Chobani Flips Review

The Chobani Flips have been around for a short time, but it is by far one of the best food products ever created. Chobani flips are tasty, have great nutrition (200 calories, 12g of protein per serving!), help your gut health, are cheap, easy to consume, and so much more. It’s time for my Chobani Flips Review!

In this article I will be explaining why you need to be eating these as a staple of your diet, explaining their health benefits, and ranking the best flavors.

Chobani Flips Review – About Chobani & Chobani Flips

I am actually surprised more people don’t eat Chobani flips, I had actually assumed the company was pretty big. However, a quick look at their “About Me” page says otherwise. Interestingly enough this company was only started back in 2005. Since then, Chobani has racked up stellar awards such as the Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Award.

Hamdi Ulukaya, owner of Chobani Flips | By Chobani – Chobani, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The company was started by Hamdi Ulukaya who grew up in Turkey, and used his funds from the company to move to the US. Chobani now has their man area of operations in the state of Idaho. Hamdi Ulukaya boasts owning “America’s favorite Greek Yogurt” and has a famous TED Talk called “The Anti-CEO Playbook” where he discusses that caring about employees works better for the company.

Chobani Flips Review – Nutrition in Chobani Flips

Vekhayn is primarily a bodybuilding blog, and that means luckily for you, I wouldn’t really be advocating this product if it didn’t help us reach our bodybuilding goals!

Each Chobani Flip flavor has under 210 calories and around 12g of protein, however it varies slightly from flavor to flavor. They all usually have around 30g of carbs too, while that is a bit high for my liking, this balanced macro split will give you a fair amount of energy from eating it.

All chobani flips are made of greek yogurt which is a dairy product, so the yogurt usually has around 15% of your daily value of calcium requirements, which is incredibly important for weight lifters who need to grow stronger bones as their muscles develop.

Additionally, the high amount of protein will help you reach your massive daily protein requirement as a bodybuilder. Allowing you to eat this during a cut or bulk.

(Fun fact: When I needed to do an extreme cut for bodybuilding years ago my diet consisted of one chobani flip for breakfast, one for lunch, and the rest 800 calories for dinner in a small meal. It is a perfect cutting food!)

The only downside I can really see from this yogurt is the high amount of sugar. I think it goes without saying that in general, sugar is very bad.

However, because the yogurt has such a balanced nutrition palette with the high amount of protein it almost makes the sugar less effective, in the sense that it won’t leave you craving more food soon after.

Chobani Flips Mint Chocolate Chip
Chobani Flips Review Mint Chocolate Chip

Overall, the Chobani Flips have incredible nutrition, and this allows it to flexibility fit into any diet, if you’re bulking or cutting, head over to the store and buy one!

Health Benefits from Chobani Flips

Greek Yogurt is in my mind a super food. If any of my friends are sick with a cold or stomach bug, greek yogurt is what I always tell them to eat.

Infact, Greek Yogurt is one of the best foods to eat when you have diarrhea. As someone with IBD, diarrhea can hit when you least expect it. However, according to personal experience and an article from, greek yogurt contains lots of probiotics that help keep the healthy bacteria in your gut present.

If you have food posioning, or have lots of bad gut bacteria, eating greek yogurt can easily help remedy this problem and get you back on track.

Greek Yogurt also has tons of nutrients, I mentioned earlier that it has 15% of your DV of calcium and lots of protein. Many people will run into calcium deficiencies if they have a poor diet.

This can lead to thinks like osteoporosis, or weak bones in general. Eating greek yogurt can easily help you not develop horrible diseases and help you not break a hip when you fall. This Chobani Flips Review is even teaching me a lot!

Also, higher protein diets are just better for everyone. Many americans do not get enough protein (I work at a famous fast food chain, so I see everybody’s usual diet).

Chobani Flips Strawberry Cheesecake
Chobani Flips Review Strawberry Cheesecake

If you think about how active people are on a day-to-day basis even if they are overweight, not eating enough protein will lead to these people feeling constantly fatigued because their muscles lack the ingredients needed to recover.

That’s why I personally recommend most people drink milk, (see: Is Drinking Milk Really That Good For You?) because it easily helps cut down the obesity epidemic and makes people feel better.

According to, we cannot forget that protein also builds blood, skin, hair, and cartilage. So even if you’re not a bodybuilder, you still need to get a good serving of protein daily. also states it produces many important vitamins and minerals such as iodine, vitamin B-12, and potassium, which many people lack. Deficiencies in these minerals or vitamins can lead to your thyroid being out of balance, more inches on your waist, your body may not be able to develop DNA and cells as successful, etc.

Flexibility in Diets

Chobani Flips are actually vegetarian friendly, contain less than 5% lactose, are kosher-friendly, and use non-GMO ingredients.

Additionally, if you’re lactose intolerant, eating greek yogurt may actually be very beneficial for your gut health too. However, everybody is different, so tell me in the comments your experience with it!

Chobani Flips are very low calories and high protein, meaning if you’re on a bulk for bodybuilding or a cut, you can fit it in to either diet without having to make major changes.

If you’re just a normal college student looking for something to eat, the chobani flips make you feel full longer due to the high protein and taste really good, so you can easily add this in and maybe notice you lose some weight and see more muscle coming in!

Chobani Flips Review – Taste

Sure, Chobani may have a cool story, but their product would not be popular if it didn’t taste good. There’s a good reason I’m writing a Chobani Flips review!

Chobani Flips are essentially my favorite food to eat. As a bodybuilder, I do care about what I put into my body, and sometimes that food tastes gross. If I can find a food with great nutrition that tastes awesome, I love it!

Chobani Flips are setup in a box that you “flip” into eachother. One box has the toppings for the yogurt, and the other has the greek yogurt in it. You peel off the wrapper, then pour the toppings into the greek yogurt and stir. This allows you to avoid the toppings if you don’t like them, or vice versa. The box looks like this:

Chobani Flips S'mores S'mores
Chobani Flips S’mores S’mores

You can see how it is in a box shape, half of that box flips over into the other side so you can add the granola to the flavored greek yogurt.

Yogurt is really good. However, many people cannot stand the taste of most greek yogurts, and I can’t blame them. I’ve had a few unflavored ones, and really it’s just gross sometimes. I am not sure how Chobani did it, but they made greek yogurt without the horrible aftertaste and made it delicious at the same time!

I always feel like I am cheating when I eat a Chobani Flip because it tastes so good I always think there is no way it fits in my diet. However, the high protein amount, low calories, all the minerals/vitamins, and how full I feel after changes my mind soon after I consume the delicious product.

There is a fair amount of sugar in the greek yogurt, which I mentioned earlier isn’t as bad as just eating a sugary snack, but we do all know: if something has sugar in it, it probably will taste a lot better than no sugar.

If that helps change your mind at all about trying greek yogurt (which sounds like a sophisticated vegan food), give it a shot, I think you’ll really like it!

Chobani Flips Review – Easy to Carry Around

My favorite thing about the Chobani Flips is how easy they are to carry around.

Unfortunately, it’s very hard to bring an entire tub of whey protein into school for lunch. The same thing with a large tub of water, it just isn’t happening.

Chobani Flips Buttercrunch Blast
Chobani Flips Review Buttercrunch Blast

That’s why many of us turn to easy to eat snacks like chips, because you can easily toss ’em in your backpack or lunch box and eat later. Chobani Flips are just like this! They are super small and compact, allowing you to fit them anywhere.

I mentioned earlier I essentially only ate chobani greek yogurt for a few months to lose weight for bodybuilding, and the small size of the Chobani Flips helped me do that! I was easily able to carry it around everywhere. Whether it was my high school locker, the gym, or a road trip, the small chobani flip could fit anywhere! I just bought a pack of 400 plastic spoons for about $10, and I could eat my chobani anywhere.

Best Flavors of Chobani Flips

I’m going to be honest, not all flavors of chobani flips are that good. They do change the recipes on them frequently, infact I remember the first Cookies & Cream chobani flip was pretty bad, but they changed the recipe soon after and I like it way better!

While Chobani tries to keep their product updated and fresh, some flavors just flat out suck. However, your taste buds may be different. For instance, I HATE the Almond Coco Loco flavor, but my mom for some reason loves it. So take these reviews as more of a general percuation of what you should expect. You may hate a flavor I love, but in general, these are the best flavors.

#1 – Buttercrunch Blast

Buttercrunch Blast is by far my favorite flavor of Chobani Flips. It is kind of like a butterfinger, and that is my favorite candy. It satisfies my sweet and chocolaty side, while still not being overwhelming on the flavor as some of the yogurts can be. If you like chocolate or candy bars in general, checkout buttercrunch blast first!

Chobani Flips Buttercrunch Blast
Chobani Flips Buttercrunch Blast

#2 – Cookies & Cream

Unfortunately my local grocery store ran out of the Cookies & Cream flavor, and that should say a lot about it. While I feel the vanilla greek yogurt can be slightly overwhelming at times, Cookies & Cream is a GREAT flavor that I always look forward to eating. It tastes like cookies & creme ice-cream, except healthier, but it still tastes really good.

Chobani Flip Cookies & Cream

#3 – Peanut Butter Cup / Peanut Butter Dream

Peanut Butter Cup is “Reese’s”, this is just like the buttercrunch blast. The Peanut Butter Cup flavor is SOOO good! It satisfies your sweet tooth and still keeps you full for the day. There isn’t much more to say other than if you like chocolate, check this out.

#4 – S’more Smores

You like s’mores? Who doesn’t! This one is straight forward, but in my mind, this is probably the most balanced flavor out of them all. The graham crackers, toasted sugar bites, etc do not overpower the yogurt and the yogurt does not overpower the flavoring either. It’s a very well designed flavor that tastes really good. If you’re reading this Chobani, DO NOT CHANGE THE RECIPE! I am not biased in this Chobani Flips Review!

Chobani Flips S'mores S'mores
Chobani Flips S’mores S’mores

Honorable Mentions:

Some honorable mentions for flavors I personally like are Key Lime Pie, Mint Chocolate Chip, Coffee Brownie Bliss, and Carrot Cake Creation. I personally all think those are flavors that need a bit of work on their recipe, but don’t taste bad. If you’ve been eating Chobani Flips for a while and want to spice things up, give those flavors a try!

Dishonorable Mentions:

I did mention Chobani has definitely screwed up a few of these flavors. In my opinion Almond Coco Loco, Apple Crisp Twist, Chocolate Haze Craze (kinda), Strawberry Cheesecake, Salted Caramel Crunch, and Nutty for Nana all need work. I personally don’t like them, but I know people that do.

I think Chobani should revisit some of their recipes and work on balancing those flavors a bit to get more of a well-rounded flavor that more people could like.

Chobani Flips Salted Caramel Crunch
Chobani Flips Review Salted Caramel Crunch


Chobani Flips come packed with nutrition that will help everyone get more muscle, lose fat, feel more full, and more. Chobani Flips taste awesome, are low calorie, have great flavors, fit into any diet, and they’re only $1 each individually.

So head over to your local grocery store and pick some up. You can checkout Chobani’s website here for a list of their flip flavors to see if you want to try any! Looking to buy some? Most local grocery stores sell Chobani, and they are a pretty decent sized company now, so if you can’t find any, I’m sure they will hit the shelves soon.

I hope you enjoyed my Chobani Flips review!

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  1. You’ve obviously never had the Smore Smores yogurt before. It does not contain marshmallow pieces. It contains honey graham cracker pieces, chocolate chips and toasted sugar bites. If you’re going to do a review, at least know what’s in the product.

    • Hello Ms.McCeney,

      I appreciate you reaching out. You’re right!

      I was a little confused because the toasted sugar bites look/taste like marshmallow pieces.

      I regularly enjoy different chobani flip flavors every day and this was definitely something I made an error on.

      I have now fixed the post and updated it with the correct information.

      It’s readers like you that help me fix my mistakes and become a better writer!

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