Can Bodybuilders Run Fast?

People ALWAYS ask me, “Tommy, you are so ripped with that 5000 lbs of muscle, are you able to run?”- Well thanks for asking. I know I’m the most shredded guy on this planet and all. But turns out, us bodybuilders can actually move quickly. So, let’s answer the question: Can Bodybuilders Run Fast?

Actually, yes. Bodybuilders can run fast! Now obviously if you become a 300-pound tank full of muscle you might run a little slower than your friends, but bodybuilders can run fast! In fact, when compared to most non-athletic people, might even beat them out in a race. In fact, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, can run at 16MPH! Most people can barely break 13MPH trying their hardest.

But, why is this? Why do bodybuilders run fast?

Can Bodybuilders Run Fast? The answer may surprise you.
Can Bodybuilders Run Fast? The answer may surprise you.

What? How Do Bodybuilders Run If They’re So Big?

Everybody says that because bodybuilders are so big it’s impossible that they run that fast. That’s actually a huge myth, even though it sounds like it makes sense.

Firstly, we’re going to be stalking Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson this entire post, because he is straight up the best example for this.

There are so many action movies that Dwayne Johnson is in that involve him doing incredibly fast running, fast fighting, and just tons of cardio even though he is like 500 lbs of pure muscle.

That’s actually how our friends at ShortList ran some calculations. They looked at Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s running speeds in the movie and compared them.

Vin Diesel? 13MPH average.

The Rock? 16MPH. – And The Rock is incredibly massive. He is HUGE!

That means that this pure muscle machine is running nearly 3 miles per hour faster than his ‘normal’ counterpart. So it seems just from this it’s safe to assume bodybuilders do run fast.

How Fast Do Average People Run?

Let’s look at some statistics.

According to Chaz, a well renowned physical trainer within the fitness community, he finds most clients run an average of 10 MPH when really trying.

If you break down the average across websites like Strava or Nike+, that average drops to 5 MPH.

How Does This Compare To Usain Bolt?

Since The Rock ran pretty fast at 16 MPH, we can assume he’s faster than the average human.

In this scene, The Rock was not trying to break any records, so he definitely has the potential to run even faster.

However, let’s compare an average bodybuilder doing an average run, against Usain Bolt who is the fastest human in history.

Usain Bolt runs at 27MPH. The Rock barely even trying runs 16MPH, and the average human runs 13MPH.

So while bodybuilders aren’t the fastest around, they can certainly move quickly, and faster than the average human.

Why Do Bodybuilders Run Fast?

Okay, so if bodybuilders aren’t as fast as maybe Usain Bolt, but are typically faster than the average human- why do bodybuilders run fast at all?

The answer lies within bodybuilder’s training. It’s actually a very common misconception that bodybuilders do not do cardio. Bodybuilders actually spend a ton of time doing cardio and making sure their bodies are always ready to run.

This is important for their competitions, cutting body fat, and keeping their heart in good shape.

Furthermore, weight training alone makes your heart super strong. Against the ‘average’ American, their hearts can be almost 1.5x the size of their counterparts.

This means that the bodybuilders actually have a super strong heart that is ready to pump blood across their entire body as soon as they need to run.

So, simply put, bodybuilders are ALWAYS training their cardio, which puts them at a huge advantage to ‘normal’ people.

There Is a Limit, However

While yes, the average bodybuilder does run faster than the average human- they will find themselves getting lapped by the track people.

However, you need to examine their weight. Your friend that’s a bodybuilder weighing 185 lbs will likely have no problems running faster than their friends in the track team given that they are both good at running.

However, try and put a 300lb full muscle monster against a track fiend, and the track fiend will start to have the lead.

This is because as your friend gets more muscular, it takes way more effort to move those muscles.

Now again, it’s very rare to find someone that is 300 lbs of full muscle. They would need 23.5-inch arms like Rich Piana, but ultimately, at that point, they might start to slow down a bit.

So, Would I Beat My Bodybuilding Friend in a Race?

Well, it depends on your running ability! If you’ve been on the track and field team, you weigh less, and maybe they weigh a ton- you might be in luck.

Be careful though, if they are also on the track team with you, even if they might be a bit heavy- you’ll find yourself probably neck-to-neck.

But if for some “strange” (see: prohibited substance use) reason they suddenly gain 300 lbs of muscle over 2 years, you might be in luck and just dust them.

If your main concern is just ticking off your friend by winning a race, I just recommend sticking with it and practicing your running everyday. Eventually, you’ll win.

This is because they are more focused on bodybuilding and weight-training, while you will be more focused on running. So naturally, you will come out on top.

And if you’re wondering if your dog can beat a bodybuilder in a race, he sure can!

Can Bodybuilders Run Fast? They sure can, but this dog can run faster!
Can Bodybuilders Run Fast? They sure can, but this dog can run faster!

Conclusion of Can Bodybuilders Run Fast?

Yes. Bodybuilders can run fast! In fact like I said, they will run faster than the average human will.

But, never fear if your speciality is the track team or you run 30MPH, because in that case, you will definitely win.

The main takeaway? Don’t think your bodybuilding friend is all slow because he looks like a moving rock, he might just surprise you.

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