Eating Chipotle Every Day – Is It Healthy?

Chipotle is one of the most popular fast-food chains across the world- namely because it’s fast food that’s actually healthy, filling, good, and inexpensive.

Yet, is eating chipotle every day healthy? Yes, chipotle is actually one of the healthiest places you can eat from. Plus, the high protein is great for gym-goers. The only thing you need to be careful for is the slightly elevated sodium- but otherwise, it’s one of the best places you can actually eat.

Anecdotally, my allergist (physician) told me to eat at chipotle as it is one of the places with the most natural food for your body- something we don’t see much of these days. With everything being processed and having tons of chemicals in it, chipotle’s natural and healthy food is a breath of fresh air.

Let’s cover this more in-depth, and really talk about why eating chipotle every day is healthy. (And way healthier than other choices!)

Eating Chipotle Every Day - Is It Healthy?
Eating Chipotle Every Day – Is It Healthy?

Chipotle is Prepared Naturally- No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives

This is the whole thing chipotle markets itself on- preparing food naturally.

And honestly, that’s not a bad thing. Like I said, so much of our food is processed and artificial it’s gross.

Now don’t get me wrong- I completely support GMO stuff and all of that. I understand that humans as a species have selectively reproduced plants that reproduced and tasted the best.

However, I’m talking about how there are so many disgusting, refined snacks on the market. I HATE REFINED BREAD. It is so disgusting to me, the natural, whole-grain bread tastes so much better.

And a lot of people think this way- and that’s what Chipotle is good at. Chipotle knows if you go to a different fast food restaurant you may have fillers, artificial ingredients, and other gross things. But, that natural food Chipotle makes is irreplaceable.

All of Chipotle’s Ingredients Are Natural, “No Hard To Pronounce Ingredients”

Ever read the side of some of the food you eat? You might get concerned.

Now, I’m not one to jump away at all names. For instance, water is also called Dihydrogen monoxide- which sounds super scary.

But, for real- some of the ingredients you look up are actually horrible chemicals for your body.

Thankfully, chipotle has NONE of that. Everything they have is “easy to pronounce”- ie: not weird chemicals that you have no idea about. All of their food is natural, and you can really notice that when you eat the food there.

Chipotle’s natural food is obviously really good for your health. Eating those fillers and artificial ingredients found at other places everyday can increase your risk for cancer, reproductive harm, and more.

Look in the long run here- eating natural and healthy can have a huge beneficial impact on your health over time compared to eating literal carcinogens.

Only Downside? Higher Sodium, Which Can Be A Health Risk

The only downside of chipotle is the higher sodium, which can be a health risk.

It should be noted that Chipotle has MUCH LOWER SODIUM than other fast food brands by miles, but it’s still important to note that it has more sodium than if you homecooked foods.

This can be really important for those that have congestive heart failure or other diseases such as atherosclerosis that are aggravated by higher sodium. However, most of those people will still be able to fit Chipotle into their diet with proper management as the sodium isn’t too high.

For instance, my Chipotle order (chicken bowl, brown rice, cheese, queso [queso has lots of sodium]) comes out to around 800-1000mg of sodium. Most people with these diseases are recommended to eat under 1500mg a day (according to WebMD)– so with proper diet management and maybe not choosing the queso like I do- it should be easier.

Again, it should be said that Chipotle has much lower sodium than other places. It is impossible to eat at Raising Cane’s for instance as basically anything you get there is nearly double the recommended sodium intake.

Also, keep in mind it is very difficult to avoid all sodium. But, it’s something to take note of if you are following a cardiac diet.

Chipotle Has Good Macronutrients and is Nutrient Dense (Protein, Carbs)

While food being natural is good- it wouldn’t do us much good if it wasn’t nutrient-dense either.

One of the most appealing things about Chipotle is that it has good macronutrients and is nutrient-dense.

Say you go to a different fast food place, you might not get a lot of protein. In fact, most things at many fast food places are just a ton of carbs, sodium, and sugar.

However, Chipotle has a very good and healthy mix of nutrients, proteins, carbs, and fat.

In fact, the whole meat and rice thing is super popular because it’s really good for your body, especially if you’re into working out.

This is why you always see gym-freaks ALWAYS eating at Chipotle, it gives you really good nutrients, at low calories that helps fuel your muscle growth and normal body functions.

Let’s talk about this a bit.

Chipotle Has High Protein In Their Food

As I said, gym rats are always hitting Chipotle after a workout- but why?

Chipotle has high protein in their food- and good protein too. While many say, “all protein is the same”- that’s not entirely true. There are incomplete and complete proteins, and the way you are getting that protein matters too.

If you’ve ever been to Chipotle, you know the first thing they ask you is what meat you want- chicken, steak, barbacoa, etcetera. That is the main course of the meal– and vegans don’t worry, they have a fully plant-based protein option as well.

Most chipotle entrees will have around 30g of protein, and many people choose to get ‘double protein’ so your food will end up having around 50g of protein or so. (They are really stingy on that second scoop, believe me…)

Most Americans do not get the recommended daily allowance of protein, and this is a big health issue. I’d say most people I talk to that complain about how ‘sore, fatigued, etc’ they are after work and how they can’t even move likely are not even coming close to their protein amount.

This is serious by the way- so many people that have just been unable to move after work have completely changed around after I told them to start eating protein. It’s crazy how effective our bodies are at keeping us going given the right nutrition.

Protein is super good for us, and a lot of us really don’t get enough of it. So, if you’re eating at Chipotle, breathe easy knowing you’re eating right. (Plus, that protein helps maintain your body composition- ie: you will have more muscle than fat).

Chipotle Has Basically No Sugar At All

Tons of people these days are anti-sugar. While we all need sugar to live, it’s not always a bad thing to cut down the sugar you have.

Back in the day, they didn’t stuff hundreds of grams of sugar in foods like they do today. Go to the store and try to buy an ice cream pint and you might literally be surprised that some of them have 110 GRAMS of sugar in them- or sodas too, having 50g of sugar in a bottle.

Higher sugar intake has been linked to increased fat production and those big ‘sugar crashes’ that happen after your body has processed it all.

Moderation is a good thing, and you can rest easy knowing there is basically no sugar at all in anything at Chipotle. In fact, looking at their nutrition menu currently, the MAXIMUM amount of sugar you could ever put in a Chipotle meal is somehow like 6 grams? MAX. Most Chipotle common entrees have 0 grams of sugar.

I have no idea how that’s even possible, that’s quite literally a tiny amount. Regardless, you can rest easy knowing you are avoiding sugar- which honestly some of that processed sugar can be really bad for you.

Bottom Line – Is Eating Chipotle Everyday Bad For You?

Basically no, eating chipotle every day is NOT bad for you. While I will say that it’s probably best you don’t eat it every day (that mantra- everything in moderation- is a good one to follow), it’s actually really good for you.

With natural ingredients, no artificial stuff, healthy macronutrients, healthy nutrients in general, and no ‘junk’- chipotle is really healthy, and even recommended by many nutritionists.

There’s a good reason Chipotle gets so many customers day in and day out. Personally, I love eating at Chipotle because I just feel so much healthier and more energetic when I eat there instead of a different place stuffing food with artificial ingredients and other nasty stuff.

I have- not shamed to admit it- eaten Chipotle every day for weeks on end, sometimes twice a day. And it’s really good food for you, so- nothing bad happened haha. It only helped me grow muscles, have more energy, and be healthier.

Let me know in the comments below- what do you get at chipotle? What’s your go to order?

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