Nuwave Air Fryer Review – Healthy but Fast Food Tasting!

When it comes down to it- this air fryer has literally changed my life. After seeing it on TV, I thought it was just another gimmick. But now I am a huge fan and had to write the nuwave air fryer review.

I mean seriously- none of the bad oils, the food tastes amazing, and you can make whatever you want. You aren’t really able to microwave mozzarella sticks, so you now have that option!

And let me just say that microwaving a corn dog or something just isn’t the same as putting it in the nuwave air fryer. It tastes 1000x better from the fryer.

To be quite honest, it’s almost better without all the ‘oil’ that a normal fryer uses. It tastes better and it’s way healthier for you. Not to mention the amount of money you’ll save not having to buy oil for the fryer.

Nuwave air fryer review, up close.
Nuwave air fryer review, up close.

Nuwave Air Fryer Review, It Tastes Just Like Fast Food, but WAY Healthier

Think of your favorite fast food place. McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Carl’s Jr, etc.

All of those places use fryers to make a lot of their food. Crispy chicken, corn dogs, mozzarella sticks, fries, all of that is usually made in a fryer.

Something that prompted me to make the nuwave air fryer review so fast was how great the food tasted.

You may think that using an air fryer removes the good ‘taste’ of the food- but ironically it almost makes it taste better.

And take it from me- I’ve worked at McDonald’s and Dairy Queen for years and I know everything about them.

I know the ‘fried food’ in the oil tastes equal to the stuff I make at home in the air fryer. And now I don’t feel so guilty about eating it. is actually a bodybuilding blog, and in bodybuilding we take eating and nutrition incredibly seriously.

The nuwave air fryer lets me enjoy this fried food without all of the bad things that come from the oil.

All That Oil is Very Bad For You

A big part of this nuwave air fryer review I can’t skip over is Nuwave’s marketing point of avoiding putting that oil in your food.

The oil they use in fast food joints is absoltuely horrible for you.

If you don’t really care about the risk of cancer and other things- just look at the calories.

Deep frying those foods can add nearly 150-200 calories.

Nuwave Air Fryer Replaces an Actual Fryer

Many people think that if they give up their actual fryer it will be a downgrade.

However, I strongly argue that buying the nuwave air fryer is a full replacement.

When you buy the nuwave air fryer, you aren’t getting a ‘worse’ fryer that has ‘some health benefits’- you are buying a fryer.

Just imagine this as like an oilless fryer.

It does the same thing. It makes the food crispy and delicious. And there’s nothing radically ‘wrong’ about having it.

The only downside is that it takes a little more time, but this can be mitigated by warming up the air fryer first.


This is probably the most important part of the nuwave air fryer review, how it tastes.

Look, I could convince you the cost is better, it’s better for your health, etcetera but if the taste just isn’t there nobody will listen.

I think if you ever had food cooked in an air fryer you’d be surprised, there’s very little taste difference at all.

You still have that incredible ‘crispiness’ most people seek after when frying food. It still gets cooked and is warm and delicious.

The only difference I could think of is that the oil taste isn’t there.

But that’s not a bad thing- considering most places try to avoid the oil taste at all costs in their food.

In fact, that’s why eating food from a fryer can be risky. Many places seek to minimize the cooking time in fryers not for speed- but to try and avoid the food tasting oily.

Now I can agree that in some instances oil tastes good. I would be lying if I said peanut oil wasn’t my weakness- but at what cost?

The peanut oil doesn’t make or break the product, it just slightly enhances it.

I am more than willing to give it up if it’s saving me hundreds of dollars a year in oil, and probably thousands in health costs as well!

Do Air Fryers Taste Different? – Taste Test

An important part of this nuwave air fryer review is the taste differences. So, I’ve found a bunch of different taste tests that are examining the differences between an air fryer and deep oil fryer.

Sam The Cooking Guy Taste Test

Sam The Cooking Guy, a channel with over 2 million subscribers took two homemade chicken tenders he made and fried them in both the deep fryer and air fryer.

Sam The Cooking Guy does declare the deep fryer the winner but does note that there isn’t a huge taste difference.

Furthermore, he discussed how there’s much more cleanup and setup to the deep fryer than the air fryer.

The Comments Discussing How To Make The Air Fried Food Taste Better

I’m not the only one really writing this nuwave air fryer review. Take a look at this excellent comment from Bryan Wilson.

Sam is the man, but sam you have to flip the air fryer ones every few minutes AND you are supposed to brush with oil. Doing that seriously makes ’em look and taste like the deep fryer version”

Bryan Wilson

This is actually really interesting. While I discussed earlier why cooking in the bad oil is really bad for your health, some healthy oils are good in moderation.

What you can do is lightly brush the air fried food with some healthy oil such as vegetable oil or olive oil. This will not increase the calories massively, not overwhelm your arteries, and still, give it a great taste.

Ultimately, this seems like a win-win situation.

Pro Home Cooks Review

Pro Home Cooks is an excellent YouTube channel for cooking. I say this because the owner of the channel is actually a super humble guy.

And he did a great job of examining some of the air fryers’ strengths and weaknesses. For instance, he did put a little bit of oil on some of the food to give it that taste.

All while saving more money than a regular deep fryer, and saving much of the calories.

He also discusses that you should be cooking things longer and experimenting with your favorite foods a lot with this.

I guess this might be another positive thing about the nuwave air fryer review- you just get to learn a lot about cooking on your own!

Fit Men Cook’s Review

Fit Men Cook’s review of the air frying game is actually really interesting. He made it before air fryers really became more mainstream.

Since then, air fryers have become way cheaper and have made tons of advances. But it’s still interesting to watch and learn how to use this to cook super hearty and healthy meals for you.

This guy is great for my fellow bodybuilding freaks!

Cost – Nuwave Air Fryer Review

In this section of the nuwave air fryer review- we will be comparing this air fryer to other oil fryers, air fryers, and other models.

A Nuwave Air Fryer is WAY Cheaper Than a Oil Fryer

Let’s compare the nuwave air fryer versus a budget range oil fryer.

|- Nuwave Air Fryer T-Fall Deep Fryer
Price $90 $100
Oil Price $0 $100 for 6 uses
Total Yearly $90 + ~$40 electricity $100 + $40 electricity + $500 oil
Total $130 $640

This should go without saying, but the nuwave air fryer is far cheaper than any deep fryer.

Unless you have to like go out and buy oxygen tanks for this thing because you live on Mars, you should be set.

And that’s my favorite part of the nuwave air fryer review.

Personally, I’ve never grown up with a lot of money. And I can’t imagine many people are too happy spending hundreds on fryer oil every year.

I mean look at the cost, the average is going to be $500 of oil every year assuming you want to use it roughly once a week.

That is an entire car payment, a trip fishing, etc!

Save that money every year! And not to mention you’ll be eating healthier and saving money on medical bills.

If You Want to Think and Grow Rich, a Deep Fryer is Just NOT an Option- But an Air Fryer is

If you really want to be rich, a deep fryer is not an option!

According to HomeCookingTech every hour your deep fryer is on, it costs you roughly $10.22.

The nuwave air fryer costs no extra. It uses the base electricity the deep fryer is using but doesn’t need that oil to cook the food.

This isn’t even accounting for how you want to dispose of the oil or if you want to invest in a filtering process either!

And besides, cooking in oil isn’t a necessity like say like car oil is. You need oil for your car to run (Except I guess if you have a tesla). You don’t need oil for your food to taste good, you can just use the air fryer!

Set-Up of The Nuwave Air Fryer Review

Setting the nuwave air fryer up is SOOO EASY.

The other deep fryers require you to find the right oil. Then you have to go and pour it in by disassembling part of the machine.

Then you have to reassemble it, wait for it to heat up, it’s too much work.

Especially every single time.

What if I told you how easy the nuwave air fryer was to set up? All you have to do is put food in and turn it on. That’s it.

Yep, easy as that. Just wait for it to cook, then pull the basket out.

Installation of The Nuwave Air Fryer

Now that I’ve spent this entire nuwave air fryer review selling you on this awesome product. Let’s discuss the installation of this product.

Sure, the set up is easy, but…

Just kidding, the set up is just as easy.

Once you receive the box, just open it. You’ll receive the main big ‘frying’ unit if you will. All you have to do here is plug it into the wall.

Secondly, take the big ‘basket’ and put the silver lining tray into it. It can separate using the button on the handle, depending on the model.

After that, set the basket in, and you’re all set. Nothing else to it!

Clean Up Is A Huge Factor of The Nuwave Air Fryer Review

I’ve been working in kitchens for too long.

Incase you don’t know, I close the store at many fast food restuarants such as McDonald’s. I generally work in the grill area.

This means I spent roughly 1-2 hours every night cleaning off every surface, sanitizing everything, sweeping, mopping, and making sure that there’s no bacteria or viruses that could infect food that is getting served.

You can tell I’ve gotten sick of it real fast. Obviously I love making sure food is safe, but cleaning these darned fryers filled with oil is just stupid.

You have to spend a ton of time cleaning it out with special tools, then washing it, filtering it, again, etc.

Even At Home Deep Fryers Make a Mess

Even in a home kitchen setting, deep fryers make a huge mess.

You have oil dripping from the food everywhere, the oil can spill out of the machine, the oil on the sides of the machine, oil from trying to pour the container into the actual deep fryer, etc.

Not only is this expensive, but it’s such a pain in the behind to clean oil. I don’t really know the science behind it, but it’s something like Oil tries to not mix with water.

So now you’re stuck with a ton of oil ruining your kitchen towels, it’s super difficult to clean off in your house, and nothing’s changed.

Now you feel sticky everywhere you touch and you’re regretting buying this thing completely.

The Nuwave Air Fryer Leaves NO Mess.

The nuwave air fryer leaves no mess. Really the only mess that might come is like crumbs coming out of the machine, but you can just wipe those away easily.

There’s no oil making everything sticky and disgusting. There’s no disgusting mess everywhere, nothing.

All you do is take the basket out, empty it, and you’re done.

Cleaning The Nuwave Air Fryer

Cleaning the nuwave air fryer is super easy.

This isn’t like a deep fryer where you have to be stuck there cleaning out a ton of disgusting grease and build up.

You don’t need special tools or anything.

For cleaning the nuwave air fryer, you just have to take the basket out, and put it in the dishwasher or just hand clean it. You can just wipe down the rest of the machine.

There isn’t much else to it. It’s that easy!


Here are some commonly asked questions about the nuwave air fryer.

Where Do I Get a Replacement Basket?

Without saying anything, a competitor in this industry said that getting a basket for the nuwave is incredibly hard. However, it seems they have done a lack of a simple google search.

To get a replacement basket, simply head over to Nuwave’s website and scroll down to the section where they sell individual parts! It’s that easy!

Nuwave Air Fryer Recipes

Here are 5 different nuwave air fryer recipes I personally recommend.

It’s tough because you do a google search for nuwave air fryer recipes and it’s something super complicated and that doesn’t even look good.

Personally, I have a big sweet tooth- so if you do too, these options may suit you.

#1 – Cooking With Kirby’s Chicken Wings

My favorite nuwave air fryer recipe is Cooking With Kirby’s Chicken Wings.

This is because he makes an incredibly easy to follow video, and these chicken wings are delicious. Check this video out for sure!

#2 – Cooking With Kirby’s Turkey Burgers

I really like this Cooking with Kirby guy. He’s easy to follow and has easy but tasty recipes.

Plus- turkey burgers are changing up the game!

#3 – Gordon Ramsey’s Turkey Sliders

Gordon Ramsey’s turkey sliders are also another fantastic nuwave air fryer recipe.

Everybody knows who Gordon Ramsey is, one of the best cooks of all time if not the best cook right now.

He makes some absolutely delicious turkey sliders in the phillip’s air fryer.

#4 – Grandma Ray Don’t Play – French Fries

Look, it’s a fact. When you become a grandparent, your cooking becomes 1000x better.

Why? I don’t know. When we all die one day, I’ll ask God why he made grandparents love us so much. (They never let us grandkids go hungry!)

Grandma Ray Don’t Play made some great food that she explained easily how to make.

Plus, she talks about how great it’d be for family events, and how to ‘realistically’ use one of these.

Many cooks (even my favorite one, Kirby) do use a ton of ingredients and go a little overboard on the cooking.

Grandma Ray Doesn’t Play and keeps it simple!

#5 – Nicko’s Kitchen – Steak

Nicko’s Kitchen teaches us how to cook the perfect steak. A short video but incredibly to the point.


Overall, you save money, get the same taste (and you can make it taste just like a deep fryer if you need to), have less clean up to do, and eat way healthier.

Why not buy the air fryer? It might just be the next best tool in your cooking arsenal.

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