Will Bicep Curls Build Muscle?

You’ve probably seen Bicep Curls quite a few times in movies or TV shows.

In fact, it’s one of the most stable exercises in bodybuilding. Bench presses, squats, deadlifts, and bicep curls are some of the most common exercises you will see.

But, will Bicep Curls Build Muscle?

Yes! Bicep Curls WILL Build Muscle. They will primarily grow your bicep muscle- but they will also grow your forearms. Your bicep is the muscle that big muscle that pops out when you flex your arm, and your forearms are the muscles right behind your wrists that support things you do like writing, carrying, or even just opening a door.

But, let’s cover this more in-depth.

Will Bicep Curls Build Muscle?
Will Bicep Curls Build Muscle?

What Are Bicep Curls?

Bicep Curls are one of the most common exercises in the gym. And they are pretty simple too.

You simply take a weight that’s on a barbell, or use dumbbells, and lift it up towards your shoulders in almost a ‘half-circle’ like motion. Here’s a video demonstrating it:

What Muscles Do Bicep Curls Build?

Bicep Curls target a TON of muscles. But, to make things less complicated- we are simply going to menton the big and important muscles.

Bicep Curls generally build as the name implies, the Bicep muscle. You can feel this muscle by flexing your arm, and feeling the muscle that points to you that is in between your elbow and shoulder.

Additionally, bicep curls build your forearms. Forearms are the muscles right between your wrists and your elbows. These muscles do a lot of lifting, especially when it comes to picking things up, opening doors, and even driving a car!

The Bicep

Most people are doing bicep curls to target the bicep. Curls target the long head and short head of the bicep, so it does work both muscle groups. Although, most argue that bicep curls are better for short head activation of the bicep.

If you’re looking for better exercises to target the long head (the peak) of your bicep, please read the 10 Best Bicep Long Head Exercises.

Regardless, bicep curls will put on size to your bicep and grow your arms accordingly.

Be sure to focus on the form, not the weight of the exercise, and make sure you feel that burn when lifting. That’s a really important part!

Want another great arm workout? Try the Rich Piana 8 Hour Arm Workout!


Your forearms have to carry that weight in your hand as that weight moves up and down.

Plus, as you’re holding the dumbbell your grip strength increases too.

While you may not think forearms are important, they actually are. Big forearms make you look really strong and help complete your physique.

While this isn’t the “best” way to grow forearms, as bicep curls do not directly target the forearms, you will still see some forearm growth with it.

Make Sure You Diet Correctly

No muscle growth will ever happen with a poor diet. Make sure you are eating enough protein and calories everyday- maybe even consider a dirty bulk!

Conclusion of Will Bicep Curls Build Muscle

Yes, bicep curls will build muscle! They will grow your bicep and forearms.

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