The Calum Von Moger Arms Workout (GROW YOUR ARMS OVERNIGHT)

It seems like just a few days ago I started bodybuilding. Surprise, it’s almost been a full 3 years. But, sometimes we get to the gym and we can’t just do the same old routine we’ve been doing. We need something that will pump our arms and guarantee some hard growth. So, here’s the calum von moger arms workout.

If you’ve read my website before, you’ll know I did the Rich Piana 8 Hour Arm Workout about a year ago. But, who has 8 hours to spare all the time?

Sure, that 8 hour arm workout is sure to put on some SERIOUS muscle mass. But, you’re at the gym right now, and you’ve heard that the calum von moger arms workout is just incredible. So let’s get into it.

And I’ll just say before we begin- I do it every now and then to switch up my routine, and I ALWAYS feel a burn. This is like a guaranteed way to make yourself sore for the next few days.

What’s The Calum Von Moger Arms Workout?

So there are a few main points of the calum von mogers arm workout:

  • It’s old-school style, ‘modern bodybuilding’ is way too complicated.
  • It has compound exercises. Works on both mass + size.
  • Isolation exercises to focus on really chiseling your arms.
  • Heavy volume. Like, heavy volume.

Calum Von Moger likes the first two sets of any workout to be more of a ‘warm-up’ set to prepare your arms for the way heavier weight. Keep this in mind if you’re trying to train like him!

And as he says, ‘NO EXCUSES!’. You gotta do every last set and every last rep. In his words: ‘It doesn’t matter how tired you are, keep going’.

With these points in mind, let’s move to the exercises.

Overall Exercise List:

  • Barbell Curl
    • 5 sets, 6-12 Reps, start with 12 reps, and add weight until you get to 6 reps on the last set.
    • Rest 30 seconds-minute.
  • Preacher Curl
    • 4 sets, 6-12 reps. Start with 12 reps and add weight until you get to 6 reps.
    • Preacher curls are much more focused on form rather than weight. Squeeze your biceps at the top and slowly do these reps. Preacher curls are tough, good luck!
  • Concentration Curl
    • 4 sets, 6-12 reps. Start with 12 reps, add weight until you’re only able to get 6 reps out.
    • As simple as it sounds. Calum Von Moger likes to do them standing up, make sure your shoulder is relaxed so you don’t pull the shoulder into the exercise. Slowly pull to the top.
  • French Press (Skullcrushers)
    • 5 sets, 6-12 reps. You know the drill by now, increase weight every set.
  • Overhead Dumbbell Extension
    • 5 sets, 6-12 reps. You know the drill…
    • The idea here is to have some of the strictest form you can. This isn’t so much a ‘heavyweight’ exercise more-or-less compared to a form centered exercise.
  • Dips
    • 4 sets to failure. Just go until failure and keep going at it. If you think you’re almost out, just keep pushing until you can’t do it anymore.
This is how you're going to look + 150x bigger if you keep following the calum von moger arms workout.
This is how you’re going to look + 150x bigger if you keep following the calum von moger arms workout.

The Calum Von Moger Arms Workout ‘SECRET’ To Get Huge

There is this ‘secret’ in the calum von moger arms workout that almost is too simple to be true.

In fact, that’s how I first discovered the calum von moger arms workout in the first place, on many bodybuilding forums I am apart of they shared it.

So what’s the secret to get huge? It’s what Calum Von Moger says:

“At the end of the workout, if you can touch your shoulders: you’re not done. You keep pumping your arms up until you can’t do it anymore.”

Simply put, this is a critical part of bodybuilding. It all ties into the idea of progressive overload.

If you’re able to touch your shoulders at the end of your arm workout, chances are- you likely haven’t worked the muscles out hard enough.

Okay, sure, if you’re a beginner bodybuilder or whatever- that’s a little different. But if you’ve been training for years (like me), your muscles will need a lot more to actually grow.

If you’re not able to touch your shoulders, that’s a good sign that your muscles are super tired and need some protein and sleep to repair.

The Calum Von Moger Arms Workout “How to Build Better Bicep Peaks”

So calum von moger released another calum von moger arms workout titled ‘How to Build Better Bicep Peaks’

Here’s what Calum Von Moger says in the video that’s so important:

“A lot of people just grab this (barbell curl) and try to slam the weight up and down as fast as they can…this isn’t good…you want to do it slow and controlled. And I can make a 50 lb weight sound feel like 100 lbs in my arms. “

This is something I see in the gym all the time too. People just put on the heaviest weight they can on the barbell curls and try to hit as many reps as they can in seconds.

Sure, this isn’t a ‘horrible’ idea. It’s definitely progressive overload if I’ve ever seen it (haha). But the truth is, a lot of times when you do that it’s not actually working your arms.

It’s just relying on gravity, momentum, and muscles in your back and shoulder. This takes away from the heavy strain on specifically your biceps, which causes them to not grow as much.

So follow Calum Von Moger’s advice, and just do some slow, controlled reps. And I think you’ll be much more satisfied with the outcome anyways.

When Should I Do The Calum Von Moger Arms Workout?

So, you might be wondering when you should do the calum von moger arms workout?

Excellent question. I’m super into ‘old-school bodybuilding’ (because simply put: it works) so this might even be an answer that’s too ‘simple’.

Look, if you feel bored with your current routine, you likely won’t be trying your hardest. A huge thing about bodybuilding is just staying interested in what you’re doing.

If you’re getting bored, try this new calum von moger arms workout and you’ll likely do much better in the gym because it’s a switch-up.

Plus, as Arnold Schwarzenegger said in his legendary program, The Arnold Blueprint to Mass, ‘you need to shock the muscle, confuse it to make it grow’.

If you’ve been on a certain arm program for a while, maybe toss this in once a week. Or what I would recommend is this:

Do this program instead of your current arm program for 4-6 weeks. Then go back to your old program. This will confuse the heck out of your muscles and you’ll see incredible gains because of the intense progressive overload.


The calum von moger arms workout is insane. And when I find myself bored in the gym or stuck in a rut, this is one of the first things I think of doing. And everytime, it guarantees my arms are sore for the next few days.

So get in that gym, and let’s GET BIG.

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