Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Broccoli?

If you’ve read anything in my bodybuilding posts, you’ll know I ALWAYS recommend broccoli in your diet as a food due to its’ incredible anti-cancer properties. But there are other reasons that bodybuilders eat so much broccoli. So, why do bodybuilders eat broccoli?

Actually, broccoli is like a superfood for bodybuilding! First, broccoli has incredible anti-cancer properties. Secondly, broccoli is really good at reducing your estrogen receptors, boosting your testosterone naturally. Third, it has more vitamins and antioxidants than most other vegetables out there. Lastly, it’s a great food for keeping you full and satiated.

But, let’s cover this all, but way more in-depth.

Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Broccoli? Well, the anti-cancer benefits, vitamins, minerals, satiation, protein, and pro-testosterone benefits make it a must have!
Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Broccoli? Well, the anti-cancer benefits, vitamins, minerals, satiation, protein, and pro-testosterone benefits make it a must have!

Broccoli Has Incredible Anti-Cancer Properties

Back around last year, I had to take a short health class. Usually, I’m one to diss classes like that in school because I think they were kind of useless. But I think that is one of the best teachers and classes I have ever taken.

That teacher was different in his health teaching. His class didn’t really focus around a ‘standardized’ ciricculum or anything, he just literally cared about his students. With that, he wanted us to live the best lives possible.

That same teacher made me watch this incredible video and read this sheet explaining about the rise in cancer in America. It’s no surprise that cancer is on the rise, and while science is doing the best it can to reduce it, something stuck out to me:

Broccoli is one of the best foods you can eat to help reduce the chance of you getting cancer.

Is this entirely, ‘bodybuilding’ related? Kind of. Bodybuilders have bad habits, and the broccoli can fix some of this.

But regardless if you’re a bodybuilder or not, broccoli should be a staple in your diet.

‘Anti-Cancer’ By Dr.David-Servan-Schreiber

Dr.David Servan-Schreiber has an incredible story and video about fighting cancer. I recommend you watch this video and the TED-Talk associated with it to understand why exactly it is critical we have this food in our diet.

Also, he recommends daily exercise as a way to fight cancer. So, keep lifting.

Also, this TED Talk works great too!

Bodybuilders Do Have a Lifestyle That Isn’t Great

Okay, there are some bodybuilders that eat 100% clean and have incredible diets, etcetera. However, for most, this simply isn’t the case.

Many bodybuilders will find themselves working out a ton, using tons of different supplements, eating different foods- and a lot of these things can increase our risk of cancer.

Okay, I’ll give us this. Our exercise and diet usually do help us, but there are a lot of things in the bodybuilding community (like roids) that can really screw with our bodies, big time.

Add broccoli into your bodybuilding diet, and you’ll be not only giving yourself a superfood for bodybuilding but reducing your chance of developing cancer. Which needless to say, cancer is not something any of us want.

Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Broccoli? It Stops Inhibitors To Muscle Growth

Okay, this is going to kind of be like a biology lesson. So hang on tight as I try to explain this.

Us bodybuilders like the word ‘testosterone’ as that makes muscles grow big. The more estrogen you have, the less testosterone you will have. Well, not exactly.

Estrogen and testosterone don’t necessarily fight each other like most people think. However, having high estrogen can cause serious mood problems like depression. And I’ve seen some problems of having high estrogen first hand as a male, and it just is for lack of better words: not good.

Regardless, if you’re looking for an anti-estrogen food, here you go.

Broccoli Works To Remove Estrogen And Lower Production Of It

There’s not really one good way to put this. It takes a lot of explaining. But, broccoli contains Indole-3-Carbinol and D-Glucaric acid that helps clear estrogen from your body.

Furthermore, broccoli contains high levels of ‘phytoestrogens’. Phytoestrogens enter the body and push out the body’s own estrogens. The chemicals above aren’t necessarily classified as ‘phytoestrogens’, so I had to also go in-depth about these.

Additionally, broccoli also contains ‘isoflavones’. Isoflavones are like estrogen but not, they are classified as a type of estrogen.

When your body takes these isoflavones in, it reduces the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Broccoli Has Incredible Nutrition

When you ask somebody, ‘why do bodybuilders eat broccoli’- they may not mention how many minerals and vitamins there are in this food.

Broccoli just has about some of the most important vitamins and minerals you need. Furthermore, it has some of the best vitamins and minerals that are bodybuilding specific.

For a general reference, broccoli provides just about every vitamin/mineral your body needs. Here’s a list of just some of the nutrients/vitamins it gives you:

  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B9
  • Too many antioxidants to list

Most of us can recognize some of the critical vitamins from that list.

Regardless, when you’re bodybuilding, you sweat out a ton of vitamins and minerals you need. Unfortunately, many bodybuilders forget to replenish that through proper supplementation. This leads to many bodybuilders finding themselves with severe vitamin/mineral deficiencies that hinder their gains and may land them in a hospital.

Broccoli Helps Digestion

As I covered more in my post, Is Greek Yogurt Good For Bodybuilding, digestion is something rarely talked about in the sport but is one of the most critical factors.

I think most of us can agree that when your stomach isn’t feeling well, neither are you. This leads to a ton of anxiety, problems in the gym, etc.

Broccoli has a ton of fiber which helps keep you regular and happy.

Broccoli Has “High” Protein

Haha, finally something ‘bodybuilder’ related. Why do bodybuilders eat broccoli? Oh yeah, the high protein count in broccoli.

Okay, that’s a joke. It doesn’t have any record amount of protein, but it certainly has some, that’s for sure.

Actually, broccoli has more protein per serving than other vegetables.

On average, a 30 calorie serving of broccoli will give you ~3 grams of protein. Not bad, not great, but anything helps.

I mean realistically though, I don’t think any bodybuilder is going to be mad that broccoli comes with protein. It’s a win-win.

Broccoli Fills You Up

So broccoli actually is 90% water. And is kind of a tough food to eat.

If you’re on a cut, or trying to lose weight, broccoli is a GREAT way to keep your progress on that cut.

I heard this one phrase a long time ago, but it was like ‘eat 2 cups of broccoli and tell me you want to eat anything else for hours’. Well, be careful, I don’t know if your stomach can handle that, so again: be careful.

But, I tried it.

I didn’t want to eat anything for like 6 hours after that, not going to lie. It actually did really help my cut back in April though. I REALLY LIKE EATING, so I have a hard time cutting weight.

But, ultimately, broccoli really helped suppress that appetite feeling. It’s something like 2-3 cups of broccoli takes up all the space in your stomach, so 100 calories can potentially save you 1,000.

I mean, it was hard to even eat the broccoli since it takes up so much space, but eating anything after was difficult too.

Broccoli Goes Well With Many Bodybuilding Foods

Okay, I am also the notorious author of, ‘Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Rice and Chicken?’.

And, I’ll just leave this super funny bodybuilding video for you to watch before we resume the topic:

Man, Kali Muscle always gets me laughing. That video cracks me up!

Truth is though, broccoli is a food that can easily be eaten. Bodybuilders either love or hate cooking with a passion, there’s no inbetween. It happens once you start lifting the barbell.

Broccoli can be as easy as you eat it straight out of the bag, or you throw it in the skillet with rice and chicken. It’s all up to you.

I used to eat it out of the bag, then I got super sophisticated and started tossing it in the rice cooker too and we all know where life goes from there. (addiction)

But honestly, if you look at what foods you eat as a bodybuilder, you’d see how broccoli fits in. It goes well with most meats, rices, and just kind of goes with every meal.

Conclusion of Why Do Bodybuilders Eat Broccoli

Well, the results are in.

It’s a powerful anti-cancer food, reduces estrogen production, boosts testosterone naturally, and has more vitamins/minerals than any other vegetable out there. With the combination of protein and satiation, this food is a no-brainer.

I think regardless if you’re a bodybuilder or not, you should always eat broccoli once a day! And if you can, try to get it organic, it tastes wayyy better.

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