The Calum Von Moger Injury – Everything You Need To Know

The Calum von Moger injury is as complicated as it sounds. A better question is- which injury? This guy has gotten injured more times than I’ve failed the bench press and sat there desperately looking like an idiot trying to fight for survival. (its happened way too many times than I’d like to admit)

If you just read my post about the Calum Von Moger arm workout, you’ll know that this guy is incredibly shredded. And he does look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, so much so that they cast him as Arnold in the movie ‘Bigger’.

But, just because this guy is strong, doesn’t mean that he is immune to LITERALLY FALLING OFF A CLIFF. No, I’m not joking. He literally did fall off a cliff at one point in this post.

So let’s not waste time. Let’s cover all of his injuries, and how he is currently recovering right now.

How many times do I have to edit this calum von moger injury post? He just seems to keep injuring himself!
How many times do I have to edit this calum von moger injury post? He just seems to keep injuring himself!

The First Calum Von Moger Injury, The 400 Lb Curl, Bicep Tear (2017)

Uh? Doesn’t that heading sound weird? How did this guy manage to curl 400 lbs, nonetheless tear his bicep?

Well. The first Calum von Moger injury happened in November of 2017. And guess what? We have a video of it happening in action. I recommend you look away or skip the video, or you might be skipping arm day permanently from now on…
How the first calum von moger injury happens, a two man 400 lb curl. Calum Von Moger tears his bicep.

So what’s exactly going on here? Calum Von Moger and Chris Bumstead decided to both curl 400 lbs. So they load 355 lbs onto a barbell that weighs 45 lbs already, and they both line up and try to curl it at the same time.

Well, Calum von Moger ends up tearing his bicep on the second “rep”.

Some people in the press have called it stupid, eh. I mean- I wouldn’t recommend it. Then again, I did do the Rich Piana 8 Hour Arm Workout. So I don’t have room to talk about ‘properly’ training.

Calum Von Moger’s Statement On It

In this Generation Iron video, Calum Von Moger discusses what happened in this Unbroken movie clip.

In this clip, Calum states that he had surgery for his bicep tear 8 days after it happened.

If that didn’t make you cringe on the inside, I don’t know what will. Imagine waking up and moving your arm for the next 8 days knowing it is literally torn. OUCH.

He also said it was pretty disappointing, considering it was his first injury in his career.

He did recover successfully and a few weeks later was almost back to normal! So luckily, this didn’t hold him back too hard. I hope you learned what foreshadowing was in school, because well, the future doesn’t get much brighter for Calum Von Moger.

Falling Off A Cliff. Literally. The Second Calum Von Moger Injury. (April 2018)

Do you think I’m kidding? Nope. The second Calum von Moger injury happened when the beast himself tried to do some weird form of cliff climbing and literally fell off of the cliff.

It’s hard to explain. Here’s a video of the incident happening. Yep, he had a camera on, so you can literally see him fall off the cliff and hear everything. Warning, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

If that clip wasn’t enough, Calum von Moger was “kind” enough to upload a nearly 10 minute long video of it happening, including him going into the ambulance.

Okay, user MOSER_US said something way too funny for me not to put in this blog post. “I don’t think this is what Arnold meant by shocking the muscles”. LMAOOOO, okay I’m sorry but that’s good.

But, seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. This guy gets injured while curling, then literally (not even for all intents and purposes, literally) falls off a cliff.

His Quadricep Breaks, AND HIS BICEP TEARS AGAIN.

So first of all, we just got done talking about how he tore his bicep on that 400 lb curl.

Well, keep in mind, these events are barely a year apart from each other. When Calum Von Moger slipped off the cliff, he grabbed the rope as instinct. (As, well, anybody would).

He grabbed it with the arm he first had torn his bicep in, so he retore his bicep open.

How does this guy even survive? If I tore my bicep twice I don’t even know if I could live with myself. Maybe I’m just a baby, but…

Then his quadricep tears. So, in the video, he says his knee is broken. Ultimately what ends up happening is his quadricep rips. The quadricep is that big muscle on the ‘top’ part of your leg.

So if you’re sitting down reading this, look down at your leg, it’s the muscle on top. Or, just put your hands on your lap.

It’s a fairly big muscle and I’m surprised it tore, quadricep tears are NOT common.

What Were The Implications of His Cliff Injury? (Loses 50 Lbs of Muscle)

Well, this was really the injury that ‘ruined’ it all if you will. I wouldn’t say his career is over or ruined. But, man, it definitely put a big brick wall in front of his trail.

Ultimately, Calum Von Moger was unable to train his legs or really most of his body for a long time. Because of this, he ends up losing nearly 50 lbs of muscle.

Much of his frame, symmetry, etc. were all affected. And let me tell you, it’s something like you only gain 2 lbs of muscle per month or whatever? With muscle memory- he will be able to gain it back much faster.

But regardless, that’s nearly 2 years of hard work that had to go away because of his injuries. This guy is tough.


He Injures His Hand Now? (August 2019)

So anyways, a year later or so and Calum Von Moger is finally able to train his legs.

This dude is incredibly motivational. All he had to say about the entire process was that he trusted God and that he just had to do what he had been doing for life. He said that bodybuilding is just waiting for the muscle to grow, so that’s all he has to do now.

What a legend.

So again, anyways, he goes to workout. Let this picture just tell you the rest:

The calum von moger injury in action, he ends up getting 26 stitches.
The calum von moger injury in action, he ends up getting 26 stitches.

This is probably one of the most screenshotted posts on Snapchat history. I know every one of my bodybuilding friends screenshotted it when he put it on his story.

Here’s a full video of him moving it around and stuff:

So, I tried to find ANY thing online detailing what happened to his hand. Nobody knows.

In fact, his twitter account didn’t post anything. Nothing on his YouTube channel, either. What the heck?? I know this was around the time his movie was released, so perhaps he didn’t want to like risk losing sales or something by posting it.

Regardless, this is the type of injury that puts him out of the gym for maybe like 2-3 weeks? I know when my buddy Chaz literally had a knife go into his hand (and I rescued him don’t worry, first aid saves lives) he was only out of the gym for like 7 days.

And I mean, the kid loves the gym so.

Furthermore, Calum Von Moger was likely still focusing on legs at this point anyways. After his quad got torn, it was a slow recovery and he needs those back in action so he can compete.

And, you don’t necessarily need strong hands to use the leg machine at the gym, so, maybe he can count himself lucky here.

How is Calum Von Moger Doing Now?

Calum Von Moger is actually doing really good right now!

I’m writing this post on October 13th, 2020. Just 5 days ago he uploaded a video about his quads growing really good at home.

He also made a very detailed video about his return to competition here, if you’re interested.

Then he made a video 5 weeks out from the Jay Cutler Classic here:


Well, here was literally everything you need to know about the many Calum von Moger injuries.

Yeah, this guy gets injured a lot. Maybe he needs to just be a little more careful, I don’t know.

He’s kind of like Rich Piana, ya know? Living life in the fast lane. We only get one life, so might as well live it to the max.

All in all, though, he’s doing better and is expected to compete once competitions start again. (COVID really is shutting them all down so)

But with his incredible mental endurance, I cannot imagine a reason why he wouldn’t step on stage one last time. Good luck Calum!


What injury did Calum von Moger have?

More like what injury did Calum von Moger NOT have? He tore his quadricep, tore his bicep twice, and cut open his hand so bad he had to get 26 stitches! He literally fell off of a cliff. I’m not making this up either!

What did Calum von Moger do to his hand?

It’s not sure what Calum von Moger did to his hand to this day. He hasn’t posted anything on social media about it. All we know is that his hand was incredibly bloody and he needed 26 stitches. Perhaps he dropped a dumbbell on it or something?

How did Calum von Moger hurt his leg?

Calum von Moger hurt his leg by falling off a cliff. Yes, literally. He got caught by the safety rope and in the process tore his bicep again, but also tore his quadricep.

This put him out of training for years, but right now in the present date he can train his legs!

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