How Big Are Rich Pianas Arms?

Rich Piana is my favorite bodybuilder ever, but just how big are Rich Pianas arms? Rich Piana is an absolutely massive guy, lifting ever since he was a kid! He has inspired many to get huge in the gym and push themselves harder than ever before. While he has inspired many, many are curious how big are rich pianas arms in different measurements?

How Big Are Rich Pianas Arms in Inches?

Rich Piana had a constantly changing physique. If you’ve watched his Bigger by The Day Series or Shredded By The Day, you’ll know that not only is he huge, but he kept track of his measurements consistently.

Limb Size (Inches)
Biceps/Triceps 23.5 inches.
Forearms 18 inches.
Wrists 9 inches.

At the time of Rich Piana’s Death, his arms were 23.5 inches long. With that his wrist was 9 inches around and had forearms that were 18 inches!

Rich Piana’s Videos on arms, explaining how big rich are rich pianas arms.

How Long Did it Take For Rich Piana? And How Big Are Rich Pianas Arms?

Gaining muscle is hard. If you currently lift seriously, you know it takes incredible dedication. If you’re interested in starting weight-lifting, please check out “How To Start Lifting”– my beginner’s free course!

According to NattyOrNot, these are the amounts you can add naturally:

Lifting Stage Amount Added in Inches To Arms
Beginner (<10 months) 1 inch in 4-6 months
Intermediate (10-16 months) 1 inch in a year.
Advanced (16+ months) Roughly 1 inch every 2-3 years

As you can see from the graph, the numbers aren’t exciting. You really cannot expect to add much to your arms in a short period of time. However, this is for natural bodybuilders.

Rich Piana used to be a natural bodybuilder but started using ‘roids soon after.

Rich Piana’s Arm Sizes Over The Years (Images)

Rich Piana’s arm sizes over the years. From age 31-41.

Rich Pianas ‘roid Use and His Arm Size

Rich Piana started using ‘roids. So how did that impact his arm growth?

Rich Piana started using ‘roids at 18 but started weight lifting at 11. This means he roughly could’ve put on 4 inches to his arms before he even turned to ‘roid use! That is crazy!

How Much of His Arms Were From ‘roid Use?

How Big Are Rich Pianas Arms after his ‘roid use?

Strongerbyscience has answered this question for us. In their study, they found that after giving a natural bodybuilder ‘roids, crazy things happen. On average, at the start of a cycle, these bodybuilders now on ‘roids gained roughly 13.5 lbs of muscle.

A man carrying a barbell. How big are rich pianas arms?
A man carrying a barbell. How big are rich pianas arms? This guy is close! Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

There is an old saying that if you gain 15 lbs of muscle, then you will gain an inch onto your arms. (this is assuming perfect conditions and that you actively work your arms) This means that these bodybuilders added an inch within 10 weeks, or just about 3 months.

However, the ‘roid results would slowly taper off.

As they would add more ‘roids to the person, their results would shoot up quickly, but then again taper off.

Rich Piana’s ‘roid Use

Rich Piana was a man that did care about his body. He used some of the hardest ‘roids at above their maximum dosages.

He used this advantage to put on incredible size to his arms. One that even some of his competitors on ‘roids could not match due to Rich Piana’s incredible mindset.

Sooo….How Long Will This Take Me?

Assuming you’re natural, it will probably take 13-17 years to achieve arms that massive. That’s not a bad thing though!

Weight-lifting is all about dedication, discipline, and determination. Then as Rich Piana said, you have to learn to use weight lifting and transfer it to your everyday life. Use how hard you go into the gym, to your daily life, and go hard towards your dreams!

Keep going one day and maybe people won’t ask, “how big are rich pianas arms” but instead, “how big are (yournamehere)s arms?”.

How Do I Make My Arms Look Big?

Okay, now that you’ve been inspired by Rich Piana’s massive arms. You may be wondering how to get your arms that big?

Well for starters, height is a big factor.

Someone who is 5’5 and has 16 inch arms will look way bigger than someone who is 6’5 and has 18 inch arms.

Rich Piana was 6’1 and had 23.5 inch arms and looked massive. However, the taller you are the more muscle you will need to make up for it.

Consider your height, then make a solid effort to hit your arms in the gym on a good routine program that uses progressive overload.

Does Rich Piana Have Videos On His Arm Growth? And How Big Are Rich Pianas Arms over time?

Yes! Rich Piana has TONS of videos on how to grow your arms. Infact, he has videos of his arms growing over time!

I recommend Bigger By The Day for any bodybuilder, new or advanced. Rich Piana does an excellent job at being funny, showing how much you need to eat, how hard you need to work, and more to get big!

Rich Piana covers all you need to do to get big in those videos. However, if you’re looking for more, check out Rich Piana’s 8 Hour Arm Workout!


How Big Are Rich Pianas Arms? HUGE. And that took a long time to build, even with his ‘roid use.

You can get arms as big as him, and maybe even bigger depending on your genetics and scientific advances over the next few years.

So, get out there, and get BIG!


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