Smolov Bench Program (100 lb Increase In Months!)

The Smolov Bench Program is a tried and tested program that will make your bench grow hundreds in just a few months. Don’t believe me? Do any web search and you’ll find thousands of people commenting about it.

The Smolov Bench Program came from the famous Smolov Squat program, which has been advertised as the program that can put 100 lbs on your squat in less than 13 weeks.

How many of you would love to put 100 lbs on your squat in just 3 months? Imagine that, but for your bench. Now that I’ve got you hooked, let’s talk about the Smolov Bench Program.

Photo by Bruno Bueno from Pexels, the Smolov Bench Program should always be done with a spotter.
Photo by Bruno Bueno from Pexels, the Smolov Bench Program should always be done with a spotter.

What is The Smolov Bench Program?

The Smolov Bench Program is one of the best ways to make your bench go up- no matter how weak you are.

Even if you only bench 135, you can get that up to 235 in months.

There is simply no way that if you follow this program down to the fine print you will fail it.

This is a great program for anybody that wants to grow their chest and/or bench.

However, I warn you- it’s not for the faint of heart. You’re going to be incredibly tired, your mental strength is going to be tested, and you’re going to have to eat like you’ve never ate before.

Programs I’ve recommended like Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass are not for the beginner bodybuilder, they are certainly tough. But when it comes to the Smolov Bench Program, this is NOT a program for a beginner bodybuilder. You NEED to be advanced at bodybuilding otherwise this program will eat you alive.

How Does The Smolov Bench Program Work?

The Smolov Bench Program is best described as: pain and misery.

The official Smolov Bench Program only runs 4 weeks, however- I recommend doing it for 6-8 weeks to see serious results. This is because our bodies typically hit a supermassive growth spike around the 6-8 week mark that will basically give a huge muscle growth spike, as highlighted in the graph below.

This is why you should do the Smolov Bench Program for 6-8 weeks instead of just 4.
This is why you should do the Smolov Bench Program for 6-8 weeks instead of just 4.

For the next 6-8 weeks you will be benching 4 times a week. Yep.

Most programs only have you benching 2 times a week, this is going to be very different.

Here’s the scheme you have to follow:

Sets Reps What Weight
Day 1 Sunday 6 6 70% of Max Bench
Day 2 Tuesday 7 5 75% of Max Bench
Day 3 Thursday 8 4 80% of Max Bench
Day 4 Friday 10 3 85% of Max Bench*
Smolov Bench Program Program Guidelines (*, whatever you can do for 3 reps)

This is the “core” of the program. You will be doing this 4 times a week, so essentially every time you come into the gym you’ll be doing this.

Again, this is NOT for the faint of heart. I know at first you might think: wow, that looks easy!

I assure you- it’s not. When you get on the 7th set of the bench press, that’s when you start really praying to god.

Every week, reassess your bench press 1 rep max and then adjust your numbers for the week accordingly.

Accessory Work

You’ll need to be doing some accessory work with this program to maximize your muscle gains.

The accessory work should just look like a normal bench day in any other program.

Here’s what I did for accessory work on my tough Smolov Bench Program days:

  • 5×12 Pectoral Flyes
  • 7×10 Pectoral Fly Machine
  • 5×8 Cable Crossover/Cable Flyes
  • 5×5 Incline Bench Press

Then personally, I always worked my back out on my chest days. Some people like this, some people don’t.

But if you’re trying to do this program in combination with another program like I was, just do the rest of the program AFTER you do the bench presses. That way most of your energy will go towards the bench and the program.

I’d also recommend bringing C4 Sport Pre Workout with you to the gym, you’re going to need that energy throughout your workout.

How To Prepare For The Smolov Bench Program Like a Real Man

Let me tell you, this aint going to be easy. So I’m going to lay it out flat to you.

You can’t go into this program with a ‘bodybuilder’ mindset anymore. You have to go in as a SERIOUS powerlifter that wants to grow. Sure, you might be doing this to grow your chest, but you need to have a different mindset.

You can’t sit here and think “I don’t want to put on any fat noo!!”- you’re going to have to put on fat to adequately use this program to your advantage.

Simply put, you aren’t going in thinking “I might look good”- you need to be focusing on RAW POWER AND DISCIPLINE. There are no excuses, get the program done, and try your hardest every single day.

So let’s cover diet first:

You NEED To Dirty Bulk

Really no way around it. To do this program you’re going to need to dirty bulk.

I highly recommend you read my guide on dirty bulking, it will outline EVERYTHING you need to do.

But here’s the facts:

  • This program will tire you out like no other program has before.
  • You’ll feel incredibly exhausted.
  • This program is relying on you maximizing your body’s growth by overeating.
  • You will need to recover with incredibly high amounts of protein.

If you’re lean bulking, it just won’t cut it.

The Smolov Bench Program is betting that you’re going to put your body in overdrive for the next few weeks and FORCE it to grow. This isn’t going to be a ‘normal’ program that you’re “hoping” for muscle growth, you’re DEMANDING muscle growth.

There just won’t be a time you leave the gym where you won’t be growing muscle with this program.

And because of the strain this program puts on you, you will need every ounce of protein you can get. And you’re going to need those extra calories (even if it puts on fat) to ensure your body has beyond adequate nutrition to recover on such a tough program.

Plan on Sleeping 9-10 Hours Every Night

No, your 6 hours of sleep every night just won’t cut it with this program.

In fact, if you’re able to do this program with all the accessories and not sleep 10 hours every night, you might be doing something wrong.

This program should really tire you out so much that you’ll WANT to sleep. Your chest will be so sore that you’ll want to be constantly eating and sleeping.

I’m telling you- maybe the first few days will go alright.

But when that 10 sets of 3 reps hits on that Friday night, it’s just going to destroy you.

Bring a Friend – You’ll NEED A Spot

Yeah, I don’t like working out with friends because they do distract your workout most times.

But try to find a friend that will do this program with you.

Here’s the thing: You’re going to need a spot.

I know this may sound weird, but if you’re not pressing yourself so hard that the 3rd rep isn’t incredibly difficult, you’re not doing it right.

If you aren’t worried about needing a spot, you’re doing something wrong in this program.

Also, no matter how much of a “bencher” you are- this program will destroy your chest and stabilizer muscles.

On set 7/8 you’ll find everything giving out, and you’ll always want a spotter just in case something goes wrong, which chances are: it will go wrong randomly.

What Results Can You See?

You can see a ton of results on this program. We are talking 60-100lb bench increases.

Ultimately, it just ends up being on what you start out with for your bench. If you regularly bench 400 lbs, you might finally see that 5-10lb increase you’ve been trying to get for months.

If you’re benching 100 lbs, you can certainly see 100 lbs put on over the next few months with proper dieting and a mental toughness.

Do I Repeat This Program?

No, not for a long time.

Once you wrap up this program, take a few months off of it. Obviously, keep benching like you normally did before getting on the program, but your body seriously needs to recover from doing something like this.

Don’t do this for like 8 months straight, I don’t think you’ll be able to move your arms anymore. There’s just a point where you need recovery time, and here it is.

After 8 weeks of this, every muscle related to growing your chest will just be begging for a rest. So, just give it that- like seriously.

Give those isolated muscles, stabilizer muscles, tendons, cartilage, and most importantly; your central nervous system all a big rest.

This program really strains your nervous system and tests everything you’ve ever stood for in life. This program turns boys into men.

Conclusion of The Smolov Bench Program

Overall, I highly recommend the Smolov Bench Program. It can put on a ton of weight, just be ready to chase after it and get it everyday you’re in the gym!

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