Wallpaper Engine Review and Setup – The Best Way to Make Your Computer Look Better?

In today’s modern gaming world, we often bask in glory at the amazing graphics we can see in video games. 4K 144 FPS at Ultra settings is something all of us want, and some even more. However, sometimes, the most needed graphical update is just as simple as downloading Wallpaper Engine, the app on Steam that revolutionizes your desktop.

Wallpaper Engine is only $3.99 USD on Steam and will change the way you use your computer forever. I personally have always been used to an extremely bland design whenever I turn on my computer to do anything, sure, I had some good wallpapers picked but the main action was all when I would start gaming! My GTX 1060 pushing out 60 FPS at Ultra on GTA V is what I loved, but whenever I would exit those games things would get bland again.

I found out about Wallpaper Engine after my friend told me about it, and I have loved it ever since. It’s not something at the top of a list of priorities for PC users to purchase, but you’ll definitely not regret buying it. Wallpaper Engine transforms your desktop picture to play a video with sound (you set all this up in options) with your favorite games and hobbies.

I personally setup my desktop to display things from my favorite game ever, The Witcher 3. However, there are tons of community creations on the platform and if you cannot find the game you like, you can make one yourself or ask someone who is also in the game fanbase to make one. My desktop displays Geralt of Rivia (the main character of Witcher 3) in his pose from the Main Menu of the Witcher 3, it looks like this:

Witcher 3 Main Menu Image

Then, on my other monitor I have the witcher wolf head medallion with glowing eyes with almost a “glowing dragon” effect to it, which is super cool, it looks similar to this:

Witcher 3 Medallion Image

While I have provided still images, wallpaper engine brings both of these images to life! They have motion, changing effects, music. It makes my wallpaper less dull and more exciting to visit. Long gone are the days of a boring desktop, it is 2019 and there’s no reason it should just be a still image anymore.

This video by Mount&Blade Bannerlord shows the Witcher 3 Wallpaper Engine in action so you can see it to the full effect with music:

That video just shows how those still images I provided above bring the desktop to life and make it so much more exciting to browse your desktop or leave your computer running. Often I am very busy doing chores and work around the house and walking by my desktop with the animated images always brings a smile to my face to see how much this simple app has made my computer look so much better.

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Setting up Wallpaper Engine is incredibly easy. You simply download the app on the Steam and run it once it is installed. It brings you to a UI that looks like this:

Image of Wallpaper Engine UI

Simply click “Workshop” at the top and search for your desired wallpaper based on your favorite games and hobbies. Then follow the instructions to put it on what monitor you desire and change the volume of audio, speed, etc.

Congratulations, you’re now on your way to having a desktop that looks great. While many of us focus on how good our computer case looks, we rarely focus on how good our actual desktop looks, and this simple app for $3.99 fixes that. If you would like to download Wallpaper Engine, a link to their steam page is here!

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