Greyskull LP Review – My AMAZING Results

Welcome aboard! You’ve started taking bodybuilding seriously and you want to read this Greyskull LP Review because you’re very interested in getting big!

I was in your spot just a few years ago. Greyskull LP was the best starting program, and I am so glad I found it. It pioneered my journey into me being an absolute hunk now.

So let’s discuss all about the program, and my results! Plus, I will have a pdf download here for you to save on your PC/phone/whatever.

I don't lie in this greyskull LP review, here's a picture of my playlist!
I don’t lie in this greyskull LP review, here’s a picture of my playlist!

What is The Greyskull LP Program?

The Greyskull lp program is a linear progression based workout beginner routine.

It’s recommended everywhere as a great beginner program.

The Greyskull LP Program is great at teaching you: how to do heavy compound lifts, getting to the gym regularly, what weight-lifting is, and how to do common exercises and growing muscle.

The truth is, a complete “noob” can do this. I had never weight-lifted a day in my entire life before doing this program. In fact, it was almost embarrassing watching me almost fail to squat the bar (45 lbs!).

My point is: even if you’ve never stepped foot in the weight room, this is the program for you.

Its goal is to teach you those basics in weight-lifting so you can get a feel of what it’s like. So you can get comfortable with what lifting weights and start to see why it’s so fun!

Well, It’s a Beginner Program, Does That Mean I Can’t Grow Muscle From It?

Even though The Greyskull LP program is considered a “beginner program” it provides results, incredible results.

It uses basically what is considered the “compound lifts” of bodybuilding and strength training. These are the holy grails to gaining muscle.

Listen up, if you don’t see the “compound lifts” (squat, bench press, overhead press, barbell rows) in a workout program, skip it. It’s not going to do you any good.

These compound lifts target multiple muscle groups in your body. That means you’re essentially working out multiple muscles at once.

The squat is actually a lift that uses every muscle in your body. Even though your chest isn’t going to necessarily grow from it, it activates muscles you can’t see under the skin.

When these “hidden” muscles grow, it makes you look bigger, get stronger, and feel healthier. Plus, doing these compound lifts saves you the time of doing an exercise on every single individual muscle in your body.

Now, let’s learn about what you’ll be doing every day.

Greyskull LP Template

The Greyskull LP Template is your ticket to your gains. It is a 3-day template following this schematic:

  • Day 1:
    • 3×5 Overhead Press / Bench Press (Alternating)
    • 3×5 Chinups/Barbell Rows (Alternating)
    • 3×5 Squats
  • Day 2:
    • 3×5 Overhead Press / Bench Press (Alternating)
    • 3×5 Chinups / Barbell Rows (Alternating)
    • 1×5 Deadlifts (Only try to do once a week max)
  • Day 3:
    • 3×5 Overhead Press / Bench Press (Alternating)
    • 3×5 Chinups / Barbell Rows (Alternating)
    • 3×5 Squats

For an experienced bodybuilder, that program looks like nothing. For the inexperienced bodybuilder (me, when I first did this) this looks like nothing but a massive riddle to try and solve.

So what I did was lookup YouTube videos of each lift. I would link some, but there are truthfully tons of variations on every compound lift that will differ depending on your gender, height, and preference.

But, ideally, you want to be able to do only 5 reps of every exercise. That means you select a weight that by the 5th rep (you moving the bar back up after it goes down 5 complete times) you shouldn’t be able to lift anymore and have to rerack that weight.

So secondly, the ‘alternating’ part, means you alternate every day. So on day 1, you will do overhead press, then on day 2, you’re doing bench press, then on day 3, you’re back to overhead press. Same thing with the chinups / barbell rows.

Greyskull LP Before and After

So let’s see some progress pics of Greyskull LP before and after. Just so you know this program works. And I’ll say in this Greyskull LP review later my results too!

Rohan Lyer’s Video

Rohan Lyer uploaded an excellent Greyskull LP before and after video here! So here is his first time on the program:

Then here are his results nearly 3 months after! Incredible- to say the least. He stuck with the grind and got a ton of muscle.

As you can see, Rohan Lyer isn’t some Rich Piana in terms of bodybuilding. He’s just only recently started and has put on incredible size already!

Ukuwoele’s Videos

Ukuwoele uploads incredibly detailed update videos of his progress of Greyskull LP.

Here’s his month 3 update:

Here’s his 5 month update:

Overall, he is making consistent progress on the program. You can see some serious muscle gains in the videos!

Greyskull LP Accessories

So, greyskull LP is a beginner program for a reason. I’ve been really trying to emphasize this hard in this greyskull LP review.

The goal of the program is just to get you used to the “big” compound lifts so you can eventually go onto a bigger program and progress from there.

It’s like riding a bike with training wheels. You just gotta get used to the basics, then you can take them off.

Many people argue that doing Greyskull LP barebone is either a big waste of time or not. Some people say that you’re losing a lot of muscle to be grown, some say it’s just good for you to slowly learn the gym.

Let’s just assume you got a lot of time to kill in the gym everyday and you need some extra accessory work. Here is a list of great Greyskull LP accessories to implement into your training:

  • Curls, 3 sets of 8-12 reps.
  • Tricep Extension Rope, 3 sets of 8-12 reps.
  • Dumbbell Curls, 3 sets of 8-12 reps.
  • Leg extensions, 3 sets of 8-12 reps.
  • Hamstring curls, 3 sets of 8-12 reps.
  • Calf raises, 3 sets of 8-12 reps.
  • Dips, 5 sets of AMRAP.
  • Back rows, cable rows, 3 sets of 8-12 reps.
  • Skullcrushers, 3 sets of 8-12 reps.
  • Dumbbell Overhead Press, 3 sets of 8-12 reps.
  • Lateral raises, 3 sets of 8-12 reps.
  • Pectoral flies, 3 sets of 8-12 reps.

Greyskull LP Hypertrophy

So a big bad point of Greyskull LP is that it’s not a ‘hypertrophy’ program.

So, in bodybuilding, there are two forms of workouts. Hypertrophy workouts, and strength-building workouts.

Greyskull LP is a strength-building workout, meaning it builds strength muscles and not necessarily the muscles that ‘make you look ripped’. Don’t get this mistaken, though. This doesn’t mean you won’t look good, you’ll just look closer to Thor or Captain America, and not like an Instagram fitness model.

Some people have said it is best to add a few Greyskull LP accessories (which I just put in the subsection above in this Greyskull LP review) at the 8-12 rep ranges to build these hypertrophy muscles.

This will give you a more balanced physique, but it’s up to you what you want to do. This program is designed to teach you about bodybuilding and get you some beginner muscle, then you take off the training wheels and go to a ‘bigger badder’ program like Arnold’s Blueprint.

Greyskull LP Plugins

As I’ve said about a billion times in this greyskull LP review, it’s a beginner program.

But some people think it needs a little bit more for the beginner to really get into lifting, so here are some Greyskull LP plugins I’ve made that will definitely help your gains grow!

Just pick and choose what plugins you want to add to see that muscle group grow!

  • Greyskull LP Arm Plugin:
    • 3×8 Bicep Curls
    • 3×8 Dumbbell Curls
    • 3×8 Hammer Curls
  • Greyskull LP Legs Plugin:
    • 3×8 Quad Extensions
    • 3×8 Hamstring Curls
    • 3×8 Calf Raises
  • Greyskull LP Shoulders Plugin:
    • 3×8 Lateral Raises
    • 3×8 Dumbbell Shoulder Press
    • 3×8 Front Del Raises
  • Greyskull LP Abs Plugin:
    • 3×8 Ab Curls
    • 3×8 Crunches
  • Greyskull LP Back Plugin:
    • 3×8 Back Cable Rows
    • 3×8 Dumbbell Back Rows
    • 3×8 T-Bar Rows
  • Greyskull LP Chest Plugin:
    • 3×8 Pectoral Flies
    • 3×8 Dumbbell Chest Flies
    • 3×8 Dumbbell Chest Press

How Long To Do Greyskull LP?

You should typically do Greyskull LP for around 2-3 months. This is a beginner program and is NOT for the advanced or intermediate bodybuilder.

The goal of this program is to introduce you to the gym, teach you the basics, and get you in the bait of actually coming to the gym and understanding compound movements.

After 2-3 months or so your gains will start to fall off as base level this program is not enough. This program is PERFECT for the new bodybuilder as you will be able to see a lot of muscle gain from it.

However, after that period is up, you’ll likely have to switch to Arnold’s Blueprint.

My Experience With Greyskull LP

So, as I mentioned thousands of times in this greyskull LP review, I actually started bodybuilding by doing this program!

When you first start bodybuilding or deciding this is your lifestyle, it can be incredibly scary- to say the least. Going into the gym, or even trying to do any exercises is like really scary, again.

I was definitely not one of those kids on 5 athletic teams or anything. I had never done a weighted squat in my life and had never done a bench press either. All of this was new to me.

So, I liked how simple the program was. It had like 3 main lifts, you just gotta learn them and get used to them. I would go to the gym, write down the weight I was using, and watch a YouTube video on how to do said lifts.

Watching the YouTube video every day helped make sure my form was good and I wasn’t making critical mistakes. Unfortunately, I would forget this months later and seriously injure my shoulder on the bench press.

Regardless though, the program is very simple for somebody like me who has never stepped foot in a weight room in their life, to understand what’s going on.


So, I know many people do the program like Day 1, Rest Day, Day 2, Rest Day, Day 3- that kind of thing. But, I used to do it basically 5 days a week all in a row.

Monday-Friday at my school’s gym worked really well for me. The weekends were rest days and it all worked out well.

In terms of progression, you want to add weight progressively. Generally, the rule is 2.5lbs added every time you come, but that doesn’t really work mathematically. Try to increase the weight every time, if you can’t just maintain it and keep working your muscles hard until you can.

When you’re newer to weight lifting and bodybuilding, you’ll find that the weight can go up incredibly fast.

This is because you’ll have a lot of muscle growth your first 3 months, as your muscles are able to heavily develop into a bigger state. Don’t worry, this will all become crippling slow in a few months.

But, try to increase the weight and try your hardest to get those reps out. I recommend getting a spotter to make sure your form is good and making sure you don’t die.

Greyskull LP Dieting – Starting Out

So, what should your diet be? Well, now that you’re a bodybuilder, I gotta tell you the sick truth.

You aren’t going to get muscle by eating a ton of fruit and vegetables every day. You’re going to have to literally gain weight, I mean like you could even dirty bulk if you wanted to.

All Greyskull LP reviews seem to miss this important thing- that you need to actually gain weight. As contradictive as it sounds.

I just thought you could lose weight and muscle would just appear, like out of thin air! Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. You have to eat a ton of protein, and actively gain weight on the scale.

You’ll roughly want to gain .5lb/1lb a week, but don’t worry, most of this will be muscle. Your body turns this extra energy you’re eating into muscle because you’re working out so hard.

This will in turn, make you look better because you will have more muscle, and your lifts will increase.

So, at first, I was losing a ton of weight, but then my lifts started going down. Then I was like, really confused? So I figured out you actually have to GAIN weight, and started seeing numbers go up from there.

What Foods Should I Eat As a Beginner on Greyskull LP?

Well, anything you can see, to be honest. Haha, but in all seriousness, most people starting bodybuilding won’t have a ton of money or ton of ‘best bodybuilding foods’ laying around.

So, what foods should you eat? Just things that are good for you at home. Peanut butter is a great starter food that most people will have at home. I recommend PB&Js, a ton of milk, and any meat you can get your hands on.

I started off by drinking 1-2 cups of milk, 4-5 slices of peanut butter toast a day, cereal everyday with milk, eggs, and turkey. It wasn’t expensive to be honest and most of this stuff can be found at most people’s homes. Just eat a ton of food and lift your hardest, and you’ll start to see some big increases in the gym.

Use this time, study your fundamentals, keep focusing on the basic compound lifts, get the form down, and start seeing your muscle come in. It doesn’t happen overnight, but takes time.

So I recommend taking some progress photos on Snapchat or something and saving them to your memories. This will mean you have a good reference point.

My Progress With Greyskull LP

I mentioned earlier in this greyskull LP review I’d share my progress. Unfortunately, I don’t have images, but I sure can tell you what changed for me.

You have to keep in my mind I was a gamer with absolutely no athletic experience whatsoever. I weighed roughly 100 lbs and had about 0% muscle mass. I didn’t even do push-ups or anything in my spare time.

Within 3 months, even I had gotten compliments from nearly everybody at my school telling me how surprised they were at the muscle I had gained.

My biceps had a noticeable peak now, and my chest and shoulders were definitely developing fast. My back had grown some ridges, but the overall size of me had increased drastically.

The big thing was the squats, the squats grew my legs massively. Something like 6 or so months into lifting my squat hit 225? (Which, I don’t know how I did that still, but whatever)

Overall, I put on a ton of muscle and developed a bigger frame. But then I started to transition into a more serious program called Ice Cream Fitness.

But the general consensus for this Greyskull LP Review is that even for someone like me, a complete gamer who had no sports history or anything, everybody complimented me on my changes.

Greyskull LP PDF

Many people like a PDF for greyskull LP, so here is a greyskull LP PDF!

Greyskull LP Playlist For Videos

I mentioned at least a billion times in this greyskull LP review that I used to do the program. So here’s the playlist I made with all the good YouTube videos to help with the lifts:

Here’s also a hyperlink to it:

Conclusion of The Greyskull LP Review

This Greyskull LP review has focused on this main idea: that this is beginner’s program.

And that’s what I’ve tried to emphasize this entire time, that no matter if you’re some gamer just getting into bodybuilding (like me), you’re going to see great results. This program is like the training wheels on a bike and will help you set solid iron foundations into bodybuilding.

And you’ll definitely see results.

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