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Muscle Milk is a supplement I have always wanted to try. You hear people joking about it and trying it saying it will get them big and strong, but as we all know getting big and strong takes much more than drinking a beverage. However, I have tried very high protein milk before from companies such as Nesquick and disliked them greatly, so when my friend at work was telling me how good it was I finally caved in and decided to give it a taste. What was most confusing to me is how it actually contains no milk, but nonetheless I was very pleased by what I was expecting to taste horrible actually end up being the best tasting protein shake I’ve ever had.

Muscle Milk Genuine Chocolate by VigilantCommander of

At first glance the price on average for muscle milk seems to be $2.50-3 a bottle, which isn’t by any means cheap compared some of the cheaper protein alternatives such as MyProtein protein powder, but this is expected for a protein drink. If you are tight on money, I would not recommend purchasing protein supplements unless you can find a very good bulk deal on muscle milk or find a protein powder that gives you really good protein/scoop price (myprotein gives me on average $0.20 per scoop). However, sometimes you need to treat yourself and splurge a little bit, or maybe you get a free one from a friend or a bonus at work.

The nutrition on the bottle is very impressive, and Muscle Milk’s website provides very accurate and crucial information about their beverages that are cited. This personally makes me respect the company more because they make incredibly bold and positive statements about their items and have it backed up with credible sources. For one bottle Muscle Milk boasts a stunning 160 calories and 25 grams of protein. This allows you to fit in the delicious protein shake without splurging your calories for the day, or putting it enough protein at a low calorie allowance if you cheated your diet prior in the day to recover. Muscle Milk also boasts good amounts of essential vitamins and minerals along with crucial amino acids to help your body recover.

Overall, the nutrition is stellar, especially in comparison to competitor protein shakes and bars.

DAIRY vs NON Dairy

On the bottle Muscle Milk is advertised as a non-dairy drink, which even made me confused. According to Muscle Milk’s website, their drinks are non-dairy according to FDA regulations but contain the same chemicals that make up milk, so while it doesn’t technically contain the liquid “milk” straight from a cow, it does have all the same things milk has in it.

LACTOSE Intolerance

If you have lactose problems or are allergic to milk it is still not recommended you drink the product even if it is labeled non-dairy.


What most of us are concerned about is the taste, sure if you’re in the pursuit of gains sometimes you have to cut out some of the better tasting food, but all of us can agree we wouldn’t mind if a protein shake tasted good for once. I wasn’t expecting muscle milk to actually taste good, I go into all protein products expecting a half decent taste that is satisfactory, but I was astonished at Muscle Milk’s great silky taste. I tried the chocolate flavor, which has a history of being very bad in protein products. When I started drinking the muscle milk the liquid was very smooth and silky. I appreciated that the protein was mixed in with the liquid and not chunky at all, personally I hate when my drinks are chunky. The chocolate taste was very inviting and not too chocolatey, often times I find these products that mix too much chocolate and at that point the drink becomes too disgusting, however it has the perfect mix of chocolate in it to not overwhelm nor underwhelm your tastebuds. The drink was the perfect amount of of sweet and didn’t cause any discomfort when drinking it nor any bloating. I was very surprised and impressed with the taste, it seemed like almost a perfect chocolate milk without any of the guilt associated with drinking a chocolate shake. Oftentimes when you drink a chocolate shake from a store you get a really nasty aftertaste that doesn’t go away, but in the case of muscle milk that aftertaste is barely existent and subsides quickly. The drink is incredibly refreshing and doesn’t really feel like a protein shake or make your stomach reel like one.

Overall, Muscle Milk is a very versatile and tasty drink. It has incredible nutrition and incredible taste that will leave you and your muscles happy after drinking. If you’re interested in purchasing some, feel free to buy a cheap pack here on Amazon!




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