Do Bodybuilders Shave?

Do bodybuilders shave?

While visiting the gym or browsing through bodybuilding magazines and blogs, have you noticed that most bodybuilders have no body hair? What became of the body hair? That’s exactly right. They have to shave it off. If you are even remotely serious about becoming a pro bodybuilder, you might be surprised to learn that getting … Read more

What Was The Golden Era Of Bodybuilding?

All the time when discussing bodybuilding, you’ll hear the term ‘golden era’ thrown around a lot. But, what was the golden era of bodybuilding? When was it? What was so different about the golden era, than today- the modern era of bodybuilding? The Golden Era of Bodybuilding was during the 1950s through 1980s, and it … Read more

Top 15 Bodybuilding Poses (2022)

Bodybuilding is a sport ALL about posing. When you’re walking around normally, people can’t really see the full depth and striations of your big muscles. That’s why it’s important to pose, to show everybody else how big you are- of course. Seriously though, posing is the most important thing you can do in a bodybuilding … Read more

How Do Bodybuilders Make Money?

There’s not really a ‘full-time job’ that is salaried, has benefits, a 401k, etcetera that you can apply for if you’re a bodybuilder. (Well, if there is one, LET ME KNOW WHERE TO APPLY ASAP!) But, seriously- how do bodybuilders make money? Bodybuilders make money through money earned at competitions, but most of their revenue … Read more

Can Bodybuilders Have Tattoos?

Can Bodybuilders Have Tattoos?

Bodybuilding is a profession that is literally all about showing your body off. You get judged on the tiniest things like the striations in your muscles, your genetics, your body fat, acne, et cetera. So, that leads most people to wonder- can bodybuilders have tattoos? Yes, but also no! There are no IFBB regulations restricting … Read more