In-N-Out For Bodybuilding (Best Foods To Gain Or Lose Weight!)

In N Out is easy on the wallet, but super tasty and super high quality. There’s a good reason it’s one of the most iconic and famous food chains in the United States.

Now, if you love eating at In-N-Out and you love bodybuilding, I got good news for you- it’s great for bodybuilding. In fact, In-N-Out is one of the best food chains you can eat from for bodybuilding.

In this article, we will be discussing the best things to order from In-N-Out for bulking, and the best ways to modify your order if you’re cutting. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

(Also, don’t forget to get their famous Pink Lemonade)

In-N-Out For Bodybuilding
In-N-Out For Bodybuilding

Best In-N-Out Foods For Bulking

Here are the best In-N-Out Foods for bulking. Since In-N-Out mainly sells burgers, you basically can’t go wrong here.

#1 – Double Double

There’s no beating this classic. If you need something to order fast, that tastes good, and has a ton of protein and calories- look no further.

The Double-Double is the signature burger at In-N-Out. Sporting, as the name suggests, double everything- double cheese, double the beef patties, et cetera. It’s actually quite a bit of food, especially for the low price it’s sold for.

Here are the nutrition facts:

Double-Double In-N-Out
Double-Double In-N-Out
Macronutrient: Number (g = grams)
Calories: 670
Protein: 37g
Carbs: 39g
Fat: 41g
In-N-Out Double Double Nutrition Label

Basically, you get around 700 calories and 40g of protein. This is definitely good, as most people typically bulk around 3,000 calories or so. That means this burger will be 25-30% of your total daily diet needs, which is a relief.

One of the hard things about bulking is quite literally finding time to stuff all that food in your face. Being able to stop at In-N-Out on your way to school or way home after the gym and get a good portion of your daily food knocked out is great.

The Double-Double also tastes really good. It’s a simple burger with their special paste, so it’s not like a ‘normal’ cheeseburger you’d get at McDonald’s, it’s different and in a good way. With that, it’s also not something so crazy you’ll hate it.

So, the double-double is a good and solid choice for any bodybuilder trying to bulk. Personally, I order 2 of them, but that can be a lot for newer bodybuilders. (I am sure some of you oldheads can eat 4-5 of these in one sitting) Regardless, this should be your first choice.

#2 – The 3×3 Burger (For The Bigger Bodybuilder)

So, the 3×3 burger is actually pretty interesting. It’s three beef patties and three cheese slices. So, think of the double-double, but just adding another slice. So, basically a triple-triple.

It’s like the double-double’s bigger brother. This is definitely one for the bigger bodybuilder. While the double-double is good for the newer bodybuilder to get their foot in the door, the bigger bodybuilders will need the bigger sandwich.

Simply put, a lot of seasoned bodybuilders that have been doing this for years need a lot more calories and protein to put on that mass. Plus, their stomachs are much more used to a large amount of food.

Here are the nutrition facts on the 3×3 Burger:

Macronutrient: Number (g = grams)
Calories: 860
Protein: 52g
Carbs: 39g
Fat: 55g
In-N-Out 3×3 Nutrition Label

As you can see, that’s a pretty good burger for bodybuilding. My friend Chaz usually gets this after his workout- not only is it delicious, but it’s great for his macros and his wallet.

This is definitely what you should be getting if you’re bulking at In-N-Out and you’re an intermediate bodybuilder who’s passed the beginner phase. (With a side of their delicious pink lemonade of course…)

#3 – The 4×4 Burger (For the BIG Bodybuilder)

This is the burger for the advanced bodybuilder. You’ve been going to the gym for 1.5+ years now, you need some serious protein behind what you’re eating.

In-N-Out has a 4×4 burger, which is rarely ordered, but it’s delicious and it’s a ton of food. Here’s the nutrition label, and I’ll let you judge for yourself how good this is:

3x3 from In-N-Out
3×3 from In-N-Out
Macronutrients: Numbers (g = grams)
Calories: 1050 calories
Carbs: 39g
Fat: 69g
Protein: 67g
In-N-Out 4×4 Burger Nutrition

That is a TON of protein. In fact, that’s nearly double what the double-double has. 70g of protein is HUGE, as most people will really only be eating 120-140g of protein a day when bodybuilding.

Imagine getting over half of your daily protein knocked out in one burger, that’s how awesome this burger is.

And let’s not forget how good it tastes.

The problem is, this is a huge burger. It’s nearly a half-pound of meat. If you’re a novice bodybuilder or you’re not used to eating that much at once, I’d recommend sticking with the double or the 3×3. This burger is best for bodybuilders that are used to eating a pound of meat like it’s nothing.

This is definitely my go-to at In-N-Out after an intense workout.

#4 – Chocolate Shake

Haha, I had to mention it. Just so you’re all aware, ice cream is good for bulking.

The chocolate shake does have 10 grams of protein…just saying…

(Also it doesn’t have to be the chocolate shakebut that’s definitely the best one haha)

The truth is though, as many of us can agree- getting in thousands of calories day in and day out can be very difficult. And remember, if you don’t eat enough calories, you WILL NOT GROW MUSCLE.

Macronutrients: Numbers (g = grams)
Calories: 580 calories
Carbs: 18g
Fat: 28g
Protein: 10g
In-N-Out Chocolate Shake Nutrition

In-N-Out’s milkshake will get you lined up for the day and easily knock out 500 calories of your daily total.

So, if you head in, get a 4×4 and a chocolate milkshake- you’ll knock out nearly HALF of your daily nutrition requirements as a bodybuilder.

Isn’t that crazy? All of that food and for most bodybuilders that isn’t even close to what they need. That’s how tough this sport is.

In-N-Out Foods for Cutting

So, I’ll be honest.

In-N-Out isn’t the best place to eat if you’re trying to lose weight. But, it’s actually doable with their ‘protein style’ burgers. But, I’ll just advise you- they don’t got salads or nothing like that here.

Get The Burger Protein Style (-70 Calories)

So, hopefully, if In-N-Out corporate is reading this, maybe ‘protein style’ isn’t the best name for this, as it sounds really confusing.

When you hear ‘protein style’ you assume MORE protein. Not…less?

If you’ve been bodybuilding for a while or if you’ve ever heard of the ‘Keto’ diet, you’ve definitely heard of ‘lettuce-wrapped burgers’. It’s cheeseburgers without the carb, sugar, and calorie-filled bun. That’s exactly what In-N-Out’s ‘protein style’ burgers are- lettuce wrapped.

Now don’t get me wrong. Lettuce-wrapped burgers are amazing, way lower in calories, but ‘protein style’ probably isn’t the best name for them since they have lower protein and calories overall.

But, if you’re on a cut and ordering at In-N-Out, get your burger ‘Protein Style’. (But don’t do this if you’re on a bulk…) It will save you the carbs from the bun, helping reduce a hunger pang, and it will also drop about 70 calories. (And ask for no spread)

Get the Burger Without Spread (-70 calories)

In-N-Out’s famous spread is about 70-80 calories or so, maybe even a little more.

If you’re really trying to cut back on the calories, ordering a lettuce-wrapped burger without spread is definitely the move. You can just get ketchup and mustard on it instead and drop 70 calories or so. Combined, you’ll drop about 150 calories off of the burger- which doesn’t have that many to begin with.

Although, if you’re going to In-N-Out, maybe the spread is worth the extra calories…

Conclusion of How To Eat At In-N-Out For Bodybuilding

Hopefully, this article helped you in your bodybuilding journey. In-N-Out is a fantastic food chain that is an American classic and is a must-buy if you live anywhere on the West Coast.

If you order In-N-Out correctly, you can get a ton of protein for a little bit of money. And who doesn’t want an In-N-Out 4×4 and a chocolate milkshake after a tough workout?

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you for reading.

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