Does Gold’s Gym Have Squat Racks?

It’s that time, you finally want to hit the road strong on your bodybuilding career. You’ve found a good looking gym, but now you’re wondering Does Gold’s Gym Have Squat Racks?

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Does Gold’s Gym Have Squat Racks? They have lots of other classes for sure, but…

Does Gold’s Gym Have Squat Racks?-History of Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is one of the most iconic gyms in america.

The Austrian Oak himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a participant of this gym that revolutionized america.

From humble beginnings in 1965 when Joe Gold started the gym (hint: gold’s gym) to now bodybuilding being one of the most popular sports in America, Gold’s Gym is iconic and known everywhere.
Kenneth Ray Sprague went to the original Gold’s Gym, but did it have a squat rack?

Due to this, Gold’s Gym is typically seen as a powerlifting or bodybuilding gym. This will help explain the complicated answer to, Does Gold’s Gym Have Squat Racks?

Gold’s Gym Changed America

According to and really anybody who was around in the 1960s Gold’s Gym really changed america.

Lifting weights was frowned upon before Golds’ Gym was around. Many frowned upon it and saw them as ‘roided up aggressive psychopaths.

With heavy power racks, lots of weights, Gold’s Gym changed america.

Gold’s Gym Locations

You can usually find Gold’s Gym in many states with major cities. Gold’s Gym does not have too many locations in rural areas however.

You can find a location for a Gold’s Gym here:

Does Gold’s Gym Have Squat Racks? – Who Owns Gold’s Gym?

To understand further if Gold’s Gym has squat racks, you must understand the owners.

Typically, most Gold’s Gym locations are franchised. This means that the corporation of Gold’s Gym does not own these locations. While these locations must use branding and more of Gold’s Gym, there are many different rules and regulations they must follow.

This means, if one owner in Minneapolis has a squat rack, a franchised location in Milwaukee may not.

Gold’s Gym Franchising has been accredited by Global Franchise Magazine as being in its best shape ever.

Is Franchising a Gold’s Gym Good?

If you wanted to franchise a Gold’s Gym, it’s not a bad idea.

Many associate the name Gold’s Gym with many of the biggest bodybuilders including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kenneth Sprague.

GlobalFranchiseMagazine says Gold’s Gym comes with many programs already that the franchiser will not have to worry about setting up.

However, none of these programs mention, Does Gold’s Gym Have a Squat Rack?

Marc Lobliner definitely has a squat rack in his house.

What Is a Gold’s Gym Franchise?

A franchised location means someone like you or me insists on owning and operating a gym under the Gold’s Gym name.

You follow a set of rules from corporate Gold’s Gym, but there are some things you control.

For instance, you could control who is allowed in your gym, pricing, etc.

You would also do all the management work and take a share of the profit.

A benefit of someone franchising a location, is owning a popular brand name people know and love and not having to worry about advertising.

Does Gold’s Gym Have Squat Racks? – Franchising Further Explained

Many places are franchised. Take a look at your local McDonald’s or Burger King, chances are, they are franchised. While they still have generally the same items, they are separate from a corporate owned chain.

Generally, corporate owned chains have much higher standards and are ran by top level executives.

This means if you go to a corporate place, expect better service, because the CEO of that company relies on its profit for his living.

Gold’s Gym Home Gym Equipment

If you’re talking about Gold’s Gym home gym equipment, then yes, they have squat racks.

You can find one on Amazon here for only $80, but you can browse around and find other equipment that may suit your needs aswell!

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Does Lifting Weights Stunt Your Growth including Curling?

Does Gold’s Gym Have Squat Racks? – Final Answer

Does Gold’s Gym Have Squat Racks? This is a tough question to answer, because as we explained earlier, many locations are franchised.

Gold’s Gym as mentioned earlier is typically seen as a power lifting or bodybuilding gym.

To answer your question, in most places, a Gold’s Gym will have a squat rack. However this is not guaranteed. To find out if your Gold’s Gym has squat racks, call your local Gold’s Gym and ask their office on the phone.

It may be difficult to reach them, but you can leave a voice-mail and they should get back to you soon.

You can also schedule a meeting in person to take a look around and see if the power rack suits your needs. However, if they are very difficult to get ahold of, maybe it is time to reconsider you spending your money at their gym.

Gold’s Gym is NOT the only gym around, and find somewhere that will suit your needs and respect you!


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