of bed as soon as my eyes open.

Adjusting it to 20 minutes gives me a good amount of time to slowly wake up and relax a little bit before my morning starts!

#3 – Changing The Music

On the heimvision sunrise alarm clock you can have music play when you wake up. You can choose for a radio station or to choose from their default nature sounds.

Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock in more blue
Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock more blue

I personally recommend the nature sounds. I have a belief that hearing birds chirp in the morning or other nature sounds help you wake up. However, this is just me.

Also- if you wake up to your favorite song every morning, you’re going to get sick of it. So having some birds chirp or ocean sounds is a great way to avoid that.

Plus, it’s a peaceful morning wakeup. You don’t want Lil Uzi Vert to be dropping bars about having “close” relations with some guy’s mom- you want to slowly get up peacefully.

#4 – You’re all set!

Your alarm is now ready. Just go to sleep and enjoy your awesome wake up in the morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the heimvision sunrise alarm clock is still a relatively new product, I have personally taken it upon me to try and answer as many questions about this product as I can.

Through research tools like SEMRush and scouring Amazon.com for questions, hopefully this can help you out a bit.

Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock Change Time

Obviously for an alarm clock to work- you want the real time.

You can easily change it using the app- or press the buttons on the right hand side.

Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock Manual

Let’s be honest. It’s 2020, everybody is switching to devices and online e-readers. And considering the heimvision sunrise alarm clock uses an app, you’ll be on your phone already looking for a manual.

So here’s a link to the heimvision sunrise alarm clock manual! Please let me know if the link breaks and I will find a new one immediately!

Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock Change Wifi

If you need to change the WiFi on the heimvision sunrise alarm clock it’s easy!

To change the wifi, simply press and hold the snooze button (center button) for 10 seconds until the WiFi light on the alarm clock is blinking!

After that, the WiFi network will reset, and you can reconnect to the heimvision sunrise alarm clock via the Smart Life app!

Do You Need The App To Use The Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock?

No you do not need the app to use the Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock! There are buttons on the side of the alarm clock that allow you do to everything. The app just makes it way easier!


The Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock knocks out the Phillips $120 sunrise alarm clock out of the ball park.

At 1/3rd of the price, you get all the effectiveness and all the features. Click the link now and check it out! If you use the coupon code “VEKHAYN” you get $5 off!

Or, purchase it on Amazon and read the awesome reviews on it there!

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