Shortcut To Shred Review – Hands Down BEST Cutting Program

Nobody likes cutting weight for bodybuilding. And I think we can all agree that getting it done faster is for the better. After all, we all secretly bulk just so we can eat 20 cookies and not feel bad about it. So- I heavily researched one of the best cutting programs out there. Here is the Shortcut to Shred review.

Best of all is that the program has an app where you can track your progress and link with friends!

Jim Stoppani's 6 Week Shortcut to Shred Review
Jim Stoppani’s 6 Week Shortcut to Shred Review
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Overview, Shortcut to Shred Review

Shortcut to Shred is exactly what it sounds like, a shortcut to shredding down.

I’ve never been a fan of long-term (4-6 months) cutting programs because of hormonal problems, growth stunting, mood problems, and it’s just tough.

I’ve always recommended doing a short but concise cutting program such as Shortcut to Shred. This is because you will really dial in on your fat loss over a 6 week period.

This is important because doing shorter cut cycles results in less muscle loss overall.

Once you start cutting for a super long time muscle loss starts to occur. Not to mention how mad you’ll be from low food intake.

Shortcut to Shred is all about getting shredded over the period of 6 weeks. 6 days a week in the gym, around 1 hour a day- and having the perfect diet.

Why is This The Best Cutting Program? – Shortcut to Shred Review

Shortcut to shred is basically one of the best cutting programs out there- if not the best. (I say this as there might be some super secret underground program haha)

Sure, I might be writing this shortcut to shred review and it sounds biased- but this program is really good!

This isn’t some blatant ‘worked for me’ testimonial- it’s science.

This is science you can reproduce! You can easily reproduce Jim Stoppani’s program and see incredible fat loss yourself. This was a HUGE reason I wrote this shortcut to shred review.

Nobody wants to be stuck there hoping that whatever they’re doing is working! You will KNOW that this is working! It’s science and studied hard.

Shortcut to Shred’s Clear and Great Dieting Program

Look, I know many program ‘creators’ are going to be mad at me for this- but most programs offer horrible dieting advice.

Sure, they can take their pitchforks to me but it doesn’t matter, most of them just suck at giving diet advice.

That was until I read through Shortcut to Shred’s dieting advice in the manual provided on the website.

You see, Jim Stoppani is actually incredible at his work when it comes to researching diet in bodybuilding. And his manual shows that off.

The manual gives in-depth advice about every type of bodybuilding food and supplement. Way more in-depth things that even I had no idea about.
(I’ve been doing this bodybuilding thing for a long time!)

Jim Stoppani is a Yale Graduate- And He Flexes His Doctorate Knowledge in His Program

Jim Stoppani spent too long at school- which is actually very important in this shortcut to shred review. As someone who wants to go to medical school, I can already feel his struggle.

Sure, many bodybuilders can say “well this worked for me”- but Jim Stoppani is different

Jim can prove it to you. He can show you the exact science of why his program works.

Jim Stoppani has a doctorate in Exercise Physiology and a minor in biochemistry.

Needless to say, he is more than qualified to comment on this stuff.

You can see this in his workout program too. He goes into great detail about things like creatine, caffeine, and smaller things like beta alanine.

He talks about the purpose behind that, how it interacts with your body, and if you should take it or not.

My favorite part is just how he explains everything so in-depth but still easy to understand.

His Diet Instructions Are Incredibly Clear – Best Part of The Shortcut to Shred Review

Thankfully Jim Stoppani is one of the only program creators to make a simple and clear instructions for a diet plan.

I swear, look at other programs and they’re like “Find any simple carb in your diet replace with a complex carb and make sure it’s 15g and not 25g and be sure to check the micro of everything you eat haha good luck”.

It’s like- DUDE! If I knew all this diet stuff I wouldn’t be reading your section, tell me in English please!

Jim Stoppani makes it incredibly clear what to do- and I appreciate that. For instance one of my favorite parts is just like this:

Jim Stoppani's Shortcut to Shred talking about replacing whole-wheat bread.
Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Shred talking about replacing whole-wheat bread.

That image just says, ‘replace whole-wheat bread’ with any of these:

  • Ezekiel bread
  • Rye bread
  • Sourdough bread
  • The good ol’ whole-wheat english muffin
  • whole-wheat pita bread
  • A tasty whole-wheat bagel
  • Delicious whole-wheat tortilla

You might be asking why I like that so much? It’s because it’s so simple.

Look at any other program. It forces you to research what to eat yourself. “Don’t like this? Find something else ‘complex!”.

The fact is, most bodybuilders don’t know everything about dieting. And I myself am not going to lie and say I am a master at it either.

Realistically small things like this help so much. Instead of me trying to desperately google what to eat, he just flat out tells you what to eat.

Workout Scheme – Shortcut to Shred Review

What shortcut to shred review would this be if I didn’t cover the workout scheme?

Shortcut to Shred is going to be hell on your body everyday.

What I do respect is that the program has a great medium between ‘light work’ and ‘exhaustion work’.

Since you’re cutting, you’re naturally going to have less energy.

Having less energy makes it way harder to do these lifts. And let me tell you, when you’re on a caloric deficit like this- it just sucks.

Shortcut To Shred’s Balance

Luckily, shortcut to shred isn’t forcing you to do 5 sets of 5 reps on every single lift. It puts you usually on 3-4 sets for every exercise.

While this isn’t the ‘chillax at the gym’ program, it isn’t making you over-exert yourself on already low caloric intake.

The program will have you doing a wide-arrangement of exercises! So you may have to spend a little bit of time in the gym, but it’s nothing too bad.

This wide variety of exercises every day will make sure that you are reducing most preventable muscle loss.

This is very important, nobody wants to lose muscle either.

CORE: “Cardio Acceleration” – Most IMPORTANT Part of The Shortcut to Shred Review

This is a CORE concept of shortcut to shred! And probably the most important part of this shortcut to shred review.

Cardio acceleration is the KEY to what makes this program so successful.

The idea is – you don’t have “rest” periods anymore. You have cardio periods.

After you do that bench press, you run for a minute. You don’t sit there on your phone and do nothing, you do cardio.

Now obviously you will work up to this. Maybe 15 seconds of cardio right away until your heart can start matching the pace after a few days/weeks.

But eventually you will be doing exercise, cardio, exercise, cardio.

What Do I Do During ‘Cardio Acceleration’?

During cardio acceleration- you have a ton of options of cardio.

The general idea is that you’re doing some form of cardio. This can be running in place, sprinting, jump rope, etc.

The program has a nice list of cardio exercises to choose from- but the idea is it doesn’t have to be just ‘sprinting’.

What’s The Idea Behind ‘Cardio Acceleration’?

Cardio acceleration is actually a crazy concept to think of.

Imagine hearing it, and then doing it. It’s basically like never resting at the gym- it’s like being in the military.

Your body will be pushed to limits it has never been pushed to before.

And this also burns a TON of calories. Really- think about it. You’re almost doing a 60 minute cardio challenge while doing strength training.

Strength training does a huge calorie drain on your body due to the nutrients needed to repalce that broken down muscle.

Adding cardio to that mix also adds a huge caloric deficit on your body.

Together you can look at another 400-500 calories burned MINIMUM at the gym, and that’s a LOW ball estimate.

Cardio Accelerated Dropsets

Something I really like about this program is something that was also in Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass (the program I usually run on).

So you know how we just discussed what cardio acceleration is in this shortcut to shred review? This is taking it a step further.

So after every major lift is done (example, you just got done with 5 sets of the bench press) you now do a cardio accelerated drop set.

Here’s what it looks like:

  • Finish the final set of a major lift (4th set of bench press)
  • Immediately get up and do 20 seconds of cardio
  • Go back and do another set until failure
  • Immediately get up and do more cardio
  • Lower the weight a little bit
  • Do another set until failure
  • Get up and do cardio
  • Lower the weight
  • Once you’ve lowered the weight around 30% or so- you’re done.

Does that not sound brutal? It’s just like the version of Arnold’s Blueprint to ‘shock the muscle’ but with even tougher requirements.

What Should I Expect on my First Day of Shortcut to Shred?

Your first day of shortcut to shred is going to be tough. And part of this shortcut to shred review is me writing how to prepare you for this tough and fierce program!

First of all- this is going to sound completely backwards, but hear me out:

I recommend you bulking for the first 1-2 weeks of this program. This is because when you’re putting your body under this much stress, bulking will help your muscles grow and get stronger- faster.

This is particularly related to your cardiovascular system- which is really going to feel the effects of this workout.

Bulking for 1-2 weeks will help your body adjust to the changes, put on a little more muscle before your cut, and mentally prepare you as well.

What Should I Bring?

Firstly, I recommend you bring some pre-workout in the gym. This will help fuel your workout and keep you energized.

Secondly, bring some earbuds or something- for real. You likely won’t be able to concentrate on nothingness in the gym all day- so try to have some music blasting to keep pushing through the workout.

Also, dress lighter. This is NOT the time to be wearing my signature Khakis in the gym. (and if any of my friends tell you I wear khakis to the gym, I’m sorry I do sometimes)

Microcycles in the Shortcut to Shred Review

Holy moly can I say something?

Most workout programs are just plain boring- and that has to change.

How can we expect these new people to keep going to the gym week after week if they’re just doing the same clockwork exercises every time?

Not only is that bad for muscle growth, but it’s just literally boring and discouraging. It makes the workout not fun and makes people not want to come back to our temple of iron.

In this shortcut to shred review I will be covering the incredible microcycles of Shortcut to Shred.

The Workouts Change-Up

Look, as much as Arnold’s Blueprint works, it just kinda is the same thing week after week. You have to switch it up every now and then.

In fact, repeating the same program for months on end can actually make your muscle gains worse.

While I could go in-depth about muscle memory, think about it- your muscles grow when you break them down and make them grow by exposing them to things they aren’t used to.

If they are used to the same program every day, it won’t happen.

(If you’ve been experiencing a huge plateau in gains- try switching programs for a little bit!)

Different Phases

While I’m not going to lie and say that everyday a new workout happens, because it doesn’t. While you need to switch things up every now and then, staying consistent over a few months is important for growing muscle.

You have two phases, and you will see some small differences in your daily routine. Sure, it’s not every exercise is different- but it gives you something to look foward to.

This isn’t your routine Stronglifts 5×5 or whatever that is the same thing every week, it does change.

Diet Phases

If you think that that working out the same every day is boring, try eating the same thing every day.

You’ll likely get sick of it.

Shortcut to Shred provides a super in-depth diet program. In fact you could literally only follow the diet program given and have meals for every day of your workouts.

But because of this, you do get some variability in the diet occasionally.

Protein/Carbs/Fat Changes

As you progress, you will be changing the amount of protein, carbs, and fat you are ingesting.

The instructions are clear in the guide, but it is still a complicated process.

The idea is when you’re adjusting your carb intake so much you will be able to stay shredded, keep hunger away, and increase your body’s ability to burn fat.

I really like how Jim Stoppani keeps your body like this ‘inferno’ that is constantly burning fat and keeps discussing the secrets to keep it in this state.

Other People’s Testimonials About The Shortcut to Shred Review

I’m not the only one who has done the tough and rigorous Shortcut to Shred program.

So here are some other testimonials about the Shortcut to Shred review if you don’t believe me!

Pat Fresh’s Review

Pat fresh provides a pretty in-depth and concise review. I love how he specifically talks about the cardio acceleration- which is something many reviewers forget to mention in their reviews.

There are also a lot of comments in the YouTube section that a lot of people had questions with for the program. So I took some of those and answered them later in this post!

Keto With Shane’s Review (21 lbs of fat lost)

Keto With Shane made an excellent review of the program on his YouTube. It’s really short- but he tries to cover everything.

I think this review is very informative and is a must-watch before starting this program. Plus, it’s really only 3 minutes of your life.

Keto with Shane also ended up losing 21 lbs of fat during his time on the program. Which if you ask me- is actually INCREDIBLE.

Really, he was on the program for 6 weeks. That is above average fat loss, and he vouches for the success!

B-Rad SugarFree’s Review

B-Rad sugarfree isn’t your average fitness junkie. He is an older dad who has kids and a house. He has a 9-5 job that he needs to stay with to feed his family, he has to raise his kids, etc.

This guy is a perfect role-model for people that have incredibly busy lives and families.

You don’t need to be a young teen with no bills to pay to do this program- you can be exactly in B-Rad sugarfrees spot. Here is his shortcut to shred review!

I love his ‘inferno’ analogy talking about how you turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Multiple Testimonials

Multiple people have done this program and have uploaded their testimonial to!

Check out this awesome video detailing progress pictures, how they did it, and more!

Supplements You Have To Take

Jim Stoppani as aforementioned has incredible knowledge about the human body. He spends countless hours in his lab and knows what he is doing.

Throughout the program, he lists different supplements you have to take. So here’s my take on some of them- hopefully this helps you as well.

Whey Protein

I mean everybody knows what whey protein is. Even before I started bodybuilding you see commercials for whey protein powder ALL the time.

In fact, the first thing I EVER bought when I started bodybuilding was a MyProtein protein powder tub. Namely, because they are incredibly cheap and good. (If you use my code ‘THOMAS-RW0X’ you get 35% off your first order)

It digests super fast- getting to your muscles faster. Also not to mention whey protein has tons of critical BCAAs in it that help your muscles grow faster.

You will have to take this one fairly often in the program. Generally after or during your workout.

I recommend following his advice on taking this at the given times.

Casein Protein

Casein protein is like whey protein, and it supports your muscle growth a ton as well.

It’s recommended to take this before you go to bed. And the lovely thing about this shortcut to shred review is that he does all of the hard work for you.

If you head over to the diet section, he will have you taking the casein protein after your workout to help give your muscle more slower protein to recover.

Definitely recommend taking this for sure.


BCAAs are also commonly researched in the bodybuilding community. From what I understand, it’s best to take these in the morning before a workout, then also after the workout.

And again, shortcut to shred nails this on the head.

I recommend taking these, and it’s pretty cheap to buy as well.

Fish Oil

Fish Oil is one of those supplements you hear about all the time. Truthfully, it’s a really good supplement and we don’t get enough of it here in the states.

I really recommend you take this, as you can feel a noticeable difference if you haven’t before.

You’ll be taking this after dinner and in your breakfast.

Acetyl-L Carnitine

So Acetyl L-Carnitine or ALCAR is a less commonly known supplement.

However, I will cover all of them in this shortcut to shred review. After all- I’m trying to prepare you adequately to take this program on!

While it is kind of unclear what ALCAR does, we do know it helps the brain function a little better. Furthermore, it helps your body burn more fat.

If you’re up for it, I’d take it. But otherwise, I would skip it. It’s not really an ‘essential’ part of the program.


L-Carnitine-Tartrate supports fat loss. It works together with Whey proteins and carbs to enhance recovery.

Honestly, I’d skip it, but if you don’t mind taking another supplement, go for it.


Creatine is also one of those super ‘popular’ bodybuilding supplements. It is incredibly researched, and proven to give results. In fact, one of the first blog posts I ever wrote was about creatine.

It is proven to put on muscle. Jim Stoppani wrote in his pamphlet for this shortcut to shred review that it can increase muscle gains by 10 pounds!

And for most people that have used creatine, they can attest not only to strength gains but physique gains. Creatine makes me look shredded.

I definitely recommend doing this supplement on his list every day. This is essential!


Beta-alanine is a supplement I REALLY like! In fact, I covered a ton about it in my C4 Sport Pre Workout review.

The reason I like beta-alanine so much is because you can actually REALLY feel it during your workout. It feels like a tingling in your muscles when you’re working out.

This is because beta-alanine is kind of designed to give you that extra push and force your muscles to work harder. Generally you can get an extra rep or two out before muscle failure.

You’ll be sipping this during and after your workout! I highly recommend you add this to your regiment- do not skip this supplement in the shortcut to shred review!


Okay, we ALL know what caffeine is.

But it really is a super potent and strong workout tool. And most people really don’t realize it.

In fact, I discussed a little bit about how caffeine addiction is something they should teach in schools- after I suffered some bad problems from it.

But you can harvest caffeine really well, taking it before a workout can make you almost get ‘superhuman’ strength and push your body to its’ limits.

You’ll be taking caffeine before each workout! You can either take pills, or drink soda/coffee.

Green Tea Extract

I mean- it’s commonly known that Green tea is good for you. And green tea does aid fat loss, this is because of the ingredients called ‘catechins’. These catechins boost fat burning in your body!

You’ll take this before the workout!

You can get this via supplement, or a tastier way is actually drinking the green tea. (If it fits in your calories).

This one is a ‘meh’ on the supplement scale. If you’re down to try it, why not? Plus you can get some of your caffeine from it- so.


Yohimbe is a chemical from the bark of trees in West Africa. The supplement, Yohimbe boosts fat burning.

However- this is a newer supplement that is being researched. It may or may not have risks that scientists aren’t sure of yet. So I’d personally avoid it. (I do avoid it).

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Conjugated linoleic acids are naturally occuring fats. The idea of taking this supplement is that it encourages the body to burn fat and not store it.

Obviously this should go without explanation why you want to take this in this shortcut to shred review.

Obviously you want to lose more fat, not muscle.

While it is a naturally occuring supplement and all, you barely hear of it. I would avoid taking it if I were you just because there’s not a HUGE amount of research on it. But if you’re a risk taker, go ahead.

How I Felt Doing The Program

Let’s just say this program separates the true ‘warriors’ compared to the average gym-goer.

Even if you’re on a bulk, I’d recommend trying this out. You will NEVER be tested so hard in your life.

(Straight up thought I was going to have a heart attack but whatever)

The fact of the matter is, this is an incredible way to develop your body. Think of it- how could you not become basically an Olympic athlete doing this?

Pushing your body 100% of the time in the gym not only forces your body to grow, but your mental health to grow.

You will be able to push through tougher things, gain cardiovascular endurance, gain a ton of muscle mass, and just become a ‘man’ if you will.

Militaries and Serious Sport Teams use Cardio Acceleration All The Time

Cardio acceleration isn’t some new concept conjured from the dark.

While it is usually unheard of in a weight room- it is seen in the military and lots of serious sports teams.

I see my football team do it all the time and I did it for wrestling too. While my wrestling team didn’t do it as tough, it was still brutal.

In the military, you see this all the time as well. Many people throw up the first few times doing these as they are just a complete shock to your nervous system and body.

If you want to seriously become in the best shape of your life- cardio acceleration is the move. It will seriously test every single ounce of your willpower.

Changes I’d Make

While the cardio acceleration is nice, I think it needs to be shifted off of the ‘big power lifts’ like bench press, squat, etc.

I mean just think about it. When you get down to do one of those big Olympic lifts that require a ton of strength and focus, the last thing you want is to be fatigued from your last run.

So what I did was on days where the program has higher reps I kept the cardio acceleration.

But on those days where the program had lower reps I didn’t do the cardio acceleration. This way I could focus on pressing that weight off without dropping it.

I instead shifted the cardio acceleration later on in the program, and did some extra accessory work to make up for it.

COVID-19 Changes

Because I was doing this program during the global pandemic, COVID-19- I had to make some changes.

Firstly, try to go to the gym at a later time when nobody else is there.

If you have the option to go to a 24/7 gym, do that. It will be a lot better for you for many reasons.

Firstly, social distancing is a thing at these gyms. Doing the cardio acceleration can take up a lot of space, so trying to do it during packed gym hours is just a bad idea.

Secondly, the program really requires you to be going 100% all the time. So making sure you have a gym that isn’t full of people will help cool you down and focus better.

Some may be wondering why I included a COVID-19 section of the shortcut to shred review.

Ultimately, this pandemic really isn’t going to end soon. Furthermore, gyms are a HOTSPOT to catch the virus as you’re locked in a room with a ton of people breathing in a super contagious virus.

So I would even envision after the COVID-19 pandemic is over that many gyms will still have strict guidelines and rules to ensure a possible third wave doesn’t happen.

Who is This Program For?

The shortcut to shred review has covered basically everything IN the program- but what about out of the program?

Who is this program for? What does it acomplish?

Ultimately, this program is mainly for people looking to get super shredded on a quick cut.

While that sounds like everybody, it generally isn’t. This isn’t for that 12-week cut down just to ‘overall’ slim down.

This is for the athlete trying that has a show coming up, a pool party coming up, or takes bodybuilding incredibly seriously.

Regardless- if you think you’re up to the task. Check it out.

Conclusion of The Shortcut to Shred Review

This shortcut to shred review was probably one of the most in-depth and concise reviews I’ve ever written.

I think this is an awesome program, and 10000x better than ANY ‘instagram’ influencer program you’ll ever see.

I highly recommend you try it out! Check it out here!

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