ProteinOne by FiberOne Angry Review: The WORST Tasting Protein Bars Ever?

Many of us can agree that in general, most protein bars/shakes/whatever doesn’t taste that great. Some protein bars and shakes can taste great or better, but for most of the products out there, while it doesn’t taste great, it is still bearable and fairly enjoyable. Not ProteinOne however, I was unfortunate to buy these bars at a Walmart on my way home from work and almost threw up at how horrible the taste was, I was not even compelled to even come close to finishing the nasty thing.

I have always been a fan of FiberOne products, I usually buy FiberOne bars all the time because in general they have great macros and nutrition for you. When I saw that they created a ProteinOne line I was really excited, the same great taste for a protein bar, I honestly thought it was going to be a game-changer, I thought FiberOne had created a product that would potentially bring their company earnings through the roof. I was very impressed from FiberOne bars before due to their good masking of the fiber taste and being great nutrition wise, in fact I ate a Peanut Butter Fiber One bar everyday for 7 months straight as part of my breakfast routine, only deciding to stop purchasing them recently because of the ProteinOne experience I had. That’s not to say the FiberOne bars themselves aren’t good, they are delicious, but 3 months later after purchasing the ProteinOne bars I can still have remnants of the taste in my mouth and still want to vomit.

So What’s So Bad About It?

At first glimpse, the nutrition and everything looks great about it! At 90 calories and 10 grams of protein that is incredibly hard to beat, especially at a price for $5.68/10 bars. Which comes out to about (10×10 = 100, $5.68/100 = ) $.57 a gram of protein, which isn’t the greatest, but is still incredibly competitive if you need to be really cheap about your protein. The additional factor is that this protein comes in the form of a convenient bar in wrapped packaging and in a hopefully (not actually) more tasty form. While the nutrition and pricing is great, the taste is beyond horrid.

The protein bar tastes nothing like what it says it was flavored. I sadly purchased a Peanut Butter Chocolate version of the proteinone bar with high hopes about the taste and was excited to try it. I hopped in my car and started eating, and the taste is so indescribably bad it’s laughable.

The ProteinOne bar tastes like coffee, and horrible expired coffee at that. As I tried to chew the horrible taste got worse and worse, to the point where it felt like I was drinking caramel and coffee syrup mixed together that was left rotting in a dumpster for 10 years. The product felt waxy and rubbery, and didn’t have a good texture to it, it was like I was eating a car tire. Every bite got worse as I indulged in this horrible product. The “chocolate” in the middle really was the opposite of the icing on the cake, the “chocolate” was more like the used oil in a car. It had horrible texture and taste and when you combine that with the outside “peanut butter” shell (basically tased like the shell of an animal) it makes this horrible combination that will send your stomach reeling.

I had intense nausea after eating this, it was so bad for an entire week after I would get nauseous just thinking about eating it again. I could barely eat anything for about a day after, I honestly had no appetite for a long time. (Luckily for me I was trying to cut weight for the wrestling season…)

If you read other reviews of this product you’ll find fake ones and similar ones to what I have described. This disappoints me that you’re able to find so many fake reviews of their product, as I thought FiberOne was a respectable company that didn’t rely on having repeated 5 star reviews saying the same “Tastes great!” under every website and product. In the reviews that aren’t blatantly fake you’ll hear a similar story, about the horrendous taste and how FiberOne refuses to honor a refund or replacement.

Overall, I was saddened to learn that FiberOne isn’t a company as reputable as I thought they may be after seeing their fake reviews and failure to honor refunds or replacements even when they have it directly listed on the box a refund/replacement would be offered if the customer is not satisfied. While I never tried to get a refund, I learned a lot about the company and will no longer be purchasing their product. Stay away from their new product line for the horrible taste, and this company’s dodgy practices have turned this loyal customer away.

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