Why is Certain Dri Itchy?

Your days of being embarrassed in front of the class are over! You just put on this new awesome antiperspirant (Certain Dri), and you’re ready to take on the world. And now you’re sitting there frantically itching yourself like a monkey. Why is Certain Dri Itchy?

I’ve been in your spot. In fact, as someone with sensitive skin and eczema, the pain was unbearable. But trust me! It does get better.

So after dealing with the itchiness for a while, I figured I would do a bit of research and discover Why Certain Dri is Itchy and how you can deal with the itchiness!

I’m going to go really in-depth later in this article- but if you’re looking for a simple answer- I’ve got you!

The main ingredient, aluminum chloride hexahydrate, can either be something you’re allergic to or the chlorine can be naturally irritating your skin. It really depends on how bad the rash is. If you’re getting a really severe rash, stop using Certain Dri and talk with your doctor.

Certain Dri Bottle, Drysol Alternative
A bottle of Certain Dri, the best Drysol alternative.

So, Why is Certain Dri Itchy Tommy?

Turns out the main ingredient, aluminum chloride hexahydrate irritates the skin according to many scientific studies such as the one by Holzle E.

In fact, in a study in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, they took cadets and tried to examine if aluminum chloride hexahydrate reduced foot blisters. Well- it did. But what’s the point of this?

In the people that were given it, while they reduced the foot blisters- 51% of them reported skin irritation. This is obviously pointing to the fact that aluminum chloride hexahydrate irritates the skin!

Is There Any Solution or Remedy? Or Am I Stuck Asking Why is Certain Dri Itchy forever?

Well- there are ways you can reduce the irritation. However, I want to share a promising case study that is still on the horizon.

In 2009, in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, they combined aluminum chloride hexahydrate (the active ingredient in Certain Dri) with a 2% salicylic acid.

In basically all the trials- just about everybody got rid of their irritation. This is a promising new way to get rid of the skin irritation your hyperhidrosis may be giving you.

While this is new Science, if you see a new salicyclic acid antiperspirent duo in the supermarket- give it a try!

Okay- What Can I Do Right Now To Stop My Certain Dri Itchiness?

If you’re in constant agony screaming about Certain Dri being itchy here are some remedies. While science is still working on a more ‘permanent’ solution- there are some ways I use to try and alleviate the itching.

  • Try applying less Certain Dri.
    • While this isn’t always possible- try applying a little less and see if you’re able to get away with it without massive sweating.
  • Try applying some lotion soon after.
    • Do not apply the lotion right away- but maybe 20-30 minutes later I apply a little bit of Vanicream around the armpit and it seems to help the itchiness go away.
  • Resist itching the armpits
    • I know I know I know that Certain Dri can be super itchy. But if you itch it, it will only make it worse… Try to resist! Take your mind off of it by reading a book or doing an activity.

That should help the itching! If you have a remedy you use- please share it in the comments and I will add it!

Why is Certain Dri Itchy? My First Time

When I started 10th grade, I have no idea why, but I had horrible armpit sweat out of nowhere.

Like literally, I never had a problem with it before, and I used deodorant every day. Suddenly, my armpits were drenched and I was embarrassed to raise my hand.

I had beyond excessive perspiration, and it seemed like my sweat glands had sweat glands!

I’m not really much of a nervous guy, but the class would always have a laugh whenever my hand went up. While it didn’t affect me, it was so bad that my clothes had permanent stains in them!

Sure, I had valid questions, but I had a water fountain leaking down my arm! This was excessive sweating, and it wasn’t normal.

My friend Kaden told me to try this Certain Dri stuff, so I went out and bought it.

The Perscription Strength Certain Dri Saviour

Luckily, I went down to the store and bought Certain Dri.

It said on the box it was a prescription-strength aluminum chloride-based antiperspirant.

I had no idea what those words meant, but I was so desperate for solutions.

I purchased it for a low price and headed home.

Applying, and Screaming “WHY IS CERTAIN DRI ITCHY!!”

Kaden told me some simple instructions.

“You have to apply it at night. Also, it won’t work until you’ve put it on for two nights in a row. Don’t do it in the morning. It helped me!


So, I did exactly that.

The night I bought it, I went home and put it on. It was strange, it wasn’t like the deodorant I was used to and didn’t know if I put enough.

I went to bed and started itching. “Man my armpits are itchy tonight,” I thought to myself. I had no idea why they were itching either!

I kept thinking about why it itched so, so bad. That’s when I realized, it was the Certain Dri.

I didn’t know if it was normal, so I checked the bottle and it didn’t help. So I frantically searched on Google, “why is Certain Dri Itchy” and just about nothing came up.

So here we are, and let me explain why Certain Dry is itchy and how you can fix it!

How is Certain Dri Itchy and The Science Behind It

How is Certain Dri Itchy? By that I mean, what is exactly making us scratch our armpits like monkeys?

Certain Dri is made of aluminum chloride hexahydrate. As I mentioned earlier, this is proven to make you irritated.

But, why?

There isn’t a “clear” science paper on it yet. So, we’re going to have to make some educated guesses, but this “thesis paper”-if you will- helps me get into a medical school one day!

It’s Not The Aluminum Causing The Irritation

At first, I thought it was the aluminum causing the irritation. It makes sense after all, since aluminum isn’t really known to be ‘soft to the skin’- or so I thought.

I stumbled upon this YouTube video in my endless research saga-

It’s basically a video talking about a new scientific solution coming that uses Albuminum and Calcium to stop skin irritation.

Fascinating, I thought. But I noticed the chlorine was not included here, but aluminum was. So I started thinking to myself and thought- hey- many people agree their skin gets irritated when exposed to chlorine in a pool. So…

It’s The Chlorine Causing It

According to an article by Colorado Springs Dermatology Clinic, “Add to that the fact that chlorinated water opens the pores, hypochlorous acid in essence strips the natural oils from the skin, causing dry, itchy, and irritated skin. This drying effect may even be a contributing factor to premature aging.”

That’s it right there.

Chlorine actually opens the pores on your skin! While this is important to help the active ingredient of Certain Dri stop the sweat from coming out, it also strips natural oils off of your skin and irritates it!

It’s crazy how this antiperspirant is almost a double-edged sword.

Why Do My Armpits Itch When I Use Certain Dri?

If your armpits itch when you’re using Certain Dri- you’re not alone. Chances are that you are allergic to the main ingredient of Certain Dri, aluminum chloride hexahydrate. If you don’t have any skin allergies, likely the chlorine in the antiperspirant

There’s not much to be done about this now- but science hopes to have advances soon!

Common Questions

Aside from people asking why is certain dri itchy- there are tons of questions about this product that all make sense. Really- there should be a FAQ with this product…

Can You Use Certain Dri Everynight?

Yes, you can use certain dri every single night. I have put it on every night for almost a year and a half now and haven’t had any problems.

If you get some bad irritation after using it for a while, take a small break when it is convenient. For instance, don’t take Certain Dri over the weekend.

That way you don’t get embarrassed from your armpit sweat because you won’t be at work.

Can I Use Certain Dri on My Head?

Yes, you can hypothetically use Certain Dri on your head. In fact, you can use it basically anywhere. If your palms are sweating too much, feet too sweaty, whatever, you can use certain dri.

So if you sweat from your head a lot, you can put some Certain Dri on there. And trust me, head sweat is very noticeable, I’d definitely give it a shot.

Does Certain Dri Stop Sweating?

Yes, Certain Dri does stop sweating. It’s actually really good at it. I wrote a full Certain Dri review discussing why it’s so good, but I can summarize some of it here.

It uses a different compound than most antiperspirants do.

It allows Certain Dri to go deeper into the pores of your skin stopping the sweat.

That means it is way more effective than traditional deodorants/antiperspirants.

Do You Wash Off Certain Dri in The Morning?

I had this question too when I used Certain Dri. I shower in the morning so I was always worried it would be essentially useless.

No, certain dri does not wash off in the morning. The compound in a way negates most of the water that hits it and is way too deep in your skin pores to really be affected.

Regardless, wash the areas with Certain Dri well, but don’t go overboard. If you have Certain Dri on in your armpits, there’s no need to wash them 25 times with soap just to test the theory.

Can You Use Deodorant After using Certain Dri?

This is a complicated question. Truthfully, it depends.

If you’re looking for a basic answer: No. Do not use deodorant after using Certain Dri. There will be tons of irritation, and for the most part, it’s useless.

The only time it makes sense to apply deodorant with Certain Dri is before a workout- but check the ingredient label and ask a doctor before doing this. This can overwhelm your body with aluminum!

The best advice is- be cautious and don’t apply deodorant. If you need deodorant, use Certain Dri’s deodorant. It combines antiperspirant and deodorant.

Although warning- if you wonder Why Certain Dri is Itchy, I promise you the deodorant combination will be much worse…

Certain Dri Not Working!

If you’re in a spot where you have to google certain dri not working, don’t worry, I got you.

I had the same problem- and while I cannot guarantee a remedy- I will try to help with this simple checklist.

  • Try shaving your armpits.
    • Sometimes the aluminum chloride hexahydrate can get on your armpit hair and not the pores it needs to go in. This can help the certain dri absorption- but fair warning, it will make certain dri itchy all over again.
  • Consider buying a new roll.
  • Try rolling it a few more times in your armpits.
    • While the directions say one roll, use your own discretion. Everybody’s body is different, and sometimes you need more.
  • Try applying before bed.
    • The antiperspirant is most effective when applied before bedtime.
  • Make sure the armpit is clear before applying. Clean it with soap in the shower and don’t apply any other deodorants or lotions on beforehand- save all that for a while after.

These are some ways I tried to make Certain Dri more effective when it wasn’t working. Sometimes other things are out of my control, too nervous or too hot outside. Hopefully these helped!


We learned a lot today. I’ll admit- I went into this post with zero knowledge about any of this stuff. But it also helped prove to me you don’t have to go to school for 7 years to do a lot of research on your own and learn independently. -If that’s the takeaway from this article?

Aluminum chloride hexahydrate is a chemical group that many people can be allergic to. However, most likely it is the chlorine in the product causing the irritation!

If you’re looking for an alternative to Certain Dri that is better for skin, try Vanicream’s deodorant.

  • Note: This is not medical advice. Please contact your primary care physician for medical advice. I am not responsible for any harm caused to you.

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