5 BEST Online Personal Training Apps

Having an efficient app for personal training is a must to have a successful training career. With a reliable personal training app, you can achieve more in less time and with less effort- boosting client satisfaction and getting them the results they need, and the results you need.

In this article- we will be discussing the 5 BEST online personal training apps to help run your training business.

Best Online Personal Training Apps
Best Online Personal Training Apps

#1 – WorkoutLabs Train

Train by WorkoutLabs is an amazing app of choice for trainers. The app features a built in exercise library which you can use to quickly create training sessions for your clients.

The routine builder can be tried online on their website before you make any commitments.

Routines, once made, can be easily distributed to the clients via devices such as tablets and smartphones. The clients can easily follow the routines. If, in case, your clients like printed copies of the routines, Train creates beautiful PDFs for them to easily download and print.

Workout Labs Logo
Workout Labs Logo

WorkoutLabs Train allows tracking of who is doing what as well as tracking of weights, etc. This makes routine tasks easier and less of a chore. That in turn makes client retention better and elevates the overall vitals of your organization.

WorkoutLabs Train comes with a special feature called Train Club, which allows you to maintain your whole organization. It lets you have multiple coaches with multiple clients under each coach.

Everything is managed through the app making the business a joy to run.    


  • Extensive library of exercises and yoga postures for fast routine creation
  • Ability to add sets and repetitions as per your requirement
  • Routines available across devices
  • Easy share of branded workouts across social media platforms for greater market reach


  • Can be too complex for new users to understand

#2 – WellnessLiving

WellnessLiving is an all-in-one software solution for gyms and fitness studios offering yoga classes and the like.

Their all-encompassing software platform lets you handle almost all aspects of your business. From scheduling classes to selling your custom merch, WellnessLiving covers it all.

WellnessLiving Logo
WellnessLiving Logo

With online training on the rise more than ever before, in-person gyms and fitness studios have had to face downtimes unlike never before. However, WellnessLiving offers virtual solutions to keep your business afloat.

FitLIVE is a unique feature powered by zoom that lets you stream your classes live directly to your clients. On the other hand, if you want to provide on-demand video classes, they have a solution for that too. FitVID is a feature that lets you manage on-demand classes and stream directly to the clients whenever they need them.

Other than delivering classes, the app also lets you accept payments, manage staff, let customers leave reviews, and see advanced reports based on your client data. They have two mobile applications, Achieve client app for the clients and Elevate staff app for the staff.


  • All-in-one solution for the various needs of your business
  • Ability to run franchise clouds
  • Email and SMS marketing for direct outreach to the customers
  • Offers a free demo before you buy


  • The program is designed to manage basically any type of fitness business- meaning it is very general and at times can feel very broad and unspecific in managing your specific fitness industry.

#3 – TotalCoaching

If you are looking for solutions to help run your gym more efficiently, or are simply looking for ways to improve, TotalCoaching may be the right app for you.

They offer a plethora of features which you will benefit from.

TotalCoaching Logo
TotalCoaching Logo

For starters, you can build fitness and meal plans online and distribute them to your clients. It also makes it easy to track if the routine was followed or not. Then, you gain access to a training log that provides details about your clients and how they are doing with their workout routines.

For making meal plans easier, TotalCoaching includes an extensive library of about 25000 foods. Training apps are available for both Android and iOS which means anyone can easily get started.

They have a bank of 3D animated exercises with over 1000 animations for making the perfect routine. And even then, if you can’t find that exact exercise, it lets you create your own exercise videos using YouTube and Vimeo in an instant.

Additionally, TotalCoaching also offers some advanced features like integration with your website and charting and graphing.


  • Free demo available
  • Puts your branding front and center to make the software your own
  • Offers multiple plans for businesses of different sizes
  • Communication tools for sessions and routines


  • Pricey for small businesses

#4 – JustCoach

JustCoach is a much more dynamic approach to training. It offers multiple tools for trainers that help run the gym and the business more efficiently.

They offer a done-for-you approach to coach. This means that they offer pre-made coaching sessions. All you have to do is pick the right one from their library and you’re ready to go.

JustCoach Logo

JustCoach also allows you to have group coaching. It is a proven method of increasing client-business interaction. They have all the tools for such group coaching.

An interesting feature with JustCoach is that it allows you to run challenges for your clients. This makes boring workout routines exciting.

If JustCoach lets you take your business online. You can have your own branding, have clients sign up online etc. This way you impact not hundreds, but thousands.

If you are concerned about the nutrition of your clients, then JustCoach also takes care of that. They have ready-made delicious and nutritious meal plans that your clients will enjoy.

There are also different calculators, graphs, and much more to make the most of your client data and help run your business better than ever before.


  • Ready-made exercise and meal library for quick routines and meals for the clients
  • Ability to take your business online and create a presence
  • Full client management system available on multiple devices and platforms
  • Unlimited support for trainers


  • Inability to make custom routines
  • No group chats are available for the clients

 #5 – Trainerize

Trainerize comes with a bunch of helpful features you can use to amplify your gym business. It offers coaching solutions and other tools to make everything run better.

Trainerize is a fully online system where you interact with your clients through the internet. Trainerize takes care of fitness, wellness and habit coaching for all your clients.

Trainerize Logo

It makes it easy for you to track individual clients and help deliver better services than ever before. It helps you sell online training memberships that you can use to earn extra revenue and boost your business.

It also lets you keep your clients motivated through regular in-app communication. This means your clients aren’t just training with you inside the gym, but also when they are outside. With Trainerize, the motivation never goes down.

Trainerize not only lets you manage clients, but also manage trainers for your organization. This creates a streamlined interface for all business transactions making everything more efficient.

It makes it easier for you to manage payments and memberships, which means more revenue for the business. The software system can be fully customized to own your brand so you can show it off to the world. 


  • Clients get options for online, offline or hybrid coaching
  • Easy to manage digital memberships and accept payments
  • Connect to clients online and improve your business
  • Lets you stay connected to your clients so they stay motivated


  • Does not offer detailed data logs for client data


The market is flooded with apps for trainers. Some are designed for more niche organizations, while others have a more comprehensive approach. We put together a list of the best personal trainer apps for you to train your clients!

Hopefully, this list helps you. Please feel free to share any apps that have helped you as a personal trainer or let us know your experience using these apps below- and we will update the list accordingly!

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