Is Chipotle Healthy When Bodybuilding? (And Best Options)

While I preach dirty bulking a ton on this website, Chipotle food is actually some of the cleanest food to actually eat for your body. You’ve been bodybuilding for a while and you’re craving some chipotle, but you don’t want to ruin your gains, right? So, Is Chipotle Healthy When Bodybuilding?

Yes! Chipotle is one of the healthiest foods you can eat when bodybuilding. Everything at chipotle is incredibly clean and healthy for you. Furthermore, you can get a great mix of proteins, carbs, and fats that all equate to an incredibly balanced diet that will supercharge muscle growth.

Is Chipotle Healthy When Bodybuilding? Yes!!!!!!!!
Is Chipotle Healthy When Bodybuilding? Yes!!!!!!!!

However, I’d skip some of the salsa due to some of its’ high sodium content.

Keep reading to understand why Chipotle is healthy when bodybuilding, and some of the best ways to make sure you get the healthiest items!

Chipotle Has Incredibly Clean, Natural, and Healthy Foods

Chipotle prides itself on having fully real ingredients that are clean and natural.

In fact, when I first did my skin tests before starting getting allergy shots, my allergist (M.D) said I could eat at Chipotle as their food is so clean it wouldn’t affect anything else in the testing.

Now, I’ll be honest. This review is going to be completely unbiased because I don’t eat Chipotle that much. Sure, I love their food, but the nearest Chipotle is 30 minutes from me. So don’t think I’m trying to be a bootlicker here.

But I can and will respect how clean their food is.

Personally, for me, I’ve never worried too much about having some ingredients that are a little sketchy.

However, I know that not everybody is the same. Many people want to make sure what they are eating is real and clean, and Chipotle does not skimp.

Perfect For “Clean Bulking” Bodybuilders

Lean bulking by definition for bodybuilders is just bulking at only a 500 calorie surplus. But, most bodybuilders take this a step further and ‘clean bulk’ with it.

This means they only eat foods that are known to be good for the body, and most junk food is avoided.

Personally, I approach that with moderation. Eat burgers, ice cream, but skip things that are completely bad like chips and fries.

But, the clean bulker can rest assured as Chipotle is completely healthy for those kinds of bulkers. Everything that Chipotle sells is, well, real, but most important is incredibly healthy.

Best of all, there’s no weird artificial ingredients they hide. They have a list of all “53” ingredients right here on their website.

This is something I actually really like. Working in fast food had me confused at times when I would read the ingredients on some of the products. Weird chemicals were added sometimes for preservation and other disgusting purposes, luckily Chipotle is pretty straightforward.

I don’t see an item on the list that really raises concern, period. For the clean bulker, you’re all set.

Is Chipotle Healthy For Bodybuilding In General?

I know what you might be thinking:

Okay, Tommy. Cool? Chipotle has natural ingredients, but is it good for BODYBUILDING in general? Ice cream could be all-natural too!

Yes, actually! But to first understand why chipotle is so healthy for bodybuilding, we need to take a quick look at the nutrition facts.

Chipotle Nutrition

So, I went ahead and just picked a standard burrito. You can use their nutrition calculator online to see what your burrito will look like specifically, but here’s what mine had:

Chicken, cheese, brown-rice, queso.

Doesn’t sound that bad, does it? It tastes great, and here’s what the nutrition calculator says:

  • Calories: 940
  • Carbohydrates: 91g
  • Fats: 39g
  • Proteins: 55g

This is actually an incredibly balanced nutrition portfolio. There isn’t a huge amount of anything here. A fair amount of protein, fats, and a little above average carbohydrates. But overall, very balanced.

Chipotle Is A Healthy Meal Choice For All Bodybuilders

Typically when you’re bodybuilding, you want to have this going on:

  • A caloric surplus.
  • High protein.
  • Medium fats.
  • Good amount of carbohydrates.

Chipotle matches all of this.

There’s a ton of protein to help your muscles recover after your workout, a good amount of fats to help other bodily functions and keep you full, and carbohydrates to restore glycogen stores and restore your energy.

What’s nice is that Chipotle isn’t super overwhelming in one spot of the macronutrients. This is a problem with protein bars, where they have a ton of protein and virtually nothing else in them.

This means you won’t necessarily have to try and find other food to balance Chipotle out. It makes your macro profile and meal plan for the day fairly balanced in all regards.

Chipotle Is Good For Digestion

Uh oh, grossness coming up. I covered this a little more in my Is Rice Good For Bulking? post- but it’s still important.

Chipotle is good for your gut. The rice is incredibly important in helping you, well, you know.

Furthermore, the pure ingredients are good for not agitating your stomach and doing weird things to your gut flora.

Chipotle Has Tons of Healthier Options For Bodybuilders & Other Diets

Look, when people ask the question, is chipotle healthy for bodybuilding, I always say: yes.

But, some bodybuilders like to do special diets. There are some vegetarian bodybuilders, some vegan bodybuilders, KETO bodybuilders, etc.

Or, even some bodybuilders that have dairy allergies, gluten allergies, etc.

Luckily, chipotle accommodates all of that. And you don’t have to be on a special diet to make use of this.

Let’s just say you ate a ton of carbohydrates already, and you just want a ton of protein/fats instead to fill out your macro chart. Don’t worry, because Chipotle has you covered.

There are tons of ways to avoid carbs, or meat, or whatever you want to do and still find a good balance at Chipotle.

I won’t lie, it’s going to be difficult. But any bodybuilder on a special diet knows that it makes it a lot harder to do the sport, but for some people, it’s worth it.

I’m not one to hate, and I’m glad that Chipotle accommodates these kinds of diets.

How To Eat Healthy At Chipotle

So now that we understand that chipotle is healthy for bodybuilding, here’s how to eat healthy at chipotle:

  • First: Prioritize meat and any protein. This means, yes, you can splurge on the queso a little bit. But try to add shredded cheese where possible. And if you can get a double scoop of meat, go ahead.
  • Second: Try to avoid the burrito wrap if you can, getting a burrito bowl is far healthier and cuts out a ton of unneeded carbs. Also, try to avoid salsa/other sauces.
  • Third: Have Fun, it’s okay to cheat on your diet a little bit 🙂

Example: The ‘Tommy’ Burrito Bowl

So, this is the burrito bowl I usually order. It’s not the cheapest by any means, but it works.

  • Burrito Bowl
  • Add Chicken (180 cal, 32g protein)
  • Add another scoop (180 cal, 32g protein)
  • Cilantro-Lime Brown Rice (210 cal)
  • Pinto Beans (130 cal)
  • Monterey Jack Cheese (110 cal)
  • Lettuce (5 cal)
  • Queso Blanco (120 cal)
  • Total Macros:
  • Calories: 810
  • Protein: 82g
  • Carbohydrates: 58g
  • Fat: 30g

As you can see, that is a BEAST of an order. It’s pretty simple, but it is definitely filling and tastes GREAT. It prioritizes protein above all, but still gives a good mix of everything.

That’s like a meal I would have AFTER a tough workout, like the Rich Piana 8 Hour Arm Workout.

Furthermore, the point of that meal is to show what you can get away with making the right choices.

Avoiding the burrito tortilla itself can save you a ton of unneeded calories/carbs. Plus like, for all the stuff I put in there (including queso) it barely even equals 800 calories. Wow!

Lastly, Chipotle Tastes Great

Okay, it might sound weird in this Is Chipotle Healthy For Bodybuilding post to be talking about taste.

But, let’s be real here. Most people don’t eat a ton of protein bars or shakes because they taste so bad. And that just simply ruins the sport for a ton of people.

Like, people taste these horrible foods, hate them, never eat them again, and then quit bodybuilding because of it.

And all these influencers try to push weird supplements that taste disgusting and gross. The point is: just enjoy yourself sometimes. This is a tough sport that requires a lot of energy to rebuild muscle after a tough workout, so eat up.

To put it simply: chipotle tastes good, it’s good for you, your body needs a lot of energy to heal your muscles, so yes, it’s very good for you!


Yes, chipotle is very healthy for bodybuilding.

From real ingredients, no weird ingredients, good macros, great taste, everything about Chipotle is good for bodybuilding. Plus, if you do any special diets, they do accommodate that too!

So get out there and order, your muscles will thank you for it!

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