Pacearth Resistance Bands Review

Resistance bands are just the new craze- and rightfully so. While resistance bands are much newer in the weight-lifting community, they can provide incredible work outs, pain relief, and more.

Furthermore, during this pandemic, many people have been looking for a great, inexpensvie set of resistance bands to do great workouts at home.A

As Rich Piana said, you don’t need heavyweight to grow muscle, you just need to make your muscle work as hard as it can.

And trust me, if you use these resistance bands right- and you’ll see serious growth.

So, you might find yourself looking for a set of resistance bands that are great quality and inexpensive. (And spoiler: I’m not rich, I’m an average joe just like anybody else)

If only there was a set of resistance bands that were incredibly strong, had tons of different resistance/weights, different adapters, felt durable, strong, and didn’t break the bank…oh wait- there is!

Look no further than the Pacearth Resistance bands, there is no better deal on Amazon!

My Experience with Pacearth Resistance Bands

I’ve had bad experiences with resistance bands before. Resistance bands are admittedly a new thing- but I was interested in them!

Unfortunately, many of the resistance bands at my local gym or even the hospital I worked at would break or just be downright unusable.

However, Pacearth surprised me. The bands are INCREDIBLY durable. My first general impression was, “Wow, these are strong”.

Honestly- I spent a lot of time trying to break them seeing if they’d let up. But surprisingly, they stood strong!

The Pacearth resistance bands come with a ton of things in the box (which we will discuss in the next section) and this thoroughly impressed me because this meant I was able to do any resistance band workout I saw on YouTube.

When I set the bands up and started working out with them- I felt awesome. These bands were sturdy and reliable, they didn’t feel like they were giving out or not working. It felt similar to the cable machines at the gym (which is incredible!).

The bottom line is, this isn’t some cheap product. It’s well built and will certainly be worth your money.

They Have Different Weighed Resistance Bands For ALL People

Let’s say you’re looking for some light resistance bands to do some stretching, light-warm up, or muscle rehabilitation– Pacearth has you covered. They offer a set of light resistance bands at low weights.

Or, what if you’re looking for heavy resistance bands to force muscle growth at higher weights? This would be for people trying to put on lots of muscle mass and strength- well, Pacearth has you covered there as well.

They offer their resistance bands in sets of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 lbs. This means no matter what your needs are, you’ll have the correct weight for them.

This is actually something awesome. I was having an incredibly hard time finding heavy resistance bands, considering most resistance bands at a gym like Anytime Fitness or SNAP Fitness will be incredibly light resistance bands.

It’s nice having the ability to have a choice between heavy resistance bands and light resistance bands- as it gives us bodybuilders a ton of flexibility!

The Resistance Bands Are Super Long!

The Aracky Pacearth Resistance Bands are 59 inches long!

Most other resistance bands are super small, and this ends up being incredibly awkward for people that are tall or super muscular.

Thankfully, the Aracky Pacearth resistance bands give a full extra foot of room to work with.

I cannot say how much I appreciate this extra room enough. It gives you so much more breathing room to do tons of different exercises that just aren’t possible with the smaller resistance bands.

With the extra room, it adds thousands of different stretches and exercises that change EVERYTHING. Furthermore, if you’re super tall (I’m only 5’8 lol) or super muscular, these bands make everything so much easier.

I hated using the small resistance bands at my local powerlifting gym, they were just incredibly difficult to use because of their small size.

Now, all of my friends can’t stop using my resistance bands because they’re so much better to use. They feel 100x better!

What’s In The Box?

Most of the time when you buy resistance bands, there won’t be much in the bag. Perhaps they just sent you the resistance bands in a standalone bag, and leave you to spend extra buying accessories for them later.

Luckily, Pacearth does NOT mess around and gives you a ton of accessories, resistance bands, and more when you purchase this product. This makes it INCREDIBLY worth your money and will keep you a happy customer.

Pacearth Resistance Bands Review from Vekhayn
Pacearth Resistance Bands Review from Vekhayn

First of all, you’ll have your resistance bands, this is hopefully expected haha.

But, you’ll also find big attachable grips that allow you to hold onto the resistance bands better. This is a far better than the resistance bands that have literally no grip points whatsoever.

Additionally, you’ll find ankle straps- which I think is INCREDIBLE. I have never seen a resistance band set come with ankle straps, but it is literally a genius idea! Having the ankle straps gives you access to so many new exercises, specifically leg and ab exercises.

All I’m saying, having ankle straps on the resistance bands can turn your next ab-workout into a killer one. Plus, it just makes your resistance bands way more worth your money since you get so much out of buying it.

Waterproof Gym Bag

Haha one of the best parts of buying these resistance bands was the waterproof gym bag they sent with.

This was so stupid, but I had my stuff in there, and my friend Scott spilled his water bottle EVERYWHERE in the gym- including all over my bag.

But honestly, everything in the bag was fine. Honestly, I think we ALL want a waterproof gym bag.

It’s just annoying carrying my Pacearth lifting straps, resistance bands, pre-workout, etcetera all in my hands. The waterproof gym bag is an AWESOME addition that lets you bring your resistance bands into the gym easy.

Regardless, nobody is complaining about a solid waterproof gym bag. And this bag is pretty solid- it’s one of my favorite things from Aracky.

Strong Door Anchor for Home Workouts

A huge selling point of resistance bands is that they are GREAT for home workouts.

Luckily, Pacearth has a super strong door anchor that will keep you safe and sturdy during a workout. Plus, it just gives you that ability to workout basically anywhere including your home, an apartment, a local park, etcetera.

In fact, some people have said that this anchor is TOO strong and has literally made it so they cannot open their door anymore after using it- so take that with some caution haha.

These Resistance Bands Just Feel Great

I can’t say this enough, these resistance bands just feel great.

Fact is, I’ve used tons of different resistance bands out there. But most of them feel incredibly flimsy and poorly built.

The Pacearth resistance bands feel incredibly strong throughout the entirety of the lift. From contraction to decontraction there is that constant resistance that works your muscle good.

Furthermore, these bands don’t feel bendy or weak- they feel strong. Like I said earlier, it feels like you’re using a real cable machine at the gym.

I’ve always had problems with other resistance band brands because of how weak they are. This is because when those resistance bands are weak, your workout will be weak because the tension on your muscles won’t be adequate enough.

Pacearth makes strong resistance bands that are consistently working your muscles throughout the whole lift.

Conclusion – Buy these!

These pacearth resistance bands are worth it. These days, it’s hard to find resistance bands that won’t snap or feel flimsy- but Pacearth makes a solid product include with a ton of accessories to keep you happy and in shape.

So, check them out- last I checked they did a $15 off sale for Christmas, so it might be worth it to check it out! (You can use the code ‘VEKHAYN’ for a discount!)

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