The BEST Drysol Alternative (Stopped Sweating Completely!)

I get it, and I’ve been there. You sweat way too much, and you feel embarrassed out in public. But, Drysol is hard to get and incredibly expensive. I have been in your shoes and found the BEST Drysol Alternative. Best of all, it’s at grocery stores and super cheap!

In fact, it stopped my armpit sweat completely. It even works on feet, hands, wherever you need it.

The best Drysol alternative out there is Certain Dri.

What Makes Certain Dri The Best Drysol Alternative?

The bottle of Certain Dri. The best Drysol alternative out there. Photo:
The bottle of Certain Dri. The best Drysol alternative out there. Photo:

Certain Dri is the BEST Drysol alternative for many reasons.

For starters, Drysol is hard to get. First, you have to go to a weird website that looks like it was designed in the 80s. Furthermore, the website has sketchy tracking and scares me away.

(As a blogger, let me say, designing a website isn’t that hard. There’s no excuse for their laziness.)

Secondly, Drysol is expensive. If you’re buying tons of Drysol in bulk, Drysol ends up being cheaper.

But, for many of us with excessive sweating, we want it fixed. We have to try a lot of different medications and cannot pay the $37 upfront cost it is for Drysol.

Let me ask you something. If you want to try something out, would you rather spend $5 or $37?

That’s right. If you aren’t sure if Certain Dri will work, you only risk $5 out of your pocket.

So why not test the best Drysol alternative?

Is there an over the counter medicine for excessive sweating?

Yes, there is an over the counter medicine for excessive sweating and it is Certain Dri.

Certain Dri can be found in stores like Walgreens, Target, etc. Making it convenient for you to go and fix your excessive sweating tonight.

Unfortunately, you MUST order Drysol online. You cannot purchase it in stores.

Certain Dri vs Drysol

Certain Dri and Drysol are really just the same thing. They have the same active ingredient, aluminum chloride hexahydrate.

So this means, they are literally just the same thing. Except one is just way easier to get than the other and is cheaper. So in a way, this is like a substitute for Drysol, except way better.

So literally, this is the best Drysol alternative, because it is just Drysol under a different, cheaper brand name.

It’s similar to buy Zyrtec or Certrizine, they’re the same drug just different branding.

You may ask, is there a generic brand to Drysol? Well, not yet, but Certain Dri is a far cheaper version of Drysol. So in a way, kind of.

Do I Have Excessive Sweating and Need the Drysol Alternative?

I’ll say this as simple as it is: if you’re wondering if you have excess sweating, you probably do.

The fact of the matter is, if you’ve tried using deodorant and it hasn’t stopped the sweating, you will know.

You probably were in class, a massive sweat pool under your armpits, and getting more nervous because of it. It’s a deadly cycle.

Typically, Drysol is made for people with medical conditions such as Hyperhidrosis but can be used for people without it. There is no medical downside to using it without having Hyperhidrosis.

The Drysol Alternative Drug Information – Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate

So what exactly makes the best Drysol alternative and well, Drysol itself, so good? The answer is Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate. Here is a quick comprehensive drug information guide for you.

Aluminum Chloride is different than normal antiperspirants. Normal antiperspirants use Aluminum Zirconium Complex, not Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate.

The difference is that Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate goes deeper into the sweat duct than Aluminum Zirconium.

This means that an easier plug is formed in the sweat duct, stopping sweat from leaving.

This is why Certain Dri is superior to other antiperspirants. If you’re looking for a Drysol alternative, this prescription-strength brand will help you immensely.

Applying the Drysol Alternative Certain Dri

Applying Drysol Alternative Certain Dri is SUPER easy, in fact probably easier than most standard deodorants.

Simply unscrew the cap, then apply the roll-on “sphere” to the place you want the sweating to stop.

For example, if you’re using it to stop sweating in your armpits, apply it in the armpit area. Don’t go overboard, usually, 1-2 sweeps are all you need.

Drysol Alternative Drug Interactions and Adverse Effects

Now that you know about the best Drysol alternative and how to apply it, let’s talk about some of the drug interactions and adverse effects.

There are a few reported side effects, but none really “scary”,

Reported Side Effects and Adverse Effects

Start with the scary stuff first, get it out of the way right?

There are reported side effects and adverse effects for any drug, this includes our Drysol alternative Certain Dri.

Well, according to, the only side effect is localized skin irritation.

That’s it.

Nothing scary. The only real other adverse or side effects is just the fact that they aren’t sure if it affects pregnancy or not, there’s no proof it does or doesn’t.

They simply haven’t done any research on it.

However, Certain Dri is a very popular product, and nobody has come forward yet stating their pregnancy was affected.

So as far as we are concerned, it should be fine.

However, please call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may have medical conditions that affect this. A doctor or pharmacist should be able to help you with this.

Drysol Alternative vs Botox Injections

A common question asked is: how does the Drysol alternative compare to a botox injection?

Pricing of Botox

Well, for starters, botox can be very expensive.

One woman reports spending roughly $2500 a year for her annual botox appointments. Sometimes this is a recurring fee, meaning you spend thousands a year.

I don’t know about you, but I spend like $40 on Certain Dri a year, that saves me a ton of money. A couple thousand can be used for a ton of other purchases.

Applying Botox vs Certain Dri

Sure, arguably botox can be easier than Certain Dri, but at what cost?

Going into an office for hours every few months or just applying something at night?

Let me ask you, do you brush your teeth daily?

If so, imagine if you just put on Certain Dri right before you brushed your teeth. It takes 5 seconds every day to do, and you’ll avoid the 4 hour long botox appointments.

So, by applying the best Drysol alternative easily every night will save you not only a surgical procedure but tons of cash.

Bottom Line of Botox Injections

Just skip the botox injections and take the best Drysol alternative Certain Dri every night instead. You’ll save thousands and won’t have to do surgery.

Drysol Alternative vs Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy

Okay, this is a big one.

An Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy is a surgical procedure done to destroy a nerve to help reduce sweat from your body.

Now the general cost of this procedure can run you $10,000-$20,000.

My personal recommendation is this:

Try the Drysol alternative Certain Dri, then if that fails do the Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. That way you can risk $5 before you risk $10,000.

When is Medical Attention Needed?

As with any drug, sometimes things can go really bad!

Let’s check when medical attention or the poison control center must be called.

According to the Illinois Poison Center, you don’t need to worry about much.

However, if you ingest the product, expect some bad diarrhea or throwing up.

But, if you get it in your eyes you need to really get help.

Regardless of what situation you’re in, you can always call the free Poison Control line here 1-800-222-1222 to get expert help.

Why YOU Need Certain Dri – Being Sweat Free is Awesome  - A sweaty man, who should've been using Certain Dri - the best Drysol Alternative. – A sweaty man, who should’ve been using Certain Dri – the best Drysol Alternative.

The truth is, once you make the change you’ll be so happy.

I remember how embarrassed I used to get in class, feeling the sweat drip down.

Scared to raise your hand. Feeling all that sweat pile up worrying if someone can see or smell it.

But once you use Certain Dri, the best Drysol alternative out there, you will just be sweat-free.

No longer will the days of frantically worrying about sweat dripping down your arms haunt you.

Certain Dri is Better than Drysol

While I covered that Certain Dri has a better design and is the same ingredient as Drysol, the brands are polar opposites.

Certain Dri provides the medicine for really, really cheap. This will save you tons of money in the long run, and they let you get it at basically any convenience store around you.

Long gone are the days of paying intense shipping prices to seek relief. You can just walk into your local store and buy it.

But, if you still like ordering things online, you can always buy Certain Dri for a discounted rate on Amazon here.

The Drysol Alternative Certain Dri for Exercise

Okay, good question. Are you able to use this Drysol alternative Certain Dri for exercise? Or does it not work like that. - A man exercising wishing he used the best drysol alternative. – A man exercising wishing he used the best drysol alternative.

I personally weight-lift 5 days a week, bodybuilding is not only my hobby but my passion.

Here’s what I do:

Typically I find when I do intense workouts Certain Dri can cover a lot of the sweat, but not enough. I will find some tiny patches.

By intense workout, I mean intense. This isn’t a light circuit, this is Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass.

If you just go to the gym for a short time, you can usually get away with it.

My advice is this:

If you’re going to the gym, apply deodorant shortly before you go to the gym. It won’t interfere with the Certain Dri, but still, strengthen it. Still take Certain Dri before you go to sleep that night.

Yes, you can use deodorant with Certain Dri. Just apply the deodorant the morning after you use Certain Dri, that’s what is most effective in my experience.

How Long Until It’s Effective?

Now that you’ve bought the product you may be wondering how long until you see results.

Your hyperhidrosis will cure within a day or two.

My friend told me that it doesn’t work on the first day but on the second day.

That’s exactly what happened in my case. After two straight days of using it, my intense armpit sweat went away.

In fact, I didn’t notice it until he asked me again a few days later.

When the sweat went away, I didn’t even think of it because I didn’t feel the sweat anymore.

Whenever my armpits would sweat bad my mind could only focus on that, but when it went away, it never even crossed my mind.

He asked me about it a few days later, and I got reminded how effective Certain Dri is. Mainly because the sweat was not on my mind anymore! It really is the best Drysol alternative.

How Effective is Certain Dri?

The best Drysol alternative better is as good as it.

Even though it’s the same medicine, it has slightly different concentrations.

But as I mentioned earlier, this Drysol alternative is incredibly effective.

I don’t get sweat anymore unless I am doing intense exercise. Period.

There’s only been a handful of times throughout the years I have had some sweat come from my armpits when using Certain Dri.

Even then, there have been a few tiny trickles of sweat, not enough that anybody could even see.

And to be fair, a lot of those times it’s been me not applying enough before bed.

How To Remember Applying Certain Dri

If you’re worried about trying to remember to apply Certain Dri before bed, look no further.

This Drysol alternative has convenient packaging, unlike Drysol. So it’s really compact and easy to store.

Think of your nightly routine, what do you do?

Most people brush their teeth before bed. I do too! Personally, I put my Certain Dri right next to my toothbrush, so everytime I do my nightly routine I see it there and take it.

But you can do this with any routine. If you have to, put it on your nightstand or next to your phone charger. That way you see it mentally and remember it.

The Wrap-Up on The Best Drysol Alternative

The best Drysol alternative that stopped sweating completely is Certain Dri. You can buy it online, in-store, and it’s way cheaper than Drysol.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried Certain Dri or Drysol, or any other products for hyperhidrosis! What did you think of them?

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