Daily Routine Of A Bodybuilder (From a bodybuilder!)

Being a bodybuilder is incredibly complicated. So here is the daily routine of a bodybuilder, from a bodybuilder! (me!)

Also, feel free to leave any comments if you have any questions about my day/lifestyle. I’m going to cover the average daily routine of a bodybuilder for me, but not every day is the same.

What I will say- is that this lifestyle is BUSY! And I need to somehow get work, school, lifting, and eating done in 24 hours.

Daily Routine of A Bodybuilder – Wake Up (11AM)

So I start my day by waking up at 11AM. This might sound late, but you’ll understand why later.

I usually lay in bed for around 10-20 minutes before groggily getting up. I’ll get up and head upstairs, it’s breakfast time.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels showing one of the most critical parts of the daily routine of a bodybuilder, SLEEP!
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels showing one of the most critical parts of the daily routine of a bodybuilder, SLEEP!

Breakfast (11:20AM)

I just got done writing a post called, What Do Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast? and that will explain a lot of what bodybuilders eat if you’re interested.

Since I go and workout early in the morning, I’ll need a lot of carbs. But- I’m also lazy, so I try to get things that are convenient.

Here’s what I’ll grab, usually:

  • Chobani Flip – Greek Yogurt with 200 calories + 12g of protein
  • Diet Coke/Pre-Workout – Aiming for caffeine on this one.
  • Kodiak Cakes with Maple Syrup
  • 2 slices of peanut butter toast

Let Food Digest (11:20AM-12PM)

Uh- as simple as it sounds. The daily routine of a bodybuilder isn’t always action-packed. I like to let my food digest for a little bit before hitting the gym.

As I try to do max intensity workouts, throwing up is something that can happen if you don’t let that food calm down in your stomach.


My favorite part of the day, well- it depends on what mood I’m in!

So I drive to the gym (I used to bike, but I got a car), and pull into the parking lot while trying to remember what day of the workout program I’m in.

I usually stick on Arnold’s Blueprint for Mass. If you ever ask around about what a daily routine for a bodybuilder is like- many of them are on this program or one incredibly similar.

These programs are designed to take every ounce of energy out of you and force your muscles to grow.

So it’s a tough two hours.

I’ll usually have my AirPods in playing some hard music to help me focus and work out better.

Honestly- the workout is kind of like therapy. It takes away a lot of the world’s stresses and really calms you down.

You expected this part in the daily routine of a bodybuilder- the workout.
You expected this part in the daily routine of a bodybuilder- the workout.

It Can Get Repetitive

Working out like this every day can get a little repetitive I can admit. I think even in anybody’s accounts of a daily routine of a bodybuilder they’ll admit the gym can get repetitive.

Sometimes I’ll switch up the workout plan and do something crazy like an all tricep day where I do every tricep exercise in the book or something weird.

It’s like that time I did an 8 Hour Arm Workout!

Also, listening to podcasts or other things while I’m working out switch it up too.

Instead of my usual gym playlist- I might listen to some other music to keep things interesting.

After The Workout: FOOD! (2PM-3PM)

After the workout is the primary time to start eating a ton of FOOD.

That’s right boys, we are going to get HUGE. I personally dirty bulk and try to eat as much as possible.

It’s not a huge secret, but in any daily routine of a bodybuilder- you’ll see most of the eating comes right after the workout.

This is for two reasons:

First, you are incredibly energy-deprived after that workout. And you’re going to want to eat ANYTHING you can get your hands on. You’ll literally be tuckered out.

Secondly, this is prime time for your muscles to start repairing themselves. After you just put them to the ULTIMATE test in the gym- your muscles are starving desperately looking for amino acids and proteins to start the repair process.

So…why wait? Why not get your muscles rebuilding ASAP?

Construction workers can’t build a house without any wood or steel! The same logic applies here with your cells.

That’s Right- We’re Hitting Up Fast Food

After the gym- I got a business to run. From vekhayn to college- I’m always busy.

But for some reason, I waste my money on fast food. Could I be investing it in dividend stocks for free on Robinhood? Yeah. But oh well, it’s time to wait in the Culver’s drive-thru for 30 minutes.

So I’ll pull up and get like 1/2 lb of meat on a burger and some large cookie dough ice-cream creation. It’s incredibly tasty, and the nutrients give a ton of protein.

This will stack about 2,000 calories on my plate, not bad.

Furthermore, to be a bodybuilder, you have to be eating a ton of food to be gaining weight everyday.

So much of my day is spent eating.

I’ll usually watch a YouTube video here or there when eating. I recommend a documentary or something- or I love my US Navy movies.

Business Time (3PM-6PM)

For the next few hours, it’s time to work on the business.

I live by the saying, ‘Your 9-5 pays your rent. Your 6-10 builds your empire’.

Some people use this time to watch movies or unwind before work, but for me- it’s go time. I start writing, learning, or making YouTube videos.

Many bodybuilders are actually into business too- and let me explain why.

Bodybuilding is a sport that takes years to see results- you don’t see anything overnight.

This actually helps many bodybuilders become entrepreneurs. Bodybuilders know success doesn’t happen overnight- and it can take years. But they know one thing for sure- it will happen.

If you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneur too- it might be worth it to read one of the best entrepreneurship books ever made: The Millionaire Fastlane Review.

I also have a podcast on entrepreneurship, called ‘The Vekhayn Podcast‘.

Help Bodybuilding Help YOU!

It doesn’t have to necessarily be a huge empire or business you’re making. It can be as simple as even just sitting down and studying for college.

Or, it could be something like just cleaning up your house or renovating one of the rooms.

Like I said- bodybuilding is a sport that you have to be patient for. Use this in the other parts of your life and TRUST THE PROCESS! It will happen if you work for it!

Mid Business Lunch Break (4:15PM)

Around 4:15 PM I’ll grab a small snack. I’ll likely grab some diet coke or tea with some food.

I usually will still feel full from earlier, so it’ll probably be something light around 300 calories.

Usually like a few cheese sticks are good.

Work (6PM-11PM)

I then head to work from 6 PM-11 PM usually. This gives me enough time for the next part soon.

I work this late for two reasons- even if this is an unusual part of the daily routine of a bodybuilder.

First- working late gives me two opportunities.

  • It allows me more time to focus on bodybuilding and eating throughout the day. Instead of a 8-10 hour shift that makes it hard to workout, it gives me more flexibility.
  • Working late means usually there is less business going on at the restaurant I’m at. This means I can usually have a podcast in to help study for school, study for bodybuilding, or study for my business.

Overall, more time to study, and less stress. It’s a win-win! Those 5-10 hours I lose a week are made up for by my businesses and investments.

Right now- I work at a restaurant for this. Most restaurants actually give discounts on their food, and free drinks. This means it is incredibly easy to bulk.

And depending on the manager of the shift, you can usually get free food depending on how hard you worked.

Work Lunch Break (8PM)

It’s time to take advantage of that discounted or free food. Usually I’ll get a ton of ice cream and meat again and just go at it for the next 30 minutes of my break.

You gotta wolf it down fast. This meal can give around 1200-1500 calories if you’re good at it.

If you work a job that isn’t in food service, you probably get a lunch break more often than not. Even if it’s 15 minutes, that is an excellent time to get some food in you.

It’s easier to eat when you’re stressed out and have been working for a few hours, so it’s a perfect time to pack a ton of calories.

If you’re not sure what to pack- I recommend a few PB&J sandwiches or protein bars. If you’re lucky enough to have a microwave, you can get more creative with like steak/chicken in rice.

You could also try packing cold deli meat like turkey sandwiches or ham sandwiches if that’s more your style.

Point is, in the daily life of a bodybuilder- even if you’re working- you have to constantly be thinking about eating.

School (11:15PM-1AM)

I take many online classes for my college. This is AWESOME for my crazy schedule.

After work, sure, I feel tired- but it’s crunch time. I got 5 classes to start working on. The moment I hit my computer, it’s time to study.

Many people say ‘you can’t do bodybuilding and school together, you just can’t’- I actually completely disagree.

I used to think the same way too- but I think it builds a mental endurance.

I used to let my grades drop with the excuse, ‘Well, I’m a bodybuilder they don’t get it’. Not anymore.

Sure, we work harder than the average person and feel tired all the time. But, ultimately, we have to struggle through it.

We can’t let our hobby of bodybuilding ruin our academic success. Even with less than 2 hours, I’m working as hard as I can taking a small 5-minute break every 30 minutes and getting right back at it baby!

You can also use the time for the business earlier as school time. Regardless, we gotta get it done, and not let our dreams ruin our other dreams.

Eat While You’re Studying!

Get those calories in. Hopefully you have already hit around your goal of around 3,000 calories, so you don’t have to eat too much.

But having a cheese stick or protein bar right now is perfect to keep you energized and keep those gains up.


Sleep is the most important part of bodybuilding. Your muscles don’t grow when you’re in the gym!

In any daily routine of a bodybuilder, sleep is the most critical part. This is why I sleep for nearly 10 hours everyday- not only does it make me feel happier, but it helps muscle growth.

I wrote a post about why sleep is so important, but I think you get the idea.

I know for many people it’s a foreign concept to sleep nearly 10 hours a day, but trust me- it’s revolutionary.

Ever wake up and just wish you could fall back asleep? I do it all the time, because I have such a dedicated amount of time to sleep.

Probably the best part of the daily routine of a bodybuilder is sleeping. Honestly, many people are sleep deprived, and being able to sleep much longer will do wonders for your health, and muscle growth.

As Rich Piana said, ‘if you aren’t sleeping more than 8 hours a day, are you really trying to make it?’

Meal Before Bed (MOST IMPORTANT!)

Your final meal is the meal before bed, and it is the most important.

Think about it. In this whole daily routine of a bodybuilder we have been eating throughout the day to keep our muscles growing.

Now- we are going into a phase where you are going to not eat for the next 10 hours. Your body needs all the nutrients you can get.

Sleep is where your body repairs muscle the best, and where most of your muscle growth will come from. So, do not skimp on this part!

I recommend a good 500-600 calories with as much protein as you can. I usually do like a chicken wrap or quesadilla. This puts a lot of cheese and meat together, giving a lot of protein, and it’s tasty!

Summary of The Daily Routine of a Bodybuilder

As you can see- there’s a lot of eating! And the most important part is to not let anything get in your way, and not let bodybuilding get in the way.

Yes, bodybuilding takes a lot out of your day. It will make you feel super tired and hungry all the time. But, you gotta get after your dreams and keep going to school, keep going to work, and keep training.

And maybe one day, you’ll step on that stage at Mt.Olympia, and leave humanity behind.

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