Quest Protein Bar Review: The Tastiest Protein Bars Around!

Many of us in the fitness community can all agree most protein shakes, bars, etc. generally don’t have the greatest taste to them. Some are so horrible I refused to finish them, such as the ProteinOne bar by FiberOne (absolutely disgusting!). However, the Quest Protein Bar has a GREAT taste that can satisfy your sweet tooth, all at incredible nutrition standards! (200 calories and 20g of protein!!)

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On my “quest” to find good protein bars when I first started bodybuilding I found a lot of stuff that tastes completely horrible. However, I heard good reviews about the quest bars on in their Daily Discussion thread, I figured I may as well give them a try, and picked up some chocolate chip cookie dough flavored quest bars. My supplement life has changed forever since.

Who doesn’t love cookie dough? It is honestly my weak point as a human for cookie dough, I order cookie dough ice-cream and eat cookie dough raw (although it’s bad for you, I think), but the problem is cookie dough is definitely by no means anywhere close to good for your nutritional needs. Just a simple once of cookie dough has 120 calories and 1.5g of protein, which leads to it being excluded from my diet 99% of the time when you’re trying to get good sources of protein in everyday. However, the quest bar changes that for me.

The quest bar actually tastes great, it tastes like I am basically eating chocolate chip cookie dough, there’s no weird “protein” taste to it that many other supplements have, it is fairly chewy and not stale, and tastes like the real deal. Oftentimes with protein supplements, you get flavors that “kinda” taste close to the actual flavor, but in this quest bar it tastes exactly as it states. This protein bar literally tastes like I am eating chocolate chip cookie dough, but without all the guilt associated with it. It was actually incredibly good and appealed to my sweet tooth so much I still buy them on a regular basis from when I first bought it over a year ago. The protein bar is consistent with having the same texture throughout the bar (no weird crunchy outside and chewy inside), and doesn’t really seem to melt or anything when placed in my your pocket compared to other protein bars I’ve tried. The only downside is that the bars seem a bit dry and “chunky” , which is expected for a prepackaged product, but quest’s protein cookies seem to be very soft, so it doesn’t seem to have to do with being prepackaged itself. However, the bars are lightweight, sized good so it’s not hard to carry around if you need to pack it for the gym or for a workout outside (like a hike) and have pretty packaging- which is always a plus. Overall, the protein bar tastes really good and somehow avoids that gross whey taste, and manages to still make you feel like your eating something good while not screwing your diet over.

The nutrition in the quest bars is incredibly good too, in fact having some of the highest protein per calorie around compared to other protein bars. Quest bars come in at only 200 calories and 20g of protein! That’s right, 200 calories, making it incredibly easy to add in this tasty snack without feeling like you’ve destroyed your diet, which is beyond useful when you’re trying to cut weight in bodybuilding. Also, the 20g of protein is great for your diet, providing many elite bodybuilders with over 20% of their daily protein intake in less than 1/15th of the calories. (Assuming you’re taking in 120g of protein a day at about 2700 calories). The quest bar also has 14g of fiber, which is helpful for keeping you regular, and contains no soy or gluten- making this protein bar very diet friendly.

I’ve tried many flavors of the quest bars including: cookies & cream, double chocolate chunk, chocolate brownie, and s’mores. I have yet to ever complain about a quest bar and they have so many more flavors to choose from. As I try more and discover some I really like I will write individual reviews about them, so be sure to check this blog frequently!

If you would like to try some, many local grocery stores sell the bars individually so you can try them “risk-free” in a way without having to drop $25 at a time, but if you trust me (hopefully, right?) you can buy a pack online right here!

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