Relic Watch Review – The $60 Head Turner

Look- I’ve always been a fashion king. I love the people turning their heads, the compliments, and the respect from it. But- I never wanted to spend thousands on it. That’s when Ian told me his watch was only around $50. And I was sold instantly, his watch looked incredible, heavy-duty, quality, and stunning. Here’s the Relic Watch Review, and because the stang gang all has a relic watch, we have multiple to talk about.

Overview, Relic Watch Review

At first, you may think this relic watch review may cost you thousands of dollars. But, that’s where you’re wrong.

Relic watches are incredibly cheap, even though they have an incredible design.

These heavy-duty watches with glimmering metal on them look like Rolexes. And they look expensive. This is a watch that when you’re wearing it, people think you’re rich.

Tommy and Carsten’s watches respectively for the Relic Watch Review.

But the low price tag of $60 might surprise some people. Especially for a watch that lasts for a long time.

These watches are perfect for any event. Ian and I went to our school’s homecoming dance with them on and looked stunning.

And, I wore it for my famous 8 Hour Arm Workout video.

Also, you can wear them just in general. Whenever I leave the house my watch is always on. And Carsten wears his at work. They’re not incredibly formal and can really be worn on any occasion.

Tommy’s Relic Watch Review

So, I love wearing black. If you couldn’t tell by that image above or any image you’ll ever find of me.

Tommy's Relic Watch. I love this watch, and highly recommend it in my relic watch review. I have specifically the Men's Garrett Quartz Stainless Steel Sport Watch.
Tommy’s Relic Watch. I love this watch, and highly recommend it in my relic watch review. I have specifically the Men’s Garrett Quartz Stainless Steel Sport Watch.

You can usually find me wearing a black shirt, black jeans, black shoes, my black rosary, and a stunning black relic watch.

I specifically wear the Men’s Garrett Quartz Stainless Steel Sport Watch. And it inspired me to make this relic watch review.

It comes in different models, but I chose the black one with a red center.

Red and black are my two favorite colors, and it looks absolutely dazzling. I would’ve preferred an all black-design, because well, you guys know me at this point. But, the red looks incredible.

The watch feels incredibly durable and strong. And is super easy to adjust. It fits on my wrist nicely after a little band adjusting and I wouldn’t want any other watch.

From the times it has been stuffed in my backpack, to being thrown around my car, been to many dances, etc. it holds tough.

The only scratches on it are from my stupid self scratching it along the handrails on the stairs at college. I’m not the biggest fan of morning classes, to be honest.

No matter where I go, people turn their heads and compliment the design. It fits perfectly with my all-black style and matches really with just about any outfit.

Carsten’s Relic Watch Review

We both wear Relic watches and here’s what he has to say about them.

However, Carsten doesn’t have the same black watch I do. He has a Relic Men’s Dress Watch with Blue-Green Dial.

Since that watch has been discontinued, here is one that looks somewhat similar. This is basically an updated design of the model, that is much more clear to see.

The first thing I’d have to say about this watch is the flow of color with the design. I could be looking at this watch for hours and still want to watch it more. Lucky for you, you can watch the watch for hours and count those hours with your watch. I can’t tell you how many times he relic watch has gotten compliments from just walking in a gas station or just doing my job. It isn’t expensive, but the quality isn’t cheap. If you want a watch, go with Relic.


Now Carsten wears his watch essentially 24/7. I really only like to bring it out in public, but Carsten will always wear it even at home or at work.

Through the intense life of Carsten, his watch has always remained sturdy. From his 14 hour shifts to life of crime by night somehow his watch still remains in tact.

And for a low price of $60. Why not buy it?

Ian’s Relic Watch Review

My other best friend Ian, also bought this watch. And I want to share his testimonial for them too.

And my friends aren’t sponsored or anything. We really just like that we’re able to look so well-dressed at such a low price.

Two years ago, I was in need of a watch. Something durable, stunning, and good on the wallet. I then ran into Relic. Amongst the dozens of watches to choose from, Relic was everything I needed. It looked far better than any other watch in the price range. It felt executive, when I put it on, I felt it demanded respect. It had zero flaws, it was easy to see the time, and the watch face was a beautiful deep blue. I loved it the second it was on my wrist. With the price of around $60, it was a steal. I wear my Relic watch for any occasion and for daily use. Just going out to be friends, I get compliments about how good the watch looks. I will be a life long customer of Relic watches.


Ian has the same watch I do, except blue in the center. So he has the same black gunmetal outside I do, with a beautiful blue center instead of red.

I don’t really like the blue and black, but he does. Ian is commonly seen wearing black jeans and a blue shirt, and it fits perfectly.

Not to mention at the homecoming dance the dark blue still made heads turned and got tons of compliments.

At the same low price of $60, why not purchase this and impress everybody?

Relic Has Tons of Different Watches

A lot of brands sell very little variety of watches. This makes it hard for those who want to buy a watch they like find one they actually enjoy.

Luckily, Relic has tons of different models and submodels. And if you can’t find anything you like there, you can always go on Fossil’s website and find one of their other subbrands.

I’ve never seen a watch company get it so right, and have such easy sorting on the sidebar.

Are Relic Watches Good?

Relic watches are incredibly good. They’re heavy duty, look awesome, and feel awesome.

There are tons of different relic watches to choose from. And in general, most designs are awesome.

I’ve had my relic for almost a year now, Carsten and Ian have both had their watches for 2 years with no problems.

They’re eye-catching, reliable, inexpensive, and feel great. I wouldn’t want any other watch by my side. And they look super expensive too.

Automatic vs Mechanical vs Battery-Powered Watches

Relic does sell automatic, mechanical, and battery powered watches.

For many watch enthusiasts, having a mechaincal or automatic watch is crucial.

It’s like buying a manual car. Sure, there isn’t a huge reason for it, but if you’re a car enthusiast you’ll love it.

For the general consumer, there’s not a huge demand for watches that you need to wind up or shake to recharge.

But for watch enthusiasts or people that are going to be away from batteries for months-years on end (think of hiking, traveling) an automatic or mechanical watch may just be what you need.

Luckily, Relic offers it! You can buy automatic and mechanical relic watches. Personally, I have a battery-powered watch, which isn’t bad. But I simply have no need for automatic or mechanical.


You will have the entire room turning heads with their incredible looking Gunmetal designs.

A relic watch review on an automatic self-winding relic watch.
A relic watch review on an automatic self-winding relic watch.

These automatic watches are still relatively cheap. And they charge with your movement throughout the day, and some models have the wind-up feature you may love.

What’s SUPER COOL about Relic’s design is that you can actually see how much power you have left in your automatic watch.

With the transparent center, you can see exactly how much power you have left.

This can be incredibly important if you’re out in the wild for a long time and want to avoid your watch dying. It will remind you to recharge it.

How To Change The Battery on a Relic Watch

Alright, let’s say you’ve had your relic watch for a long time now. It’s stopped working. You’ve come across this relic watch review hoping for an answer on how to change the battery.

For some reason, it’s incredibly difficult to find an answer to this. So I reached out to support and was told this.

“The Relic Garett Watch uses an SR916SW battery.” But, many people online say they watch just uses a standard watch battery.

If you ever need it changed, most watch shops will change the battery for a low fee like $10.

But, if you’re a DIYER. This Relic Watch Review video explaining how to take off the back of the watch without complicated tools will be immensely helpful.

Are Relic Watches Expensive?

Being honest with you, I would never write a relic watch review if relic watches were expensive. This is because I wouldn’t be able to afford one!

I’ve never had a ton of money in my life, and in fact, for a lot of my life, I lived in borderline poverty. ($700 in food stamps per month at one point!) but relic watches are incredibly affordable.

Also, that’s a reason I wanted to write a relic watch review. I’m not sponsored or anything, I just genuinely want to share with others this awesome brand!

Are Relic Watches Made By Fossil?

Yes, actually!

Fossil is popular for making many famous watches. Many Samsung Smart Watches (which look INCREDIBLE) are made by fossil too! This is actually one of the main reasons I’d never buy an Apple Watch.

Fossil designs incredibly high quality watches used by a ton of people every day.

Relic isn’t any off-brand name that is scummy. They’re incredibly popular and reputable. While it may not have the same connotation behind someone saying they have a ‘Rolex’, Fossil is incredible.

So yes, this relic watch review can technically be a fossil watch review. And if you don’t like the relic watch, you can get any other watch from fossil and expect the same high quality.

But for me personally, the relic stands out at its’ super low price and superb quality.

Are Relic Watches Waterproof

Yes, relic watches are waterproof with some exceptions. And I would never write this relic watch review if they weren’t waterproof. How would you even wash your hands?

The watch is generally about as waterproof as most phones are today.

You can drop it in a pool, and even probably go swimming with it. But if you drop it at the bottom of the ocean, you may be out of luck.

Officially, it says it is water-resistant up to 165 feet. But here’s my guidance for this relic watch review.

  • You’re fine to wash your hands with it.
  • You’re fine to shower with it.
  • Also, you’re all good to be out in the rain with it.
  • But the risk isn’t worth the reward, so if you’re going to go swimming or diving, just take it off and save yourself the risk.

Relic Watches Warranty

This wouldn’t be a good relic watch review if I didn’t cover the warranty.

And this wouldn’t be a good watch without a good warranty either.

Directly from Fossil’s website, it states that they provide a 2-year warranty for all relic watches. However, the watch dials, hands, and movement are the only things covered in the warranty.

So, what’s not covered?

The warranty, unfortunately, does not cover battery defects, case defects, or the bracelet being damaged.

Moreover, if the watch owner damages the watch from improper handling or use, it is not covered in the warranty.

It also does not cover aging damage, or damage caused by water if you do not follow their water-resistant guidelines.

Complicated warranty, but all warranties all. But really, it’s like that for all companies.

Are They a Good Warranty?

Since Relic is a subbrand of the bigger Fossil, we can usually assume the warranty will be the same.

The problem with any product is when you look up their warranty, you really only see bad reviews.

This is because whenever people contact a company’s warranty and get their problem resolved, they usually don’t write about it.

But when people do not get their problem solved, they write about it.

So naturally, there are always more bad reviews than good.

But, for a company that sells an incredible amount of watches. There are surprisingly a low number of bad reviews. And many people just say when they have problems Fossil just replaces their watch completely.

Personally, for this relic watch review, I’ve never actually had to do anything with their warranty. I’ve had the watch for almost a year with no problems, daily use.

I’ve gotten a few nicks in the quarts from bumping into things at college or work, but overall it’s heavy-duty.

The same thing with, Carsten he wears it literally every second of every day and in his grease-filled work environment.

Relic Watch Repair

If worst comes to worst, you can go to a relic watch repair shop.

Relic isn’t any super complicated brand that needs a special team of advanced users to figure it out. In fact, many shops offer ways to repair the watches if they’re broken.

Adjusting Band Size

Adjusting the band size on a relic watch is easy. You don’t have to waste money on buying custom-sized bands.

The band is a bunch of links that can be adjusted using a small pin. Most watch stores will offer watch resizing for free.

JCPenny and Macy’s at my local mall resized my relic watch band for free. I have to give them an honorable shoutout in this relic watch review because just for that I now regularly shop at their stores.

Here’s a video of adjusting the band size incase you are still a little confused.

And here’s another video explaining how to resize it. I found both videos individually kind of confusion g, but when put together, incredible.

And like I said, if you can’t figure it out, don’t stress over it. Many places will do it for free.

Where Are Fossil Watches Made

Where are fossil watches made? Usually fossil watches are made in places like Switzerland.

However, relic watches are made in China. Or at least, most of the time. For unknown reasons, sometimes the watches are just made in random countries.

Fossil as a compnay has been expanding rapidly worldwide and the truth is, they just use whatever can be most cost-efficient for them.

While we can assume most Relic watches come from China, and most Fossil watches come from Switzerland, it’s not always the case.

Regardless, the quality of these watches is immaculate. So wherever they end up coming from, you don’t have to worry.


Relic watches are cheap, affordable, and a head-turner. At $60, why not show off and bring some high-class fashion everywhere you go?

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