Can Resistance Bands Build Muscle? (2022)

It’s time the age old myth of ‘to build muscle, just pick up the heaviest weight possible’ method of bodybuilding. Simply put, that’s not a necessarily bad way to look at bodybuilding. Generally, with correct progressive overload (which is usually done just by mindlessly adding weight) will grow muscle over time. But- the times have … Read more

Are Resistance Bands As Effective as Weights?

Are resistance bands as effective as weights? Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

I get this question a lot as a bodybuilder (and well, one of the most informative fitness sites out there), and truthfully there are a ton of wrong answers. So, are resistance bands as effective as weights? Well, no. Resistance bands are NOT as effective as weights. However, when used in combination the resistance bands … Read more

Can Resistance Bands Break?

Resistance bands are all the rage these days. And I mean- it’s no surprise. Resistance bands have seriously revolutionized the way we have done our workouts. And yes, if you’re wondering if resistance bands can build muscle, yes- they can! But, can resistance bands break? Well, unfortunately, yes. Resistance bands can break. Generally, however, resistance … Read more

Pacearth Resistance Bands Review

Resistance bands are just the new craze- and rightfully so. While resistance bands are much newer in the weight-lifting community, they can provide incredible work outs, pain relief, and more. Pacearth’s resistance bands are currently $15 off right now! Get them while they’re on sale! Furthermore, during this pandemic, many people have been looking for … Read more