Snap Fitness Review (from a SNAP Fitness member!)

I first started lifting at my local high school gym, which was awesome! But, when you get older and you start facing adult problems, you find your schedule gets very crowded. It was time for me to get a membership at a 24/7 gym, and with that- here is my Snap Fitness Review.

If you don’t have time to read the whole snap fitness review, here’s what you need to know: It’s a great 24/7 gym that doesn’t force you into any long term contracts. It’s great for month-to-month use, has good machines and dumbbells- but seems to lack free weights at some locations. Overall, if you’re looking for a good gym to exercise and workout in, Snap Fitness is a great choice.

Without further hesitation, let’s get into the Snap Fitness Review.

SNAP Fitness Review
SNAP Fitness Review

Do I Recommend Snap Fitness?

The most important part of this Snap Fitness review is if I recommend it. Truthfully, I do recommend Snap Fitness.

It certainly has its perks that separate it from normal gyms. Here are some things that set SNAP Fitness apart from your typical gym.

  • 24/7 access.
  • Good cardio machine selection.
  • Great dumbbell selection.
  • Good weight-resistance machine selection.
  • No commitment contracts. Your membership is every month, so you can cancel whenever you want.
  • Have private bathrooms.
  • Competitively priced.

Even in my Anytime Fitness review, I commented on how annoying it is to be locked into a 6/12/18 month contract. Luckily, SNAP Fitness doesn’t force you into any time commitment contract unless you’d like to.

Who is Snap Fitness Good For?

Snap Fitness is good for somebody like me who is into bodybuilding. They have a great selection of dumbbells and muscle-resistance machines. And some places have a power rack,

If you’re just looking for cardio machines to work out with, that’s fine too. SNAP Fitness does have a great selection of cardio machines paired with an app and tools to monitor your progress.

Furthermore, if you’re just looking to maybe get started or familiar with weight-lifting in the first place, SNAP Fitness also is very beginner friendly and has a great mix of machines and programs for new weight lifters.

Overall, SNAP Fitness is a jack of all trades, master of none. That means no matter your goals, SNAP Fitness will have options for you. But if you’re interested in only doing cardio or only do bodybuilding- you might want to look at a different gym like Gold’s Gym.

SNAP Fitness Cost

I’ll be writing a way more extensive article covering the SNAP fitness cost, and once I have posted that I will update this SNAP Fitness review right away.

However, the gist is, it’s going to be around $50/month. Plus, there is a $50 upfront fee for the ‘keyfob’.

It’s certainly not ‘expensive’ but it isn’t ‘cheap’ either. But there is something really nice about SNAP Fitness.

No Lock-In Contracts

Something I really hated Anytime Fitness for was the fact that they lock their members into 6/12/18 month contracts at a time.

Sure, I get it- it’s the business model. Most people won’t go back to the gym once they get their membership and it’s how many gyms stay afloat.

Luckily, SNAP Fitness does not indulge in this practice. They just let you cancel any month you want without having to be locked in for months at a time.

The only downside is that there is a $50 cancellation fee.

The Machine Selection At Snap Fitness is Great

As much as bodybuilders love to hate on machines, there is no reason to be hating on them.

Machines are an incredibly powerful tool to grow your muscles and become stronger while reducing the risk of injury.

Luckily, no matter your goals- cardio or weight-lifting- the machine selection is great!

Above Average Cardio Machines

Coming from a standard gym at my high school and the YMCA, the cardio machines at SNAP Fitness have definitely exceeded my expectations.

They have incredible cardio machines that will satisfy your needs. They have treadmills, stair steppers, ellipticals, and other just general cardio machines.

These gyms know that a lot of people are signing up just to try and lose some weight and get a little exercise in, so you have no need to worry about that. Plus, they have an awesome app for people just focusing on cardio called MyZone.

MyZone – The Cardio App

So something I thought was really cool at SNAP Fitness was their cardio app called ‘MyZone’.

Basically, SNAP Fitness sells these bands and it monitors your heart rate performance while doing cardio. You earn points based on your cardio performance called ‘MEPs’ and it shows on a leaderboard in the gym.

I actually became a big fan of this app, here’s how it works:

  • You start your cardio workout by using the MyZone band/heart rate monitor with the machine.
  • It tells you when to enter certain zones for your heart rate (moderate/high intensity) and maximizes the best way to burn the most amount of calories over your fitness session.
  • It shares your progress with other MyZone members, so there’s a great social aspect to it. Especially if you’re trying to lose weight with some of your friends.

Honestly, I’m a big fan of it. When I was younger, the Nike Fitness App used to be a HUGE thing on iPod Touch/iPod Nano (if you remember what those are!).

Unfortunately, it seemed to have faded into obscurity as literally, nobody uses it anymore.

However, SNAP Fitness has seemingly made a good replacement of the app which is fun if you have some other buddies using it! It’s definitely a great way to motivate each other to stay in shape.

Some Of The Cardio Machines Aren’t Well Maintained

This is something I found in many different SNAP Fitness Reviews alone, but I’ve also had in my own experience.

Some of the cardio machines really aren’t well maintained. I’ve found that a lot of them can be very squeaky or loud, and some just break often or feel weird.

I used to have an elliptical at my house, and honestly, it’s a pain in the behind to maintain. But, one of the ellipticals at my local SNAP Fitness club was just beyond broken but it wasn’t being repaired.

Plus, many of them don’t have working heartbeat sensors. I do know that many gyms have that problem, but the Anytime Fitnesses I’ve been to have not had that problem- which likely indicates better maintenance on their end.

I mean, at the end of the day, they still “work”, but the machines might be a little loud for your liking.

Resistance Weight Machines Are Good Too

As I covered earlier, resistance weight machines are incredible for muscle growth.

Luckily, SNAP Fitness was ready to fight other gyms when they made their SNAP Fitness machine line.

SNAP Fitness has all the ‘essentials’ you need for resistance based weight machines. I covered these in the Anytime Fitness review post, but the essentials are the machines you’ll typically find in every single workout program.

These include the leg extension machine, hamstring curl, tricep extension, cable machine, pectoral flyes, bicep curl machine, and skull crusher machine.

While I think Anytime Fitness and Gold’s Gym have the crown for the best machines, SNAP Fitness certainly doesn’t leave you in the dark.

You’ll find the machines you need for your program at SNAP Fitness, although not much else. There isn’t a lot of variety to be found.

Free Weights? Hit or Miss

I have many SNAP Fitness locations near me, but unfortunately, most seem to be lacking a serious ‘free weight’ set up.

The closest SNAP Fitness to me has a power rack that’s very cheap. And the other one a little bit further doesn’t have any free weight system at all.

Sure, they both have a bicep/curl bar that you can use for things like skullcrushers or preacher curls- but not a ‘barbell’.

While I’d love to defend SNAP Fitness here, I think this is going to be one of those contingencies that just depends location to location.

Some SNAP Fitnesses will have multiple power racks, and some won’t have any. I recommend visiting your local SNAP Fitness and seeing what they have to offer.

Overall, I would be cautious if free weights are a CRITICAL part of your workout plan. Which, truth be told- free weights are a critical part of my workout plan, The Arnold Blueprint to Mass. However, if worst comes to worst, usually you can substitute it with dumbbells.

Private Bathrooms (But, Not Always Showers)

SNAP Fitness usually has private bathrooms if you need to change clothes or whatever. However, it seems that many SNAP Fitness locations don’t always have showers.

While this again depends on the location, overall it seems across the board that it’s like a 50/50 chance the SNAP Fitness will have a shower or not.

So, keep that in mind if you’re planning on working out before class. However, since the SNAP Fitness key works anywhere, you can always stop at another SNAP Fitness along the route to shower if worst comes to worst.

The SNAP Fitness Key Works Everywhere

The nice thing about SNAP Fitness is that the key works everywhere. So you don’t need to be going to the gym ‘closest’ to you or anything.

As someone who travels a lot, it makes it hard to find places to workout on time. Working out for me is less of a want, more of a necessity, it really helps my depression.

Combined with the stress of traveling, having a key that works anywhere across the US is super important to me.

That means if I go to a hotel, I can usually always find a SNAP Fitness within 5-10 miles I can stop in at and get that work out done.

Plus, if the people at your gym are being rude to you or you don’t like the staff, you can just switch locations with no hassle. This is probably one of my favorite parts of the SNAP Fitness review.

Like, I was used to having to stay at the same gym for a few years. And I had quite a few enemies there. (I always had a problem with the guys that picked on kids new to lifting…the gym attracts bad people..)

Unfortunately, I just had to deal with those idiots. Sure, nothing ‘bad’ ever really happened, but it’s not fun working out with people you hate.

So, luckily, now I can just literally drive 10 minutes the other way and enjoy my workout in peace.

It’s 24/7!

Another great part of this SNAP Fitness review is the fact that the gym is 24/7. That means you can access it anytime you would like.

When 11th grade hit for me, I was SWAMPED with no free time. I started this website you’re reading now and I wanted it to be successful. I had a girlfriend that took a lot of my time (not necessarily always a bad thing), I worked full-time, and I was in high school full time.

So, there was no way I could even go to my old high school gym, they closed at 9 pm! By the time I got all my homework done, got off of work, all of that stuff- it was too late.

Thankfully, I was able to go to the gym at midnight and still get my workout done.

Plus, I don’t really like working out with other people that much. I’m not anti-social or anything, but I don’t like sharing equipment because reracking the weights takes sooooo much time.

Anyways, lifting at a 24/7 gym definitely has its’ perks.

No ‘Crazy’ Things Like a Pool

Overall, I haven’t found a SNAP Fitness with a pool or other crazy things like a hot tub.

For some reason, my local SNAP Fitness has a sauna? But I think that’s like the one in a million SNAP Fitness outlier.

Regardless though, SNAP Fitness isn’t known for having pools or hot tubs or anything. And they seem weaker compared to Anytime Fitness considering Anytime Fitness has started putting in things like a hydromassage into their gyms.

Again, this really will depend on location. If you’re going to a bigger SNAP Fitness they probably will have a way bigger selection of fancy toys. But I wouldn’t expect it.

If you’re looking for things like that, I highly recommend going to LA Fitness or Lifetime Fitness, as those gyms usually do have pools.

Just a Solid Gym Overall

SNAP Fitness is just a solid gym overall. While it doesn’t have anything crazy going for it like LA Fitness or Lifetime fitness, it is a solid pick.

It’s like your neighbor’s 1999 Ford F150 that hasn’t broken after 450,000 miles. It’s reliable and solid. Although, it definitely doesn’t have heated seats or anything.

The Cons of SNAP Fitness

While I’ve said a lot of good things in this SNAP Fitness Review, there are some downsides to the gym.

Here are some of them:

  • Barbells are hard to come by. Although a remedy is going to a different SNAP Fitness location (which you are able to do)
  • $50 cancellation fee.
  • Some machines aren’t well maintained.
  • Not a huge ‘social’ gym, more of a ‘fend for yourself’ type gym.

Conclusion of The SNAP Fitness Review

Here’s the bottom line for the SNAP Fitness review:

It’s a solid gym, it’s got what you need to stay in shape, appeals to all audiences but doesn’t particularly favor any, it’s 24/7, generally clean, but has some problems with maintenance of machines. You won’t get swamped into any long term commitment contract, which is nice- and it is fairly priced.

Overall, I recommend SNAP Fitness and was with them for a long time before they got shutdown when the pandemic hit. After that, I moved to a gym closer- but I still have a membership at SNAP Fitness and it does just fine!

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