Rich Piana Meal Plan Discontinued

The Rich Piana Meal Plan has been discontinued. Many bodybuilders including me looked up to Rich Piana and even watched his many YouTube series inspiring us to grow every single day. However, on August 25th, 2018, Rich Piana had passed away.

Rich Piana had a famous meal plan, but it was recently discontinued.

What Was The Rich Piana Meal Plan?

According to many users who reviewed it, the meal plan had great macros and calories, but many did not like the high price Rich Piana’s meal plan had.

For instance, this forum article says it all, with many users claiming “$200 for 1 week?” or “If you have the money, it has great macros for you, and can save so much time with cooking and meal prep”.

Rich Piana mentioned many times throughout his Bigger by the Day series that you need to eat “REAL FOOD” to get big instead of relying on supplements or protein powders. Rich Piana isn’t wrong on this, because you don’t need supplements or anything to get as big as him, you just need to eat!

Rich Piana mentioned that part of his 5 percent nutrition business was to start the “real food” line, which is the Rich Piana Meal Plan we know today. However the Rich Piana Meal Plan Discontinued shortly after his death.

Rich Piana Meal Plan Review

The Rich Piana Meal Plan Discontinued

There’s much speculation as to why his meal plan was discontinued, but I can answer it, and the problem is you can’t really find an answer by doing a google search either.

The Rich Piana Meal Plan was very controversial not only in his company but among bodybuilders. While he claimed it was very affordable and tried to make it affordable, he did cite in his videos “where’s the profitability then?”. That’s where the problem was.

For most, you can eat healthy and right by buying $10 worth of chicken breast at your local grocery store weekly and cooking it off with $20 worth of other junk foods or whatever you like to eat. Meanwhile, it would cost $6 every single meal from the meal plan. While the meal plan wasn’t overpriced, it just had tons of meat product in each product which led to it being so expensive.

Real food, an idea of the Rich Piana Meal Plan discontinued shortly after his death.
Real food, an idea of the Rich Piana Meal Plan discontinued shortly after his death.

The meal plan when Rich Piana had invented it targeted the masses, people like you and I. However, once he started getting it developed, he could really only target the rich people because the plan ended up being so expensive after he developed it. At $210 a week for one person, that’s $800 a month for someone to eat off of his program. Which for most people, is half of their paycheck.

The only thing the meal plan offered was convenience. If you were rich and didn’t have time to eat food, the rich piana meal plan offered amazing macros and allowed you to just microwave something for 3 minutes and eat up.

Was It Supposed to Live On?

The Rich Piana Meal Plan Discontinued shortly after the piano man’s death, and this has been very controversial.

Many authors such as Anthony Roberts cite that Rich Piana was the name of the 5 percent nutrition company and without him, the company would fail. While the 5 percent nutrition company isn’t gone, it isn’t as big as it used to be.

When Rich passed on, Martyn Ford took over for the company, and Rich had done a great job of advertising his new product to his YouTube audience. Martyn simply didn’t have the fanbase the piano man did, and the problem with Rich’s idea is that it required overnight shipping, the food could and would spoil, containers could break, etc.

It simply wasn’t profitable, and in a sense, when Rich Piana passed away, many of his ideas including the Real Food bars went with it. Many of these ideas were spearheaded by Rich Piana’s dedicated fans that were mainly dedicated to him, not his brand.


Rich Piana had a great idea, but it required his incredibly dedicated fanbase that the next owner of 5 percent nutrition could not carry on. His idea had a short profit margin, very intense requirements, and no room for error, and when Rich Piana passed on, so did his real food ideas. If Rich Piana were alive today, it likely still would exist. However, the Rich Piana Meal Plan Discontinued after that day, and with it, a legend.

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