Dirt Devil Endura Express Review

When I first hit the workforce and had my own place, I realized I needed a vacuum. But, I was worried that you needed to spend $500-700 to get a decent vacuum. But, I earned $8.50 an hour, and could only afford to buy a $50 vacuum.

And it changed my view forever, the dirt devil endura express vacuum is INCREDIBLE. I barely paid anything for it and STILL 2 years later this is the only vacuum I’ve ever used or needed. It does a great job vacuuming the carpet, my car, etcetera. It cleans cat hair well, food crumbs great, has great suction, and makes my room look great.

In fact, I’m the friend in the group that’s known as the ‘clean-freak’. Whenever you come over, my bed is made, the carpet is vacuumed, everything in the bathroom is spotless (even the mirror), and I have the Bath and Body Works Wallflowers scent in the air.

As someone who obsesses over a clean room, the dirt devil endura express is my go-to vacuum. So, let’s cover why you need to buy this and really get into the dirt devil endura express review.

Dirt Devil Endura Express Review
Dirt Devil Endura Express Review

Does The Dirt Devil Endura Express Work Well?

The most important question in this dirt devil endura express review is well, does it work? And does it do a good job?

The answer to both of these is, yes!

I am a HUGE clean-freak. Like I mentioned earlier, I try to keep everything in my house spotless.

Going to be honest and put it out there, one of my fears is someone coming over and thinking my room is messy. I even keep it very minimalistic in my room, very little furniture, etc.

I even have hidden LED lights throughout the room, you should read more of that in my Nexlux LED Lights Review, and you’ll see how cool my room really does look!

But part of this is actually making sure the carpet is always clean. I never have trash lying around, nor having crumbs laying around.

And trust me, I eat a lot in my bed and there are always stupid crumbs everywhere over the floor, and I need to make sure that my carpet’s clean. Furthermore, I have cats that get their fur everywhere.

Also, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I suffer from such severe allergies I had to buy an advanced air purifier for, the Dyson HP02.

A huge thing for me is having to vacuum regularly to make sure my allergies don’t get aggravated. Dust, cat dander, or other contaminants can ruin my day if I don’t vacuum the floor regularly.

From Allergies To Cleanliness, How Does This Vacuum Fare?

Well, for a cheap vacuum, I got what I didn’t expect. I got a vacuum that did a phenomenal job.

Growing up, my parents would spend hundreds on vacuums. I feel like that’s something you just naturally do when you get older, just because I feel the older you get, the more you care about your house- but I digress.

Regardless, I was always under the impression that if you bought a cheap vacuum, expect it to be really bad.

But I was completely surprised, this vacuum impressed me. It really does everything I could ask it to, and more.

Cleans Cat Hair Really Good

I have three big furballs that run around my house. They leave a ton of hair everywhere and make my carpet darker and messier.

Unfortunately for me, I have severe cat allergies. If you do too, read my post: Are Allergy Shots Worth It?

This means that all that hair dander builds up and goes into my body while I sleep. Then my immune system attacks it and causes me to sneeze and get hay fever. No good.

So, I have to frequently vacuum my stairs and house over and over again to minimize this damage.

I’ve always seen advertisements for special vacuums that specialize in cat hair. In my experience, those vacuums just seem like a scam! They barely do anything more than my dirt devil endura express.

My dirt devil endura express handles it like a champ. Just normal vacuuming gets a TON of cat hair out. I don’t really make a big mess in my room (other than around my bed), so this means most of the dust is just literally cat hair.

Doing just a quick one lap sweep and vacuuming the stairs makes the bin completely full! That’s a full thing of cat hair that was attacking me in my sleep.

Comparing this to a “special cat hair removal vacuum” actually puts things in perspective.

For a simple cheap vacuum, it brings up roughly the same amount of cat dander that my “special cat dander” vacuum did. While the other vacuum does technically do better, I’ve found that just frequent vacuuming with this cheap vacuum does the job, without breaking the bank.

Cleans all crumbs, scraps, and general dirt with ease.

Haha, I’ll admit, I have a bad Dorito and cracker eating habit. Those things leave crumbs, EVERYWHERE.

But the thing is, you usually can’t see these crumbs.

Don’t worry though, there’s a good reason I wrote this dirt devil endura express review.

This thing CLEANS SHOP. With all those tiny saltine crumbs, tiny Doritos crumbs, and other dust/things in my bed, the vacuum cleans it super well.

There isn’t really a time I have to sit there and watch it miss crumbs or anything. It truly does a phenomenal job in cleaning whatever you throw at it.

After a long night of me sitting in bed and brushing away crumbs to the carpet, the vacuum does a great job of picking that up, and the cat dander with it.

But this highlights that the vacuum is able to clean the carpet deep, it certainly isn’t a shallow clean or anything.

Great Suction/Air Flow

The dirt devil endura express has great suction and air flow.

While I will admit I have used better vacuums, it definitely holds its own. While the suction isn’t always the best, it can get most crumbs and problems off the ground.

I personally use this to clean my mustang out all the time. And again, the suction while fast, isn’t the BEST. So sometimes you have to really go over a certain spot a few times.

This is typically how cars work though, since people put their feet on the ground or step on things a lot the crumbs can get really compressed into the floormats.

However, in a house, this is less common, so this is not as much of an issue. But do know that if there is a really old mess or stain or whatever you’re trying to vacuum, you may have to go over it a few times.

So what’s the bottom line here? The vacuum certainly holds its own, but may require you to take some more time on certain spills.

Goes Deep in The Carpet

I personally like really deep and fluffy carpet.

Not everybody is a big fan of it, but I like it. I lay on my floor a lot and typically throw parties, so having a comfy carpet is nice for the people trying to lay on the ground or something.

Regardless, the carpet is super deep, which makes it way harder to clean. Luckily, this vacuum does go really deep in the carpet.

While I’m sure it’s probably missing something, I’m very satisfied. Most of the times it gets all the crumbs, a ton of cat hair I don’t see, and the carpet is visibly disturbed haha.

I don’t really know how to say it, but you can certainly tell the vacuum reached through the carpet. The carpet gets all like fluffy again? It’s hard to explain but I’ve used vacuums that don’t do this.

My point is that this isn’t a vacuum that’s going to leave you disappointed. Obviously, at its lower price, there are lower limits. But generally, I think you’ll be very satisfied.

Good Features, Overall a Solid Vacuum

This vacuum doesn’t have any weird crazy technology like bluetooth or anything, but that’s not needed.

It has what you need. It’s got an extender for harder to reach surfaces, a very easy to empty portable dirt cup (so you don’t need to buy vacuum bags), and a small brush tool.

However, it does lack a stair step tool, which I personally found annoying.

But regardless, it has most of the essentials and will get the job done.

Personally, I like simple, especially if it saves me money.

Know The Vacuums Limits

This is a cheaper vacuum. This isn’t a vacuum meant for like vacuuming up an entire mud pile or spilled ice cream container.

It’s great for keeping your apartment, room, or car tidy. But understand that this is a cheaper vacuum that is meant to get the bare minimum done.

It’s great for getting crumbs, hair, etc off the ground and keeping your carpets clean. But don’t try and overload it by trying to like vacuum up 10 pounds of candy or something.

Dirt Devil Endura Express Review, bottom of vacuum
Dirt Devil Endura Express Review, bottom of vacuum

The Bottom Line of The Dirt Devil Endura Express Review

It’s a solid choice for a vacuum that’s really cheap. Without breaking the bank, you’ll get a solid vacuum that will be able to do most of what you need it to do.

While it’s not a “high-end” vacuum, again, for most of us that aren’t rich, it serves its purpose and well.

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