Azzaro Wanted By Night Review

Look- I’ll admit it, I’m a man that loves romance. Furthermore, I wanted a cologne that signaled I’m a man and was slightly ‘seductive’. I did absolutely too much research and had to write this Azzaro Wanted By Night Review.

I’m super picky. And for the record- I’m not a player, I have a girlfriend I love to death (hi emma), but she will tell you how much she loves it too.

Azzaro Wanted By Night Review, box and bottle.
Azzaro Wanted By Night Review, box and bottle.

This cologne is seductive, charming, manly, and is just perfect. It’s like the cologne Kingsman would use, those super BA gentlemen spies, the James Bonds of 2020!

It’s a scent for the bold man, that is going to bring a woman to a moment she will NEVER forget.

It fit my lifestyle perfectly. If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know that I’m the exact ‘person’ you don’t want your daughter dating. Driving a mustang, wearing black, lifts and looks buff, wears tons of jewelry.

The reality is- many of the colognes out there DO NOT do this. They smell too strong, too much like you’re a ‘player’ and just aren’t romantic or charming. Here is my full Azzaro Wanted By Night Review.

Why Pick Azzaro Wanted By Night?

I think if you’re looking for this cologne you’re looking for a specific type of cologne.

I’m here to tell you in the Azzaro wanted by night review- this is the one.

Most people looking for this cologne ‘wanted by night’ are looking for a cologne that’s seductive and charming, ideally at a nightclub scenario.

You’re looking for something for those late-night parties, hook-ups, or other venues. In the cover of night, you’re looking for that dirty love.

This cologne gives that. It’s warm, welcoming, seductive, and charming. It echoes that message that you’re the one looking for that connection. Wanted by night is charming, and strong.

What Does Azzaro Wanted by Night Smell Like?

Azzaro Wanted By Night smells incredible. It’s like a warm inviting cocktail.

It smells slightly like cinnamon, but it’s a very dark and luxurious cinnamon. I can’t really describe the smell well, but if there is a way to say it smells like cinnamon-honey, that’d be the best way.

Azzaro Wanted By Night just smells great. I don’t think anybody has ever been repulsed by the scent.

This cologne is not like the locker room ‘axe’ smell, or the overused colognes you see people using all the time (armani, etcetera).

It’s a unique and deeply charming cologne. This azzaro wanted by night review is telling you that this isn’t a cologne that people are going to hate.

You aren’t going to get dirty looks or have people avoiding you.

People are drawn to you with this cologne. It’s not over the top, it’s not underwhelming either, it’s incredibly attractive.

Who’s This Cologne For?

This cologne is ideal for many people. However, I think this cologne best suits those people trying to send a ‘seductive and charming’ feel out to others.

This is for people that want to attract other people, or be ‘chill’.

This isn’t a ‘hyper’ cologne!

This is more for the relaxed and charming individual.

It is centered around romance, that slow connection. It’s not a ‘prompt’ or ‘exciting’ cologne, it is enchanting.

When Should I Be Using This Cologne?

In this Azzaro wanted by night review, I’ll discuss when you should be using the cologne.

  • Nightclub Party
    • Using this cologne at a nightclub party is ideal. It draws others to you and makes you spread love and enchant those around you. The sweet smell makes others closer to you.
  • Date Nights
    • This cologne will make any date night go better. Avoid the horrible axe smell and instead, bring that beautiful deep cinnamon to the table.
  • Gatherings/small events
    • These gatherings/small events will make you a favorite with the great aroma smell that doesn’t make people turn away.

So What Is Azzaro Wanted By Night Made Of?

Azzaro Wanted By Night is made of three incredible ingredients that really bring it home:

  • Cinnamon
    • We ALL love Cinnamon, and using cinnamon in the correct sense can make an incredible smell. According to Azzaro’s website, it gives Wanted By Night’s “exhilarant” rush and make it explode.
  • Red Cedar
    • The red cedar provides the mysterious scent of Azarro Wanted By Night. It makes you interesting and gives a beautiful warm scent.
  • Tobacco
    • Tobacco is a controversial ingredient. While I disagree with smoking, nobody can say the smell of real tobacco isn’t attractive. For hundreds of years since tobacco has been mainstream many authors have written about the enchanting properties of Tobacco- and Azzaro doesn’t miss out on it.

All of these scents combine and give a flavorful scent.

I know many may be repulsed by the fact that tobacco is an ingredient- however I promise you it isn’t the ‘bad’ tobacco smell you’re thinking of.

These days, smoking just smells horrible and is a complete repulsive activity in the dating scene these days.

However, the way they infused it in this cologne makes it enhance the smell and make you attractive. It’s not the ‘dirty smoking’ tobacco you may be thinking of.

The Cologne Shaped Like A Revolver

Something interesting in this azzaro wanted by night review is how the cologne is shaped like a revolver!

The bottle looks incredible. It looks like a Magnum revolver and catches the eye, to say the least.

The top of it looks exactly like you’re loading a round into a powerful revolver, no if and or buts about that. The stunning gunmetal color will bring attention to its’ design no matter who you are.

You are bringing one of the most incredible scents out- so why not showcase it? Why not have everybody gawk at the fact you’re bringing the best scent out?

And when you’re out like this, you don’t want some big annoying bottle sitting in your pocket. You want one that matches the outfit, it almost looks like a flask.

This makes it ideal for any nightclub, date, or whatever. It is romantic and stunning.

Azzaro Wanted By Night How To Open?

If you’ve just read about the incredible revolver design- you may be a little concerned on how to open it.

Actually, opening the Azzaro wanted by night is super easy. The middle part just screws/pulls off and you push on a tab that squirts the cologne on you.

Here’s a video showing you!

How To Apply Azzaro Wanted By Night

Something many people get wrong is applying the cologne. So I want to make it a point in this azzaro wanted by night review exactly how to apply it the right way.

Firstly, none of that spraying it in the air and walking into it. That just- doesn’t really make sense.

Secondly, you want to target a ‘hotspot’. These are places on your body where blood flows more and is hotter. This includes behind the ears, neck, and wrists.

Personally, I always apply on the neck. To me, it just makes the most sense for the purpose of this cologne.

The idea behind this cologne is seductiveness and charm, so having it higher towards the neck makes sense when you try to go in for a kiss or when you’re dancing together.

This isn’t a cologne that’s trying to ‘make the room’ smell nice, it is centered around you being this irrestisible hotspot. The wrists just don’t make sense.

Target the neck for this cologne spray.

Azzaro Wanted By Night Review, just the bottle
Azzaro Wanted By Night Review, just the bottle

Does The Azzaro Wanted by Night Cologne Last a Long Time? What Is It’s Longevity?

Yes, the Azzaro wanted by night cologne lasts a long time. Many people report that it’s very long-lasting online too!

Personally, I’ve never had a cologne last this long. I used to use the C.O Biglow White Elixir- which is a great cologne in all respects- but I had to reapply it after 2 hours.

The Azzaro Wanted By Night typically lasts 3-4 hours for me, which is actually a pretty ideal timeframe for what this cologne is designed to do.

It gives you enough time to go on that first date or meet someone at the nightclub.

I always recommend reapplying colognes after 2 hours because you’ll likely get super sweaty and smell bad from other things.

But if you’re at an event where sweat isn’t a big problem, the wanted by night while not as prominent after 2 hours, is still noticeable.

Azzaro Wanted By Night Price

Azzaro wanted by nice while not a super ‘cheap’ cologne is not that expensive.

Many ‘high-end’ colognes will run you $200-$250, I think this is simply absurd.

This is how I actually discovered Azzaro wanted by night in the first place, I needed a high-quality cologne that wasn’t going to break the bank.

Azzaro wanted by night will run you typically $50-$60. I find it cheaper on Amazon, especially considering the shipping will usually be free.

This isn’t an expensive cologne, but it isn’t cheap either. However, you can usually get a ton of use out of this, especially considering how long the cologne lasts. You don’t have to reapply it, so it should make it last longer.

Plus, one spray of this is pretty strong. So you don’t need to spray twice or anything to smell it.

This was a problem I had with the White Elixir cologne, often I had to put two sprays to ‘really’ smell it.

Should You Buy It?

Yes, buy this cologne!

I am incredibly picky with my colognes. I’m not rich, and have very little money in general. So I need a colgone that’s a great budget pick and isn’t going to waste my money.

I did a ton of research, and got testers for many different colognes and fell in love with this one.

I don’t think people are dissatisfied with this cologne, it smells great to both genders and people really like it.

Like I said earlier, this isn’t some ‘axe’ scent or some overused scent nobody likes.

Wanted by night is unique, charming, and enchanting. It’s mysterious and bold. I love everything about it.

So, Yes, buy this cologne!

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