Nexlux LED Lights Review

The Nexlux LED Lights have changed my life and my room forever. That is why I so quickly raced to make a Nexlux LED Lights Review! Once you finish this review, you will probably be scrambling to purchase these aswell!

As a student with no money I searched for ways to make my room my own. However, at many times it seemed like a far possibility. Many lights I searched for online were expensive and complicated to install. My friends all had super cool LEDs in their room, but I was low on funds.

Upon a few searches, I stumbled upon Nexlux LED Strip Lights on for a low price of $27. Additionally, it advertised 16.5 feet of LED strips that would stick to anything, meaning I didn’t need hooks or tape to hold it up. I gladly purchased the Nexlux LED Strips, but I personally was not expecting much. When I was sitting at home and received the package, I hastily ran to my room, with low expectations. However, I was blown away by how easy I was able to setup the Nexlux LED Lights and got my room to look tenfold better. Lets take a more in-depth look into this new product, here is my Nexlux LED Lights Review.

Nexlux LED Lights in Purple Color at Vigilant's House of
Nexlux LED Lights in Purple Color at Vigilant’s House of

Quality – Nexlux LED Lights Review

While I will get into the features later, the quality of the LED lights is impeccable. I was honestly expecting trashy and broken lights for the low price of $30, but the quality is insane!

The Nexlux LEDs are super nice and vibrant and fill my room nicely. They give a great brightness that can be changed, and all colors look nice. The lights themselves even look high quality close up! If these lights were super trashy, I wouldn’t have made this Nexlux LED Lights Review.

I had a friend buy another pair of LED lights, and the lights on them were just low quality and aren’t bright. It’s just not pretty.

Features – Nexlux LED Lights Review

The Nexlux LED Light Strips boast a Wi-Fi controlled color changing LED setup with 16.5 feet of LEDs. The company also brags about their product’s compatibility with Google Voice, Alexa, Echo, IFTTT, and other voice assistants.

They do have an app on the Play Store and App Store, called Magic Home which allows you to control the lights too, but I will get more into that later, including my favorite feature to set the LEDs to turn on/off at certain times you set! Nexlux also claims it is easy to connect the strips to eachother if you purchase more cable, and it is an easy installation. In my personal experience, their product was very easy to install!

Wi-Fi Connectivity via App – Nexlux LED Lights Review

While inside of the box comes a remote for the Nexlux LEDs, I personally don’t like adding another remote to the other five on my coffee table. The app called, “Magic Home” has tons of amazing features that made me love the product even more. Plus- they keep updating the app with new features all the time! When I first purchased the lights nearly a year ago you could really only change the colors and brightness on them, now it has tons of features that even include changing color to your music! Additionally, you can use things like Alexa to voice control your lights via the app!

This is something unique to these LEDs that also made me eager to write this Nexlux LED Lights Review. Most LED lights only have a remote, and do not have a free app you can use!

For starters, you can easily connect to your lights via your local Wi-Fi network at any time. This means when you setup the lights for the first time, you can always access your lights without a complicated setup whenever you desire. To simplify this, the lights connect to your Wi-Fi network, so whenever your phone is on the wi-fi, it’s always avaliable.

The app looks like this on the main menu: listing your devices and different groups you may have placed them in.

Magic Home App Devices Page for Nexlux LED Lights Review
Magic Home App Devices Page for Nexlux LED Lights

This allows for you to easily sort your devices. If you’re lucky enough to have multiple light setups across your room or house, you can easily sort them into groups based on location and more. I personally only have one device. You can easily toggle the lights being on/off in this menu and select them to go into the further options.

In my experience, it takes a few seconds for your lights to load once you enter the app. If you do not see any lights listed, make sure you’re connected to the Wi-Fi channel that the lights are connected to, and scroll down to refresh the main menu. Because the app is also new, you will likely have to close it and reopen it sometimes if things break completely.

Color Control via the App

Magic Home App Nexlux LED Lights Color Wheel Review
Magic Home App Nexlux LED Lights Color Wheel

The Nexlux LEDs are RGB, meaning they can take on every color humans can see. This is excellent because if you want purple, red, cyan, dark magenta, you name it you can get it. You can manually enter different codes for colors, or just use the simple color wheel you can see in the picture below. I personally choose a strong red, and feel like it looks very nice.

Different Light Functions via the App

All colors via the Nexlux LED Lights are very nice and vibrant. The colors are not boring nor lame, and bring out a very bright and energized feeling. I have had experiences with LED lights before having bad lights or lights that in general are poor quality and Nexlux refused to skimp on this. Not only is the app super responsive to the lights, but you can even save different color profiles right below the color wheel to easily switch to when you please.

Magic Home App Functions for Nexlux LED Lights Review
Magic Home App Functions for Nexlux LED Lights

If you’re someone who doesn’t prefer just static lighting, the Nexlux LED Lights have you covered aswell! There is an entire menu dedicated to different features such as strobe lights, fade lights, changing rainbow lights, etc.

You can have different colors fade in with each other, or flash.

One of my favorite features is the “custom functions” tab. You can create your personal functions as you please. Many apps only allow you to use certain functions with their LED lights, however Nexlux surprises us with an easy to setup custom functions box.

I personally have a function that slowly fades between colors I like whenever I wakeup in the morning. That way I know if the color is purple, I have roughly 5 minutes before I need to leave to get to work on time, or if the light is blue, I can sleep in a bit more!

You can get super creative and crazy with the custom functions, be sure to use them! These Nexlux LED Lights will complement any part of your house. The customization of the lights makes you feel even more in control of your home.

The App Synchronizes Your LEDs based on the Music You’re Playing

Magic Home App Microphone Music Sync for Nexlux LED Lights Review
Magic Home App Microphone Music Sync for Nexlux LED Lights

This is a newer feature of the app! Infact, when I first got the app it did not have this. I actually had no idea they added it until I started writing this blog post. However, I gave it a shot and while it still has some problems with connectivity, it’s super cool!

You can either select to play the song via your phone’s audio files, or by the microphone. The microphone option makes it easy if you place the phone next to a speaker, such as JBL Charge 4 (The BEST Bluetooth Speaker on the Market). Then, once the microphone picks up on the noise, it will adjust the LEDs accordingly.

While the creators still have some issues to work out, they do update the app quite frequently. The last update was just under 2 weeks ago from the publication of this post.

Magic Home App Nexlux LED Lights Review Timer
Magic Home App Nexlux LED Lights Timer

Timer and Alarm!

By far my FAVORITE feature of the app! You can set the lights to turn on and off at different times of the day!

You can set different functions such as it to change colors, strobe, turn on/off, etc.

I mentioned above how I used it to tell me when I need to leave for work. However, the possibilites are endless!

I am working on setting up a way to make it so whenever I go to sleep the lights in my room get darker as the night goes on. For instance, when I come home form work they will be bright, but as I brush my teeth and time passes they get into a darker blue into almost black. Then the room will be dark, the brightness on the lights will go down (you can change that too!), and it will help me get to sleep. It’s a tough thing to setup, but it makes my room so cool!

My friends love seeing my LEDs turn on at different times such as my wakeup times for work, or even just seeing how vibrant the colors are. This timer feature is SUPER cool, and in my opinion is what makes me want to purchase this product again!

I was so eager to write this Nexlux LED Lights Review because of this feature. I mean seriously, having lights turn on as you wake up is amazing!

Easy Installation

The Nexlux LED Lights have crazy easy installation. And honestly, if it was super complicated I would not have written this Nexlux LED Lights Review either.

The strips have 3M glue on the back of them, which is incredibly strong and reliable. You simply attach the strips to where you want them to stick, press down, and they stay. Over the past 10 months of me owning these strips, none of my LEDs have fallen off or come close.

Here is an example of what the LED strips themselves look like on the back of my TV Stand.

Nexlux LED Lights Review Strips
Nexlux LED Lights Review Strips

You can see in this image that the LEDs are sticking to the back of my TV stand via the 3M adhesive. You can also see the LED lights separated by small space in between each light.

All of the strips are connected to one central power cable which is plugged into my wall outlet in the picture above. Connected to the power cable is also the Wi-Fi adapter which will connect to your wi-fi network.

Nexlux LED Lights Review Wi-Fi Cable
Nexlux LED Lights Wi-Fi Cable

This is the adapter you will connect to via the app and setup to your home’s wi-fi network.

Installation for the Nexlux LED Lights is fairly simple. For the most part, it is organized like this:

  • #1: You put the LED light strips where you want them.
  • #2: You then plug in the power to outlet and connect it via the adapter to the Wi-Fi adapter and adapter to the Nexlux LED Strips.
  • #3: Follow the owner’s manual for how to connect to the LED Strips via your phone. You will have to enter some codes into your app, but after that there is nothing else you have to do!
  • #4: Enjoy your new Nexlux LED Lights!

Final Quality & Reliability

So far, nothing bad has happened with these lights, and I use them EVERYDAY! You can see above I have lots of different functions that turn the lights on and off multiple times a day. Throughout all of this daily use the lights have never failed me. There aren’t LEDs that go out, no failed power supply, etc. Everything works perfect!

The product is super reliable, and I was very impressed with the quality, especially for the low price it is listed at.

Nexlux LED Lights in Red at Vigilant’s house from


In all told, the Nexlux LED Lights were an incredible purchase I wish I had made earlier. This Nexlux LED Lights Review is honest and not sponsored or anything.

At the low price of $27 I made the choice to buy them, and it helped me express my emotion in my bedroom and further customize my life. The many features provided to you via the app makes the lights worth even more with things like timers, functions, changing colors to music, etc. These lights are easy to install and stick to walls, furniture, you name it.

These lights are definitely a must purchase, you have got to try them out! I was so excited seeing how they work and how much better my living areas look.

So go out, give it a shot! Tell me in the comments, or via e-mail/twitter how these LEDs have affected you! I want to see your setups and what you think of them! Think of the crazy things you can do.

Personally, I think I’m going to put them all along the floor, and at night have a very low brightness white light so if I need to use the bathroom when I wakeup in the night I don’t trip or walk into a wall. I’ll keep you all updated!

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