Valeo Ab Roller Wheel Review

Summertime is quickly coming up, and that means many of us are eager to show off a ripped six pack at the beach this summer, and what better way to work your abs than an ab roller? says, “Ab Wheel Rollouts provide a better ab workout than traditional flexion exercises, creating stronger and more defined abs—if improving your looks is a goal”(Haley). So if you’re looking for a great budget ab roller at only $13.50 then the Valeo Ab Roller is for you.

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What’s in The Box?

The Valeo Ab Roller includes the parts to setup the ab wheel, which is two “tires”, a metal bar, and two grips. This ab roller is incredibly easy to assemble, you simply put the two wheels together next to each other and put the metal rod in the center connecting them both, then attach the two grips to the end and it will stay in place. Sure, it’s not the most solid design, but it gets the job done and for $13 we cannot expect the most durable design.

How Does it Perform?

The Valeo Ab Roller performs very well, for a very cheap ab roller while it may not always feel the most durable it has great grip and responds easily to movement. The wheel has tread on it allowing it to grip to most surfaces easily and not move off path if you do not want it to. The grips on the handle are also comfortable easily allowing you to not worry about unnecessary hand pain while using the ab roller.

The ab roller feels slightly flimsy, and it is made of plastic. I noticed troubles when I was using it where one of the grips would slide off and then the ab wheel would come apart, albeit rare it was definitely annoying. I personally do longer ab workouts instead of shorter ones, so the problem happens more often to me as I use the ab roller in reps of hundreds compared to the usual 3×10 many bodybuilders opt for instead. The problem is not something that permanently breaks the ab roller, however, you just need to reattach the grips to the end and the ab roller is completely functional again.

The tread on the wheel is incredibly useful, I have used ab rollers before that do not have tread and it is beyond difficult to use it on any solid surface as the wheel will sometimes spin and make you fall, which can cause damage to your lumbar spine.

While the ab roller feels cheap and has the problem of coming apart every now and then, the ab roller is actually very durable and well built for being at such a low price point of $13. Compared to some of the cheap ab rollers I have used before in the same price range that have no tread and are very small and hard to use. I found the size on this ab roller to be perfect, not too big and not too small. The ab roller seems fit for people at all size ranges and the grip is very sweat resistant and I am unable to feel my hands move at all while using the ab roller, which is great!

Picture of the Valeo Ab Roller Wheel taken by Vigilant at


The Valeo ab roller while at a low price and cheaply built, easily outcompetes every other ab roller in the price bracket, and if you wan’t something that can get the job done and work your abs for a long time, this is definitely the item to buy. However, if you don’t like the flimsiness of an ab roller and like very strong durable products, I would recommend investing money in a much more expensive ab roller. However sometimes you just need to get that shredded six-pack for summer, and some of us can relate, sometimes the funds just aren’t there to purchase an expensive item. If you’d like the buy the Valeo Ab Roller, you can purchase it for around $13 on Amazon here!

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