12 Famous Ectomorphs To Inspire You Everyday!

Are you an Ectomorph? Do not be ashamed at all, there are TONS of famous ectomorphs out there.

So don’t let your body type discourage you. You can be incredibly successful in bodybuilding, economics, or anything in life!

Flex Wheeler, One of The Most Famous Ectomorphs

Flex Wheeler is one of the most famous ectomorphs out there. And it’s no surprise why- what is there to not love about this guy?

I just wrote an article a few days ago about his leg amputation, and this guy is still bright as ever even after the amputation.

Flex Wheeler is a competitive bodybuilder that even Arnold respected greatly, even at one point saying that Flex’s physique was better than his own.

Flex Wheeler is an all around happy guy that is absolutely SHREDDED. And he’s one of the most famous ectomorphs out there. So- don’t let your body type hold you back!

Zyzz – One of The Most Shredded Famous Ectomorphs

If you’ve been bodybuilding for a while, you’ll know who Zyzz is brah.

If you don’t know who Zyzz is- you’re in for a treat! Read my article: The Zyzz Death. Zyzz is truly a meme lord if there’s a definition for that word.

But you know what- meme lord or not, this guy had a huge motivational story behind him.

Zyzz was bullied all throughout his childhood. And he started lifting and grew a huge audience online and ‘finally made it’.

This guy has to be one of the most motivational guys in the world- regardless if you consider him one of the famous ectomorphs or not.

And look at his body. He TRULY is completely shredded. I mean there’s not really a ‘0% body fat’- but he was definitely close to it.

So when it comes to famous ectomorphs- look up to the most shredded brah around. He had a horrible childhood and overcame it and become one of the most famous people on this planet.

Frank Zane, One of The Most Muscular Famous Ectomorphs

Frank Zane is another legend that luckily is apart of this famous ectomorphs list.

Zane is known for getting ALL of bodybuilding’s famous titles, including the Mr.Olympia title THREE different times!

But LOOK at this BEAST. He is absolutely STUNNING to look at. He is like the ideal physique people aspire to be when they first step in the gym.

He’s got that ‘fight club’ look, he’s got an aesthetic physique, low body fat, and popping muscle. I’d argue he has one of the best and most realistically obtainable physiques out of everybody.

Needless to say- he has been very successful in life.

Many ectomorphs worry that they won’t be able to make it in bodybuilding- but this is simply a myth.

When it comes down to it, ectomorphs have incredible body types and can be successful in professional body composition competitions and more.

Don’t let your body type hold you down, you’ve got this ectomorph!

Kate Moss – One Of The Most Famous Ectomorphs That’s a Model

Kate Moss is one of the supermodels many women strive to be. From being on the front of Vogue and Calvin Klein magazine, Kate Moss is nothing short of famous.

I like to include a woman supermodel on this list because many times there are many female ectomorphs aswell.

On all of these lists you see a ton of guys listed- but what about the women bodybuilders? Or even just women trying to get into the supermodel business?

The truth is- being a female ectomorph is awesome. And if you’re a woman trying to become a supermodel, go for it! You might even end up on this famous ectomorphs list one day!

So just because you’re a woman ectomorph- don’t get your hopes down. If one of the most famous supermodels in history is among the famous ectomorphs, you can do it!

Good luck!

Matthew McConaughey – Newest Of Famous Ectomorphs

Who doesn’t LOVE Matthew McConaughey? He is one of America’s best actors and at 50 years old, he still looks very young.

From playing a critical part in movies that makes women fawn over him, he is on this list of famous ectomorphs.

In movies like Interstellar, Gentlemens’ Club, and more- Matthew McConaughey is the cornerstone of these movies.

As I mentioned above, women ectomorphs have the opportunity to become famous ectomorphs- and this is the same with guy ectomorphs.

Don’t let your body type hold you back. And for what it’s worth, Matthew McConaughey’s career really didn’t kick off until 2012. So keep trying, he became an actor later in his life, don’t give up on your dreams yet!

Cameron Diaz – Your Parents Will Call Her One of Many Famous Ectomorphs

Cameron Diaz might be an actor you have to ask your parents about- but make no doubt about it, she is one of the most famous ectomorphs in history.

So- who is Cameron Diaz? Diaz is a star actor that rose into popularity in the late 1990s.

Cameron Diaz was named on way too many lists as one of the most attractive Hollywood stars ever.

So- what does this mean? If you’re an ectomorph trying to get into movies and hollywood- go right for it.

Cameron Diaz is an ectomorph and became incredibly successful not only in her career but life.

So, to the ectomorph reading this, get after it, you can do it!

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper was named one of the top 100 most influential people in the whole world.

So- he’s definitely NOT a nobody. The reason he comes at #4 on this famous ectomorphs list? Simple. Not only is he influential, but he has a huge career that specifically revolves around his body type.

Bradley cooper is a HUGE movie star like it’s been his whole career basically his whole life. Everybody in America knows this guy- and it’s no secret why.

Bradley cooper played critical roles in famous movies like American Sniper, The Mule, and Guardians of The Galaxy. All of these are famous movies in America that everybody talks about regularly.

He’s also had serious roles in romcoms- romantic comedies- and his young demeanor proves crucial in why he is chosen for these roles.

Bradley Cooper is one of the most famous ectomorphs in the whole world. He is literally considered to be one of the top 100 most influential people in the world!

So if I were you, don’t let your body type stop you. If this ectomorph can influence the world, so can you!

Brad Pitt – Most Famous Ectomorph Ever? “Fight Club Body”

You hear it ALL THE TIME. I even mentioned it earlier in this article.

“I’m just trying to get a little buff. Get that fight club look. Ya know?”

As a bodybuilder, it is INCREDIBLY frustrating to hear that. Brad Pitt’s fight club look isn’t the ‘end-all’ look everybody says it is.

But, there is no doubt that people think Brad Pitt’s fight club look is amazing.

Everybody and their mother wants to look like Brad Pitt did in fight club.
Everybody and their mother wants to look like Brad Pitt did in fight club.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a look:

Alright, to be honest- it’s not bad. And it’s incredibly attainable.

But that’s beside the point.

Brad Pitt is an American legend- he is incredibly famous and awesome.

His entire career is centered around his incredibly serious look that every woman finds attractive. (And many men too)

Name an important movie and he’s probably starring in it. 12 Years a Slave? Yup.

Fight Club? Even the movie recreating some of America’s oldest literature, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button‘.

Not only does he love history and know a lot about it- but he’s an incredibly good actor. His ectomorph body type does not limit him in his endeavors.

If Brad Pitt is one of the most famous and attractive ectomorph bodybuilders- you can be too!

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is just irrefutably ripped. Think you don’t know this guy? You do.

Ever watch the movie, Rocky? Arguably one of the most-watched movies in American history? Or Rambo, which he just produced another one a few months ago as I write this.

A young sylvester stallone, showing off why he is one of the most famous ectomorphs.
A young sylvester stallone, showing off why he is one of the most famous ectomorphs.

Frick- I’m straight and engaged (not for long) but this guy looks incredible! He is like literally the definition of ‘manly’. Everything about him, the serious look, the shredded jaw, the muscle, and more.

Sylvester Stallone’s Life Was Horrible Growing Up

Sylvester stallone just had a horrible life. In fact, when he was delivered part of his lip, tougne, and chin were permanently paralyzed by the doctor through an incident.

Here’s an excellent video going really in-depth about it all:

But, he kept pushing.

Sylvester Stallone wasn’t gifted with anything incredible. The truth is- he had a horrible chance at succeeding in life, but he never gave up. He kept trying.

That’s why he’s on this famous ectomorphs list.

He really got screwed over. Be like sylvester stallone and KEEP pushing!!!

Bruce Lee

It’s no surprise bruce lee is on this list! Bruce Lee is known worldwide as this crazy martial arts guy that had the discipline Navy Seals were jealous of.

Even now, I have a few of his quotes on my Instagram because he is so motivational.

Bruce Lee is one of the most well known famous ectomorphs.
Bruce Lee is one of the most well known famous ectomorphs.

If you’ve read my blog for a little- you’ll know I do quite a bit of martial arts myself. Here’s a quote relating to martial arts, but realistically life, that I think is very interesting.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

Bruce Lee

So what is he saying? He’s saying he’s not worried about someone that just does a bunch of things randomly albeit often, he’s scared of facing someone that has incredible mastery in a specific thing.

So for instance. He is not scared of a lawyer that is also a doctor, and also a police officer, and also a teacher, and also a gardener, and also a farmer. But, he is scared of a lawyer that has been doing it since he was 5 and has done nothing else.

Bruce Lee is pointing out the fact when you do something so much for so long, you iron out all of your weaknesses and know the tiniest things that other people don’t. This makes you incredibly strong in that mastery.

How Can I Use Bruce Lee’s Quote?

Well, find something in life you love, and become a true ‘master’ of it.

If you want to become a master at gardening, don’t waste your time working on cars. Focus more on growing your garden knowledge and gardening.

Over time you may learn tiny things amateur farmers may not know. Maybe you learn it’s better to pull the weeds off when the plant is fully grown because it’s less of a risk. Maybe you learn exactly how to stop a certain pest from eating your crop.

These are things an amateur farmer wouldn’t know. The same thing applies to even this website. One of my newer writers, Yousif, won’t know everything I do because I focus so much on this.

Instead of putting my spread everywhere and focusing on a billion things, I master the website and it pays off. I get awesome fans who read my content and I help the world.

Instead, I could’ve flopped this by trying to learn 50,000 different things at once.

Master one thing and use that to be a master that’s intimidating.

Ectomorphs Can Use This Quote

So, for the ectomorphs. Get out there and master your body type.

Don’t refute it or hate it, just understand it. Learn your weaknesses, and play around them. Find out your strengths, and use them to your advantage.

Spend a ton of time learning what your body type can do for you, and what it can’t. Then you’ll be more mastered than the billions of others that have your body type, and soon, you will be rewarded.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is #1 on this famous ectomorphs list because let’s put it bluntly, he is one of the best athletes our nation has EVER seen.

Let’s look at the facts. Lance is one of the best cyclists in the world’s history. Lance Armstrong won 7 Tour de France competitions in a ROW.

And those aren’t easy, at all. He did all of this being an ectomorph.

So he’s won over 7 Tour de France competitions. Each tour de France is 2,200 miles long. Yep. So, just competitively and not recreationally speaking, Lance Armstrong has biked well over 15,400 miles.

That’s more miles than I put on my car in a year. Most Americans barely put on 10,000 miles a year to their cars, and to think this guy has biked more than that just competitively?

Lance Armstrong is incredibly gifted as an athlete and is incredibly motivational as well.

If you’re that ectomorph reading this wondering about how athletic and competitive you can be- look no further. This guy is it. If he can do it- YOU can.

Conclusion of Famous Ectomorphs

When it comes down to it- there are tons of famous ectomorpohs.

Get out there and make your mark!

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