5 Best Bodybuilding Discords

Discord is a great way to stay connected with fellow bodybuilders!

You can discuss new workout techniques, diet plans, stay motivated with others, or even just talk about whatever. Sometimes it’s hard in the bodybuilding world to find other hobbyists or stay connected with them- especially since most bodybuilding forums aren’t really active anymore. (RIP the good old days of bodybuilding.com)

(Side note: I didn’t add any discords that were spammy or trying to heavily push products and supplements down your throat- as there were quite a few. These are all genuine servers)

Anyways- let’s talk about the 5 Best Bodybuilding Discords. If you don’t have a lot of time, here are the 5 best bodybuilding discords:

  • #1 – “The Gym” – 17,000 Members, most active.
  • #2 – “Reddit Swole” – From r/Bodybuilding on Reddit- best discord for real advice.
  • #3 – “Split Peek” – For those that love lifting and gaming after.
  • #4 – “FitnessTM” – For those that want to talk about the gym and leave the politics at home.
  • #5 – “Gym Bros” – New community with owner giving back with giveaways, etc.

(All links are to the servers are in the headings below!)

We will be discussing all of these in-depth, talking about what the community is like, how active the server is, et cetera. Let’s get into it!

(I do want to note that discord servers can change overnight- so if any of these servers need an update or disappear, let me know and I’ll correct the article immediately)

The 5 BEST Bodybuilding Discord Servers
The 5 BEST Bodybuilding Discord Servers

#1 – “The Gym” – 17,000 Members

“The Gym” is the biggest discord server relating to fitness and bodybuilding- sporting a whopping 17,000 members.

It is actually very active, even sporting around 1,000 people online even at its’ least active time. When I signed on at 1AM it still had people talking and conversating actively about bulking.

The server does have a simple verification check- so there is less chance of spammers and people joining that aren’t serious about the sport.

My favorite thing about the server was the strict rules about putting others down and using inappropriate slurs and other terms. It shows the community really is good at making sure everyone feels included.

They also have a super motivational ‘motivation’ channel- which is actually really important because bodybuilding and working out is one of the hardest things you can do physically and mentally.

Overall, the server is well maintained and has an active community. I highly recommend you check out, “The Gym”.

#2 – Reddit Swole (Unofficial r/Bodybuilding Discord)

  • Join “Reddit Swole” Here!

Back a few years ago after bodybuilding.com’s forums kind of died- a lot of people moved over to r/Bodybuilding on Reddit and basically used that as their forum board.

There was a Daily Dicussion post that was famous across Reddit as it could have 1200 comments after it was posted for just a few hours- all with serious engagement and conversation.

Many people grew a strong sense of community as people shared valuable lifting advice, shared pictures of themselves, and all grew together.

Unfortunately, since the pandemic it seems that largely that part of Reddit has died off. Part of it has moved to this unofficial discord server called ‘Reddit Swole’.

While it’s not as active as other servers on this list, it has a stronger sense of community and has more goal oriented thinking. This is the server where serious bodybuilders are coming to talk- not just anybody interested in fitness.

If you join this server looking for advice, expect to actually get really solid advice. You can’t say that about other discords on this list always. While the community is smaller, much of the community is closer together and has been lifting for years together.

#3 – Split Peek (Super Chill Discord + Gaming Too)

Split Peek is one of the best bodybuilding discords out there for the ‘chill’ bodybuilder looking to discuss fitness, but also looking to make good friends and play games with them.

It’s a super relaxed discord with a strong active community that kind of talks about everything. While the main focus is fitness, there are a lot of fitness gamers that love to hop on games with each other after the gym.

It’s hard to find people that like lifting AND like playing video games- I wish I found this discord when I started my lifting journey. I used to literally wake up, hit the gym, then come home and play video games for like the next 10 hours when I was in high school. (Hey, don’t judge)

This server also has a big obsession with Zyzz, one of the most famous and best bodybuilders of all time. (RIP ZYZZ)

I really recommend this server for anyone, but I really recommend it for the gamers that also lift- you’ll find a home here.

#4 – FitnessTM (Fitness, No Nonsense)

FitnessTM was a really solid fitness server. If you’re looking for a discord that, for the most part, just sticks to the gym stuff- you’ll find a good home here.

It’s a very active server that really just does focus on fitness. You’re not allowed to talk about politics or anything controversial like that- which is honestly a good thing at times.

There is a lot of people there that shared their own ‘BroScience’ and what works for them personally. As we all know, bodybuilding doesn’t tend to get a whole bunch of research funded for it, so sometimes this information is actually kind of helpful when it comes to new exercises or things to try in the gym.

This is a great server for someone looking for a fitness oriented server where they can discuss the gym- and leave the politics at home.

#5 – Gym Bros

Gym Bros was a surprising server I joined because the owner was doing a lot of giveaways and paying a lot to maintain the server- but he wasn’t selling anything.

One of the only discord servers I’ve seen where the owner is actively giving back to its’ members with gym equipment giveaways and more and not really seeing a profit from it.

It has a somewhat growing community at about 1200 members, but it’s growing really fast. The community is really solid and I’ve seen a few members actually do their workouts in the discord video chat together- which I thought was really cool.

If you’re someone looking for a solid community in a newer discord server and you want to give possibly the next biggest thing a chance- I highly recommend you check out this server.

Conclusion of 5 Best Bodybuilding Discord Servers

That’s a wrap!

I did a surprising amount of research for this article. There was a lot of discord severs that were just pushing products on their members and referral links in a gross way. I get there’s a point of ‘hey, running this stuff isn’t free’- but sometimes it really just seemed like they didn’t even care about their members.

The servers I did pick out have real communities, and at the time of publishing it- none of them were pushing any products down people’s throats and seemed very genuine.

I hope you find a good community in those discord servers, and if you have one you want added to the list- let me know below!

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