5 Reasons Why Water is Crucial to Gaining Muscle

We’ve all heard it, “work hard in the gym, eat right, sleep”, but what about staying hydrated throughout the day? It’s a simple thing that many forget but can be one of those ingredients you add to the big recipe of bodybuilding that will inevitably help your gains. Today we will cover 5 Reasons Why Water is Crucial to Gaining Muscle.

A glass of water by https://www.vekhayn.com
A glass of water by https://www.vekhayn.com

#1 – Water Makes You Less Hungry

Ever feel hunger pangs and they can’t go away? Chances are– you’re dehydrated.

Water will fill the empty space in your stomach and sometimes your body can make you hungry so you eat food because most food has some water content within it.

You can fight this urge by downing some water. This can lead you to avoid cheating on your diet with a crash 5,000 calorie surplus and if you’re trying to lose weight, help you lose that body fat!

#2 – Being Dehydrated Reduces Your Energy, Leading to Less Reps, and Less Muscle

This is something I have even fallen victim to. You are dehydrated and you don’t realize how bad it really effects you.

However, according to KingOfTheGym.com who cites a study stating there is an energy loss that leads you to lift 10-20% less.

This means essentially if you can hit a weight for 10 reps, you can only hit it for 8. If you’re unable to stick with that progressive overload, your muscles will not be coming in anytime soon…

#3 – Water Unlocks The True Potential of your Diet & Supplements

If you’re taking creatine (Everything You Need To Know About Creatine – Vekhayn) like you should be as a bodybuilder or hopefully at least taking a multivitamin, water will unlock the true potential of those.

For instance, many multivitamins actually do not activate without water and need the water to actually function in your body.

If you’re dehydrated, some of the vitamins will essentially be useless. Additionally, creatine works by pulling water into your muscles, which makes you look bigger and helps muscle growth.

So if you want to grow more muscle, and look bigger, start drinking some H2O! I can also personally say that while you may think you look bigger dehydrated, getting fully hydrated with a pump will make anybody admire your gains.

#4 – Helps Remove Toxins & Fat Deposits

We all want a secret to losing fat easier, well, it can’t get easier than just drinking more water!

According to a bodybuilding.com article published by Clark Bartram, “studies have shown that a decrease in water intake will cause fat deposits to increase, while an increase in water intake can actually reduce fat deposits”.

Not only this, but more water means it is easier for your kidney to filter out waste and in general transport minerals and vitamins across your body.

More water means more chances to get rid of old fat deposits and horrible toxins scattered across your body. This is a detox that isn’t a scam!

#5 – Being dehydrated STOPS fat loss.

According to a really powerful article published by Josh at Weight-Lifting-Complete “just a slight state of dehydration STOPS fat burning in its tracks and decreases your strength instantly”. (Also, I think Josh’s article is very powerful in convincing you the economics of switching to water).

If you’re trying to burn fat and look shredded, water is required. This was something I failed with my last weight-lifting cut.

I did a mini-cut a few months prior and succeeded very well with little hunger pangs due to my large water intake, but over time I started drinking less and less and it became a habit of not drinking enough of the thirst-quencher H2O is.

My second cut suffered horribly because of it, constant hunger pangs, a bad attitude that almost ended my current relationship with my girlfriend, and feeling horrible and unfocused all the time.

Even though I had a near-perfect diet consisting of 5+ grilled chickens, beef patties, etc. a day, I felt horrible because I was dehydrated all the time. Drink up!


Water is something virtually everybody can drink every day, and after reading this article hopefully, you learned it’s worth it to grab a sip. It removes fat, helps fat get burned, helps you absorb vitamins and supplements, keeps your strength up, and improves your mood. Is there much more to say? Sip some now!

While you’re at it, feel free to checkout Everything You Need to Know About Creatine, a powerful bodybuilding supplement that you can add in with your beverage and add tons of muscle with!

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