Muscle Milk Genuine Chocolate Protein Powder Review

After a good workout we all love to get our protein in for the day to ensure our muscles are building and recovering, but we can all agree that disgusting protein shakes can make this a hassle. Luckily, the new Muscle Milk Genuine Chocolate Protein Powder delivers great nutrition, macros, and tastes amazing!

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Sure, a protein shake can have great macros, but most of us aren’t going to even go out and buy it if it tastes like rotten tar. Muscle Milk Genuine Chocolate Protein Powder is the best tasting protein shake I have EVER had. If you read my past Muscle Milk Chocolate protein shake review you will know that Muscle Milk has earned a good reputation with me for their products tasting really good.

I headed over to my friend’s house about two weeks ago after we had a good lifting session in the gym and he said he would make a protein shake for me, I personally have not really had good experiences with protein shakes in the past so I usually avoid them, but he told me it tasted really good. He shared with me the muscle milk protein shake that he made with their chocolate protein powder and I was incredibly surprised.

The protein powder tastes really good, there is no bad aftertaste or bad first sip like I found in the prepackaged protein shakes, but it felt like straight “chocolatey goodness”. Imagine a chocolate shake from McDonald’s, (and as a former employee for McDonald’s I can say I’ve had a fair share of my chocolate shakes from there) and take out all of the guilt of drinking it and you’ll have essentially what these protein shakes taste like. There is no horrible aftertaste, and in my experience after drinking the protein shake I actually felt pretty full and satisfied, many protein shakes usually leave a bad feeling in my stomach leaving me very slightly nauseous, but this has gone away with the muscle milk protein shake.

Part of the reason these protein shakes are so good is because Muscle Milk does not minimize the calories in their shakes to the last drop. You can see in products like MyProtein that they minimize the calories and maximize the protein, sure this is great and all, but a lot of their shakes are about “okay” in taste. Muscle Milk insteads optimizes the micronutrients packing their protein shakes with powerful muscle building amino acids and other important vitamins and minerals.

The Nutrients and Macros

Sure, this protein shake tastes great, but we need to check the nutrients and macros on it. If it tastes great but it is 800 calories for 20 grams of protein, just buy a chocolate shake from McDonalds, it’s about the same macros.

According to Muscle Milk’s website and the side of their protein powder tub Muscle Milk gives a very fair and balanced mix of nutrients essential to muscle recovery. For starters, the serving size is two scoops, which comes out to 280 calories, 32 grams of protein, 9g of fat, and 20g of carbohydrates. While this isn’t ideal, it is by no means bad, and Muscle Milk makes up for it with the nutrients added and the great taste. Each serving will have about 45% of your daily calcium intake(bone strength is very important in weight-lifting, not many remember that!), 50% of your magnesium intake, 10% of your potassium intake (these are very essential in avoiding muscle cramps), and a list of essential and non-essential amino acids to help your muscles recover including: leucine, valine, isoleucine, histidine, lysine, methionine, phenylaniline, threonine, tryptophan, alanine, arginine, you get the idea. Many of these amino acids have research supporting how they help muscle growth.

The most important amino acid is leucine however, according to this article on the United States National Intistute of Health ( Leucine is an amino acid that is known for triggering muscle anabolism and helping you grow, this amino acid is hard to obtain and is usually only found in egg yolks in a normal diet. This amino acid being added to your protein powder will help jumpstart muscle growth. This is what I like most about this protein powder, the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals aren’t just random things thrown in to sound good, they are the amino acids proven to help grow your muscles and aid recovery!


Muscle Milk’s Genuine Chocolate Protein Powder is a tasty protein powder with okay macros that excels in providing your body with nutrients clinically and scientifically proven to grow and develop your muscles. It is a great post workout drink and will help you meet that protein goal everyday, repair that broken down muscle tissue from your workout, and make you satisfied in the process. You can buy Muscle Milk’s Genuine Chocolate Protein Powder for a cheap price of $19 for 2.5 pounds on Amazon here! Let me know in the comments below what to review next, or what your experiences have been with this or others protein powders!

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