Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Review

Ever since I got this thing I have been dying to make a Bath and Body Works wallflowers review! Like, seriously, this thing is AWESOME. Ever since I bought it- I could never go back.

Everybody that comes into my room compliments the amazing smell. Every time I come home I’m met with the refreshing and amazing scent of bath and body works wallflowers.

Everybody LOVES My House Now

It all started a long time ago when I read a forum post about making your room clean and tidy. Specifically talking about how much guests will respect you for having a clean room.

So, I deep cleaned everything, made the room spotless- but something was missing.

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Review, diffuser from the side.
Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Review, diffuser from the side.

The musty basement smell was still there, and I needed to get rid of it.

My mother had purchased me one of the bath and body works wallflowers a long time ago, but I had never used it- nor understood how it really worked (I will go in-depth about how to use it later on too!).

I honestly forgot I plugged it in. I left the house and invited some friends over later that night- and the number of compliments I had gotten was insane.

And I noticed it myself. The smell wasn’t overly ‘strong’, but it was there. A pleasant background smell that wasn’t overwhelming but not faint either.

People were saying how my house was the ‘new hangout spot’ and started recommending I buy some couches so everybody can chill there from now on.

Don’t you want that too? If so, keep reading this bath and body works wallflowers review!

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Review- Haunted House diffuser
Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Review- Haunted House diffuser

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers How To Use

Setting up the bath and body works wallflowers for the first time can be a little challenging. I really, really, really had a hard time figuring it out. (I fully understand pre-calculus but can’t figure out how to set up an air freshener huh)

So I figured I would include how to use them and set it up in this bath and body works wallflowers review.

Step 1 – Purchase a Wallflowers Diffuser

Firstly, you need to purchase a wallflowers diffuser! These are the things you plug into the wall, they will burn the oil in the ‘refill bottles’ to make your room smell great.

These are pretty cheap, and you can get a ton of different designs.

Personally I have a Halloween haunted house themed one, but they have tons of cool seasonal designs!

It will run you about $10 for one, and if you want to purchase one online, you certainly can!

Step 2 – Purchase a Wallflowers Scent

This is probably the most fun part of the bath and body works wallflowers review. Going to the bath and body works and trying out different scents is always a fun day for everyone.

Each scent will usually run you $7. You can buy these by going to the store in person, purchasing on Amazon, or purchasing from Bath and Body Works’ website.

If you’re in a rush- here some quick scents I recommend.

I have a weird taste for many scents, so take what I say with a grain of salt. But, black cherry merlot has ALWAYS been a #1 pick for me.

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Review- Blue scent, fresh linen
Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Review- Blue scent, fresh linen

On paper, black cherry merlot doesn’t sound that good. But man I’ve been using it reliably for 3 years now. It’s just something about the scent that smells so comforting.

Right now I have a watermelon lemonade one that’s about to run out, but I definitely was a big fan of that one too!

Step 3 – Install The Scent to The Diffuser

Firstly, take the scent bottle and you’ll notice there is a white cap on the top.

Twist that white cap off of the scent thing. (Yes it comes off, yes it will kick your butt if you try to take it off)

Then you’re going to screw the scent bottle into the hole in the diffuser, counter-clockwise. (righty loosey, lefty tighty- got it? [but seriously, why did they reverse it?]

After that’s all done, plug it into the wall!

And voila, your room will be showered with awesome fragrance soon. And you’ll be wishing you read this Bath and Body Works wallflowers review sooner.

Should I Get a Bath and Body Works Wallflower?

Should you get a bath and body works wallflower? Let me give you a few reasons that may make you purchase it right now.

  • Super cheap!
    • The diffuser is $10, and each scent is around $7 not on sale. So you can estimate $5/month or so to have your room smelling amazing.
  • Compliments from everybody!
    • Everybody compliments how great my room smells. It also removes any bad odor from things like mildew, the bathroom, shower, bed, etc.
  • Super customizable
    • Many things like airwick barely let you customize the smell. This means you get some junk, generic, bad-smelling scent in your room. You get to customize it how you like it.
  • Actually smells good!
    • Airwick scents are just too generic. They smell like ‘clean’ and don’t smell like ‘comfy’. The bath and body works scents are more relaxing and smell great.
  • Set it and forget it.
    • You don’t need to do high-level maintenance on this thing at all. You just plug it in and replace it every 6 weeks or so. Literally just set it, and forget it.

Why Having a Good Smelling Room is a MUST.

You WANT to be the house everybody respects. You don’t want people thinking, ‘well it smelled really bad’.

Well, Tommy, I Don’t Smell Anything Bad in My House

You’re odor blind. Unfortunately, after you smell something for a long time, you become used to it.

This means that dirty feet smell that’s in your house, all your visitors get to experience and you have no idea about.

So there’s a way you can fix this, by having an air freshener going all the time. Then you’ll be able to ignore the backlash of having a smelly room!

How Long Do Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Last?

Bath and Body Works wallflowers typically last around 1 month. However, it depends on the diffuser. But I personally find myself running out after about 6 weeks and having to replace the scent.

You can tell how much longer a scent has by how filled the bottle is. Once the bottle is less than 10% full or empty, replace it with another scent! You can find these scents at Bath and Body works, or online!

My empty bath and body works wallflower. It needs to be replaced!

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Best Scents

So now that I’ve kinda sold you on buying this throughout the Bath and Body Works wallflowers review, let’s discuss the best scents.

While many people have their top 10 lists, I recommend you go in-store and find some scents you like.

This makes it better for you, as you’ll know which scent you’ll like.

However, I have a few recommendations and areas to start looking if you’re new to this!

Firstly, Think of The Theme of The Room

Is the room supposed to be comfortable? Is the room supposed to be a work environment? Or is it supposed to be ‘welcoming’ or ‘relaxing’?

All of these different scents can ultimately send different messages.

That’s part of the reason I love the black cherry merlot so much, it just sends that relaxed and unwinding feel with it.

The same thing with the seasonal pumpkin scent they have, it just makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

This is why I have a hard time picking many of the ‘beach’ themes. I feel like the beach scent makes it harder to unwind and sleep.

This may sound literally like the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard- but the beach scents keep me awake. It makes me feel more energetic and alive, not tired and relaxed.

Ultimately, this is different for everbody.

But think about what message you want that to send.

My Favorite Scents

If you held a gun to my head and asked me to list my favorite wallflowers, I would tell you to put that gun down as there is no need. I could talk about wallflower scents for days.

Here are some of my die hard favorites:

  • black cherry merlot [all time favorite – relaxed, soothing]
  • Seasonal Pumpkin Flavor [hard to get – but super relaxed, fall, smells amazing, soothing, good for sleep]
  • Watermelon lemonade [I like it, although many don’t]
  • Fresh linen [you really can’t go wrong with this one]
  • Midnight blue citrus [I like it, many don’t]

Here’s my all time bath and body works wallflowers shopping secret:

Want something everybody will like? Pick a super ‘transparent’ color. (see-through pink)

Want something that smells really good to some people and will be super controversial? Pick a more ‘opaque’ color. (dark blue)

This sounds dumb, but when you start testing those scents you’ll know.

You can either go big or go home. Make the choice!

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Review Questions

Honestly, this thing didn’t come with an informative instruction guide or anything like that.

I had a little bit of trouble setting it up right away, and truthfully there wasn’t a lot on Google answering it (which is why I wrote this!).

So I did some research and found a ton of the most commonly asked questions and tried to answer them in this bath and body works wallflowers review.

Where Do I Get Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Refills?

This is an excellent question. Getting bath and body works wallflowers refills is probably the most fun part of this process actually.

If you’ve never been to a bath and body works, you better get ready- it’s life changing. There’s no way you can’t walk out of the store without $50 of perfect smells and perfumes.

So you have two ways to get bath and body works wallflowers refills. You can head into a bath and body works store in person, or purchase some scents on Amazon!

I personally recommend heading down to a bath and body works to get your refills.

The experience of heading down there and spending hours smelling the different scents and picking out your favorites is unmatched. Plus, it’s better than guessing if you like a scent online.

However, if you for sure like a certain scent, buying it on Amazon can be way cheaper in the long run as they bundle them together usually.

And tell me what your favorite scents are in the comments of this Bath and Body Works wallflowers review!

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Carcinogen

There’s been a lot of backlash of air fresheners in general. This is because many people are under the impression that bath and body works wallflowers are carcinogens.

There’s some truth and some fib to this.

Truthfully, everything CAN cause cancer. But at what point do we draw the line? Many people don’t wear sunscreen when they go outside. Many people don’t clear Radon out of their basement.

Those are things that cause cancer that you don’t see done.

And as far as I’m aware, statistically speaking you should be wearing sunscreen ANY time you go outside- otherwise you’ll get cancer, right?

But many people don’t do this. Generally, because the risk for cancer is so low if they don’t wear sunscreen.

I think it’s kinda the same thing here. While this product may have some dodgy chemicals, at what point do you draw the line?

And furthermore, many scientists are considering a more holistic approach to fighting off cancer these days. This means having a stronger diet to fight off cancer cells in the body.

Here’s a video that may teach you a lot:

What’s the actual Carcinogen in Bath and Body Works Wallflowers?

After doing tons of research, the only carcinogen I could find is well- none.

According to this list by Bath and Body Works in one of their wallflowers refills, there isn’t a single carcinogen. Even though many say that formaldehyde is in the product, it’s not listed as an ingredient.

While some hazards are there stating things like there may be damage to aquatic wildlife or pets- there doesn’t seem to be any proof of an actual carcinogen.

I would love for someone to comment and explain where they see the carcinogen. Unfortunately, many of the websites that used to have a list of it have gone down since.

But as of the last 2019 update, it seems that bath and body works wallflowers may just be safe to use.

Are Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Toxic to Humans?

As I explained above in the Bath and Body Works wallflowers review, it seems that many of the ‘carcinogenic’ chemicals have been removed.

Ultimately, no, bath and body works wallflowers are not toxic to humans. At least not more than other things.

While some articles say they are toxic, there are millions of people using air fresheners worldwide and there hasn’t been anything particularly alarming that has risen from that yet.

While they aren’t ‘great’ for your health- they aren’t going to kill you either.

Although some chemicals in the air fresheners are known to cause infertility problems. So if I was pregnant, I would just cut them off for the time being.

Are Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Toxic to Dogs?

If this isn’t the age old question. And I hope to answer it in a non-extreme way in this Bath and Body Works wallflowers review.

Look- the answer to this question is super controversial and there isn’t a lot of science to it. So I recommend you test yourself. Plug in the air freshener, and examine carefully your dog or cats reaction to it.

For me personally, my pets have never had a problem with the air freshener. While my cats usually stick with other members of the family, they’ve rarely ever slept in my room with me before the air freshener, nor after I added it.

It didn’t make a change, and my cats have never had any behavioral changes. However, I do only have the wallflower in the basement level and not the other levels where they mainly reside.

But, sometimes they do cuddle with me in the night, and there isn’t much to say they are sick from it.

Many people report the same thing, and have never experienced their pets having problems with it.

Some people have attributed their pets death to the air fresheners.

I recommend you try it for a day and document your pet’s behavioral and physical changes. If they get sick, start vomiting, etc, get rid of the thing.

I did read somewhere that the eucalyptus scent of the wallflower really agitated their cat because apparently cats are allergic to eucalyptus leaves?

I don’t know if that’s true or not, but check your cats breed and medical history to make sure you don’t get anything they’re allergic too.

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Toxic Ingested

Yes, bath and body works wallflowers are toxic if ingested. If you ingest them, immediately call poison control. Ingesting the wallflowers can be deadly!

US Poison Control Line: +1 (800) 222-1222

If there’s one thing you listen to me in this Bath and Body Works wallflowers review, it’s to get medical attention IMMEDIATELY if you ingested this!

Are Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Safe For Babies?

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers are ‘safe’ for babies, but I wouldn’t recommend using it in this Bath and Body Works wallflowers review.

Firstly, babies at this age are incredibly susceptible to diseases like RSV or pneumonia. It’s best to not put any more stress on their lungs with these wallflowers.

Secondly, some chemicals are known to cause infertility, so just avoid it when you’re pregnant.

Third, babies are known for eating and getting into things they really shouldn’t be. So save yourself the hassle of calling 911 after finding out your baby drunk one of these things up.

While it’s ‘safe’- just avoid it for a few years. That way you can avoid disaster before it happens.

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Spill

If you spilled your bath and body works wallflowers, I’m sorry, seriously from the bottom of my heart. This is gonna suck to clean out.

Maybe look at it from the bright side? Whatever you spilled it on is going to smell super good from now on!

If you need to get the wallflower scent out, what many users found helpful was pouring a TON of baking soda on the area after giving it a good wipe down.

In the event that doesn’t work, try vinegar, or try some heavy dish soap.

Do Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Work in Airwick?

No, bath and body works wallflowers do NOT work in airwick devices. This is because the wallflowers have a weird ‘thread’ way of screwing it in, meanwhile, the airwick device is completely separate. It just would not fit in.

Trust me on this, I tried haha. If you need a new wallflower device, head over to your local Bath and Body Works or purchase one online!


Ultimately, the Bath and Body Works wallflowers are a game-changer.

Got a new lady you’re inviting over? She’ll love it.

Got a whole bunch of friends or family coming over? They’ll love it.

Everybody will respect it! So I recommend you head over there and buy some now. You won’t regret it.

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