Was Rich Piana Racist?

Rich Piana was a very controversial figure throughout his life. From extreme bodybuilding to extreme aggression brought on from steroid use and heavy muscle. After controversial sayings and arguments, this brought many to proclaim all over the internet, “rich piana racist!” “get him out of the industry!”. So, was Rich Piana Racist?

Was Rich Piana Racist – Where It Began

In June of 2017 a video surfaced across the internet of a leaked audio recording between Rich Piana and his ex-girlfriend. This video/audio conversation can be heard here: (please e-mail me at [email protected] if the source goes gown and I will replace it.)

Rich Piana Racist Rant

You can hear in the video, things aren’t good. Rich Piana is arguing with her about her letting a black man kiss her on the cheek. He uses very strong and inappropriate language,. The piano man uses the n-word multiple times, and this is a word that should not be used today, especially in the context he was.

The bodybuilder was angry with her and said many more inappropriate things including, “I am disgusted out of my mind, I am ashamed, hang yourself with a rope”.

Rich Piana Racist Rant Video – Is There ANY Backstory?

Rich Piana had discovered that she was letting someone be too friendly with her. Was he completely wrong for that? Not necessarily. Many people would be angry if their significant other got that close with someone, while many see it as normal. It really depends on your own morals and values.

To Rich, he was very angry that his wife may be cheating on him. However, his language was inexcusable. Regardless, I feel that many of us can feel empathy with him in the fact that none of us really want to be cheated on. When you spend lots of money and time on someone to be abused, it can cite the deepest rage in some of the calmest people.

Discrimination, many think this is what the Rich Piana Racist wants.
Discrimination, many think this is what the Rich Piana Racist wants.

The Audio is from 10 Years Ago.

This audio was NOT from present day Rich Piana, infact it was from nearly 10 years before the audio was released. While this does NOT excuse the piano man’s actions, why did this video surface so much longer? And why did it come up out of the blue? Let’s take a look at some other things going on at the time that may have led to this being released suddenly.

Rich Piana Assaulted by Mac Trucc

On January 7th, 2017, Rich Piana was assaulted by Mac Trucc at the LA Fitness EXPO 2017. This short and brief video shows the short lived brawl happen.

Rich Piana Assaulted by Mac Trucc

Rich Piana and Mac Trucc’s History

Mac Trucc was a very lesser known figure in bodybuilding. Compared to Rich Piana’s fanbase of millions, Mac Trucc still-to-date only has 50k subscribers on YouTube.

In a video published by GenerationIron.com nearly 6 months after Rich Piana’s death, Mac Trucc goes into heavy detail about him and Rich Piana’s exciting past.

Mac Trucc deems Rich Piana Racist in this GenerationIron.com video.

Is Rich Piana Racist? Mac Trucc Video Breakdown

Mac Trucc in the video discusses how Rich Piana and him were very good friends when they lived in California. He says how Rich Piana moved one day to Florida and left him behind without notice and their friendship fizzled later.

Macc Trucc discusses that Rich Piana and him had business plans, and when him and Rich Piana got into a fight on twitter Rich Piana claimed Macc Trucc was a “keyboard warrior” and that 5percentnutrition was still selling massive product. This led to them arguing over twitter and then saying they will fight in January, which did happen.

Mac Trucc interestingly enough does not deem Rich Piana Racist during the video. Shawn Ray says that racism in bodybuilding exists very heavily, citing not many black females place in the bikini competitions usually due to their skin color and not much else.

What is very important is that Mac Trucc says Rich Piana is not racist.

@houshou_pic_bot makes fun of Rich Piana’s racism in this meme.

Is Rich Piana Racist? Mac Trucc’s Role

However, according to an article by GenerationIron, Mac Trucc was the one who actually released the hidden recording.

So why was this released 10 years later? Was there sinister motives?

As we remember earlier, Mac Trucc had stated that he felt Rich Piana had abandoned him and forgot about him essentially. This led to Mac Trucc feeling he needed to get back at him.

Rich Piana and Mac Trucc fight over racism.

After Rich and Mac Trucc got into a debate on twitter and setup the fight, perhaps Mac Trucc seeked extreme revenge.

Through all of this it seems that releasing this video may have been a way for Mac Trucc to gain popularity and try to destroy Rich Piana, and not necessarily because he wanted to fight racism.

Rich Piana’s Public Apology

Shortly after this happened Rich Piana uploaded a video apologizing to his masses.

A public apology uploaded by the bodybuilder to fight the Rich Piana Racist tirade.

Rich Piana Racist – Apology Video Breakdown

  • Rich Piana starts off by saying the leaked tape was over 10 years ago.
  • He says that this girl has been trying to ruin his life and spread many rumors including ones that are not about racism.
  • He further says anybody would get very angry if they found out the girl they loved was cheating on them.
  • Rich Piana says he was never racist, but was very angry and said things in a fit of rage, not racism.
  • He finalizes the video by saying that while he was a different person, he was never racist, and just said things out of anger. He apologizes to his fanbase, says his actions are inexcusable, and ends the video.

Criticisms of Rich Piana’s Apology

Many feel that Rich Piana’s apology was not genuine nor sincere. Many such as Jarrad Luckey said “You’re sorry you got exposed” on many online forums and comment sections.

A big criticism is why didn’t he apologize earlier like he said he would’ve in his apology video? Did he try to ignore what he did? Or did he feel like it was not a racist?

It really doesn’t help that his video is short in length and not much else is touched upon about the subject afterwards (To be fair, he does die shortly after).


Is Rich Piana Racist?

Wow, we have learned a lot about this massive controversy. There was way more than meets the eye surrounding this entire fiesta.

So, is Rich Piana Racist?

We learned that the racist tapes were from a very long time ago, and that it was fueled by his wife cheating on him.

We also learned one of his old friends Mac Trucc was mad at him and released the tape to get back at him.

Rich Piana never had said anything else racist, and included many videos with people of other races and never had a problem with it.

So, I’ll let you decide. Was Rich Piana deep down a racist? Or was it just a bad moment and a collection of people trying to bring him down? Tell me in the comments below, I am curious your thoughts on this controversial topic aswell.

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