Delicious Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder Review

After you’ve been bodybuilding a while, the taste of milk may get old. You may have read my post on Is Drinking Milk Good For You? However, you may be interested in adding a delicious taste to your milk, here is the Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder Review.

Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder Review – What is it?

In this Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder review, we will be discussing the delicious product by Nestle that mixes in with your milk.
Shaking the spoon when mixing nesquik powder is a bad idea..

The product usually comes in a tub with a chocolate colored powder that you just scoop roughly a spoonful of into your white milk and stir.

Here is a picture of normal milk before you add the mix:

A glass of milk
A glass of milk

Here is an after picture of the milk after you add it:

Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder mixed in with milk
Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder mixed in with milk

Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder simply mixes in with the milk and adds a beautiful and rich taste to your milk that is simply unmatched.

Taste – Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder Review

Nesquik’s Chocolate Milk Powder has a phenomenal taste that can bring back your love to milk after drinking lots of it during a long bulk season.

Let’s be honest, milk tastes great, but after a few gallons of drinking it, the taste can get pretty old, pretty quick.

Thankfully the taste of Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder tastes amazing. Additionally, Nesquik is made from real cocoa, which Nesquik is known for.

It’s hard to describe but it brings a rich chocolaty taste similar to that off chocolate syrup. If you’ve ever had chocolate milk at grandma’s house with tons of sugar and chocolate syrup added, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

This makes your milk taste like heaven on earth!


As I say in every single review I’ve made, this is a bodybuilding blog. All bodybuilders care about their nutrition usually above all, because it is so critical in determining the success of muscle growth.

Let’s take a look at the Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder and determine if it is healthy or not: (nutrition via Nesquik’s website).

Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder Review Nutrition
Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder Review Nutrition
Calories Per Serving: 50
Carbs: 12g
Protein: <1g
Fats: 0g

As we can see, this powder really isn’t that bad for you. With only 50 calories a serving the product doesn’t seem to destroy your health.

However, is there more to this product? It seems that while it has low calories and tastes good, is there more to it?

Yes! Thankfully Nesquik has packed the mix with vitamins and minerals to help grow our bodies. Infact, this was how I first discovered the mix. I was at a friends house when she grabbed the nesquik mix and I noticed that on the front they advertised lots of added minerals & vitamins!

Nutrition – Vitamins & More

Nesquik humbly brags about many added minerals and other things, here are a few:

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Copper Gluconate
  • Maganese

Additionally, there are no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors within their mix. If having no artificial things are important to you, this will make you happy.

Additionally, the mix is gluten free, so if you have celiac disease, you will be in luck.



Sure, you may be sold on the product, but I’m sure you would love to check the price first. If this was $100 a serving, you and me would be staying far, far away from it.

For a standard 2.21 lb tub of Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder it will run you roughly $7 on Amazon.

A 2.21 lb tub is roughly 1000 grams, and each serving is 14 grams. So you get around 72 servings per tub. This means for $7 you can make around 70 glasses of milk chocolate. This is actually pretty cheap considering most chocolate milks are marked up at the store for an absurd price.


So skip getting that mixed in junk, and get some vitamins and great taste all for a low price. When you see Nesquick Chocolate Milk Powder, remember this review and toss it in.

Have you tried this powder before? Let me know in the comments, do you like it? Hate it?

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  1. The original recipe was great! Sucks that Swiss Miss bought them and put a Nestle label on their Swiss Miss recipe…


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