10 Best Rest Day Quotes

I think a lot of us can agree that it’s hard to take a rest day. Most of us have fallen in love with taking care of our health, burning that fat, and just that comradery in the gym of working out with your buddies.- Okay, maybe I should stop talking.

The truth is, as much as we love the gym, we do need to take rest days. So, here are the 10 best rest day quotes to motivate you to just relax today!

“You don’t grow muscle in the gym, you grow muscle outside of the gym”

This is the most important rest day quotes out there!

The simple truth: you don’t grow muscle in the gym. You grow muscle OUTSIDE of the gym! This is because your muscles only grow when you’re resting by eating, sleeping, etcetera.

Let me ask you something- how many times have you been working out in the gym and your muscles have started to actively grow at rapid speeds and you see muscle growing every rep?

Probably never, right? Usually, this only happens in a Popeye clip.

But do you get what I’m pointing at? Your muscles need you to sleep and eat to grow. Even if that requires a litttttlee dirty bulking.

When you’re working out, you are NOT growing muscle, you are literally tearing your muscle apart. This is how muscle growth happens, your body repairs that broken-down muscle.

But you can’t repair a house if you keep smashing it with a wrecking ball! The same thing happens with your muscles, so give ’em a day off.

“Sometimes making progress means taking rest days”

Look, as much as we want to be on our grind 24/7, it’s just not feasible. The truth is, you have to rest sometimes.

Even the best armies need their troops to stop, sleep, and eat. Even the best entrepreneurs take a day off every week and relax. Even your mentors all take rest days.

If you keep going non-stop everyday, you just end up tiring yourself out and making less progress overall.

Meanwhile, if you take that rest day, you can fully recharge and give it even more the next day.

It’s called the ‘law of diminishing returns’, the more you’re sitting there grinding every day non-stop without rest, the less and less results you get from that constant grinding.

You need to rest to reset that and get those returns back.

This truly is one of the best rest day quotes out there.

One of my favorite rest day quotes, "sometimes making progress means taking rest days"
One of my favorite rest day quotes, “sometimes making progress means taking rest days”

The most important day in any program is rest

This is one of my favorite rest day quotes. Everybody always talks bout how many arm days, push days, leg days, whatever is in their program- but they barely mention the rest days.

Ultimately, those rest days are some of the most important factors in a program. Too many rest days, and you don’t gain a lot of muscle. Too few rest days, and you don’t gain any muscle either.

Today’s Forecast: Lazy with a 90% chance of Netflix

Haha, this one’s just a funny rest day quote.

But seriously, on your rest days, just relax! Catch up on some shows or something and take your well-deserved rest.

Your rest days don’t have to be boring, just replace them with something fun. Even if it’s reading your favorite bodybuilding website, Vekhayn!

“You know you’re hooked when taking a rest day takes more discipline than working out”

It’s okay to admit that even on your rest days you just want to be in the gym lifting some heavyweights.

And truthfully, that’s on most of our minds. But, look at this rest day quote in a good way and realizing you’re putting in so much work to your dream that it’s okay to take a day off, you’ve earned it.

“Take rest, a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop” -Ovid

Now, this is a very ancient quote (that’s not even specific to lifting) but I wanted you all to read this because even though it’s one of those ancient words of wisdom, it applies to the gym too!

Farmers have known for years that sometimes you just gotta let your farm rest. This is why farmers whenever they plow land, leave it for about 1-2 years before planting anything again. It allows the nutrients to get back in the soil.

The same thing applies here!! When you rest you allow your muscles to get those critical vitamins, minerals, and proteins back in there to repair it.

It seems that our ancestors were onto something.

“If the Sunday had not been observed as a day of rest during the last three centuries, I have not the slightest doubt that we should have been at this moment a poorer people and less civilized.”

Okay, maybe another one of these ‘non-gym’ rest day quotes. But, truthfully, this quote highlights a really important part of how humans came up:

Literally resting and recovering!

If we had humans working 24/7, 7 days a week, we would NOT be civilized and we would not be as successful. This day where we all rest and relax is critical in our society’s success.

Just some big thoughts to think about, especially in the grand scheme of things, like how our lives came about. Like, if we didn’t have rest days, we might not even have commercial gyms as we know it today!

“Rest days feel like an eternity”

Haha this one’s funny, even if it’s only an hour or two extra I get in a day because I’m not going to the gym, that feels like forever.

It just feels so weird not going to the gym.

“Rest day, the day you sit around and only think about the gym”

Probably one of the only rest day quotes that we can ALL relate to. When rest day comes around, you’re alway sitting there wishing you were in the gym.

Even worse is when I watch some Rich Piana videos on my rest day, because then ALL I want to do is lift- and I know I can’t!

“If you aren’t begging for rest, you aren’t trying your best”

If you were to memorize and take home one of these rest day quotes, I recommend this one.

You should be training so hard in the gym that all you want is a rest day. You should be SO EXHAUSTED and be pushing your body so hard that without a rest day, you won’t be able to continue.

One of many rest day quotes I live by, "If you aren't begging for rest, you aren't trying your best".
One of many rest day quotes I live by, “If you aren’t begging for rest, you aren’t trying your best”.

If you are truly pushing your body to its’ limits, you will need a rest day. This is a great way to build your muscle, cardiovascular, and mental health.

So give it all in the gym, and it will make you handle the rest day better.

Conclusion of The 10 Best Rest Day Quotes

Look, rest days can be a blessing and a curse. But, we all need them at the end of the day, so let’s just embrace it, and understand it is critical for us to get HUGE.

Tell me in the comments below what you do on your rest days!

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